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9 September 2021
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3 Decisive Factors Influencing the Growth of Global Express Transport Services

Recently, we have witnessed spectacular growth in the express transport delivery market. And, it continues to keep with its good run, particularly during the last couple of years. The key factors influencing the growth of the express delivery market are aplenty. As we all know, recently, there has been an unprecedented advancement in the eCommerce sector. As a result, it has contributed to a simultaneous increase in the demand for the express transport sector. The thriving eCommerce market, the rise in B2C and B2B deliveries and the sudden growth in international trade augmented the development of the express cargo transportation sector in Europe.

Besides, the technological advancement and the significance of last mile delivery solutions lead to the resultant growth in the express delivery market across Europe. With the pandemic looming over us for quite a period, there is a need for faster delivery of goods. The goods that have high demand, such as perishable edible goods, medical supplies, sanitisers, gloves, vaccines and so forth, calls for deliveries at breakneck speed. 

Let’s see these influencing factors that affect the growth of global express transport service one by one.  

1. Change in Consumer Preferences  

Express transportation is the fastest mode of shipping that uses varied modes of transport such as road, water and airways. Usually, in express delivery, the customer receives the goods within a day or two based on the distance between the pickup and delivery point. Through express transport, both B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses send parcels and goods on pallets.

Considering the global express transportation services scenario, we can infer that the rise of the eCommerce industry with B2C business models with the spike in international trade services has fueled the growth of the express delivery service market. Today, customers are very particular about their deliveries and prefer order delivery within a day or two of placing their orders. This service differentiates the big players in the B2C eCommerce sector from the startups. As a result, the growth of the eCommerce industry in the B2C business model drives more business in the express transport segment due to the rise in demand for express delivery services.   

2. Fast growth in International Trade  

The fast-growing cross-border trade channels in developing nations have necessitated the need for international trade. In this context, we cannot ignore the rise of cross border eCommerce coupled with high-speed globalisation. Also, certain factors such as the shortage of products in the local market; and the enhanced quality and affordability has made consumers buy from international websites.

On account of this, the growth in cross-border eCommerce sales increased the import of products, which further intensified express transport services. Further expanding the trade relationship between countries and the free trade agreements make global economies integrated also lead to advancement in express delivery service for meeting international trade needs.  

3. Last Mile Delivery Service and Emerging Technologies  

Last mile delivery, as the name denotes, is the final step in the delivery process. A product starts its journey from a factory/ distribution centre/ warehouse facility to the end-user location. The customer preferences are shifting, same day and next day delivery have become the norm and, the express transport and shipping service takes the eCommerce industry by storm. Above all, the growth of eCommerce businesses dealing with pharmaceutical and perishable food products focused on last mile delivery solutions make express transport an inevitable service.

Recently, the adoption of innovative technology also supports final mile delivery service. The emergence of advanced warehouses spread over urban centres and cities reduces the delivery time windows and optimises the last mile. Besides, drone delivery and autonomous delivery vehicles are ready to replace conventional final mile transportation. It also focuses on fast and prompt delivery at much lesser costs, predicting further growth of express transport service in the not-so-distant future.  

Ianis Express Transport and FTL services  

Are you looking for an express cargo delivery service provider to move your eCommerce orders? Regardless of the business model, be it B2B or B2C, you can integrate your eCommerce shipping department to transport all your goods at the most affordable rates to any customer locations around the globe. We carry out order processing, eFulfilment and offers the entire range of eCommerce delivery solutions. With a distinction of 99.7% prompt deliveries, we work with established courier partners to keep the shipping costs minimum.

Our extensive distribution networks and advanced warehouses spread across all major cities help fast order delivery to far and wide locations. Apart from express transport service, we also offer Full Truckload (FTL), Less Than Truckload Service (LTL) and Air shipping with utmost focus on safety, affordability and promptness in delivery to get goods transported based on the needs of your business. Easily track the status of goods in transit for all modes of transport and get end-to-end visibility on the progress of their movement right from the pickup to the delivery location. Ianis Cargo, the leading express shipping company in Europe, also offer electronic proof of delivery within 24 hours of handing over the goods at the customer doorstep.

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