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12 August 2021
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3 Excellent Shipping Methods for Ecommerce Delivery Solutions

The ecommerce delivery solutions encompass the process of implementing services that are essential to transport goods purchased from online retailers to the customer’s delivery destination as scheduled. As we all know, in online shopping, customers order and make payments for the purchases without seeing the physical store or the products. Here comes the significance of eCommerce shipping as it adds value to their buying experience. An eCommerce shipping strategy is not just about free shipping or offering fast delivery, even though they are the most critical components of the overall plan. 

Shipping should be economical from the point of view of customers. Hence safe, affordable and prompt ecommerce delivery solutions influence the credibility of a brand or store. More than one-third of the customers say they never choose to shop with a retailer after a poor delivery experience. Over half of the customers say that relies on a competitor who offers easy and convenient delivery options. So, what makes the difference, leaving aside the benefits of free shipping and fast delivery? 

From the above, we can infer that shipping is one of the most significant components that impact the branding and goodwill of an eCommerce retailer. Losing customers is the last thing every retailer wants. It is ideal to know the best practices in shipping to prevent cart abandonment and customer churn. Choosing the right shipping partner is the first and foremost requirement to make product delivery quick, economical and convenient for domestic as well as ecommerce international shipping. Here, we shall uncover the most important requirements you need to get hold of while developing your eCommerce shipping strategy. Here we go! 

In the first place, there are three essential phases in ecommerce delivery processes:  

  1. Ensures that the item is in stock, required to meet the order delivery., which is the order receiving stage. 
  1. Processing orders start with data verification, such as address verification and ensuring that it is correct.  
  1. Once a picking list gets generated, the item is picked, packed and prepared for delivery and constitutes the Order Fulfilment phase. 

In shipping, there is no one size fits all approach while developing an eCommerce shipping plan. It invariably depends on the customers, funds, products and a series of other factors. Retailers go for fast and economical means of shipping to reduce cart abandonment and churn rate. Further, it guarantees increased conversion rates.   

Let us take a look at a few shipping methods an online retailer should consider while relying on ecommerce delivery companies. 

Same Day Delivery  

About 60 per cent of customers are willing to pay a bit more if online retailers ship products on the same day of placing an order. Even though it seems impossible, any eCommerce business can provide this facility provided they depend on a reliable courier partner. All that requires is proper inventory management with the streamlining of processes to ensure that everything is in order.

If you pick a delivery service for ecommerce, they help optimise shipping with the help of advanced algorithms and modern technology. With the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and many more, retailers allow their customers to track the progress of order delivery, provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA), proof of delivery upon receipt of goods and maximises customer satisfaction to the highest level. Hence picking up the right shipping partner implies that your eCommerce business is one step ahead of your competitors. 

Overnight Shipping  

If an eCommerce business wants to remain competitive, it has to adopt more affordable ecommerce delivery solutions than same day delivery services. As a result, overnight shipping has become an option. Overnight shipping ensures that the order gets delivered on the next business day at the customers’ doorstep. Usually, carriers offer different overnight shipping services, and the price varies between the services.

The choice of ecommerce delivery solutions usually depends on the delivery time frame, the distance between pickup and delivery point, the weight of the package, its dimensions and the discounts the carrier offers. All these factors influence the pricing as well. In overnight shipping, orders undergo a couple of sorting phases as per their size, service required and destination. Customers get updated with the shipment/ parcel location through the tracking number embedded in the parcel label. Also, it prevents theft and loss of the package when it gets scanned at each hub during the transfer. 

Express Delivery  

Under express delivery, customers get their order delivery faster where products arrive safely on or before the scheduled timeframe at affordable rates. Express delivery is one of the ecommerce delivery solutions, ideal for any eCommerce store, especially shops with less inventory in their hand. Besides, it improves customer satisfaction. Today, customers want to receive their order delivery as early as possible. Also, they wish not to pay a heavy amount of money for such services.

Under such instances, express delivery would do. It is the right opportunity to satisfy customers and offer them the finest-ever experience while shopping from your eCommerce store. Any brand can benefit from express delivery service, for example, beauty, pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverages and so on. Express delivery is also suitable for businesses dealing with perishable products such as agricultural produce, dairy products, seafood and so forth. Express ecommerce delivery solutions guarantee that not just speedy transport of products but helps them reach safely also. 

Shipping Services from Ianis Cargo  

It doesn’t matter if you are a B2B seller or a B2C business; Ianis Cargo provides a range of ecommerce delivery solutions to make your business fly high through customer satisfaction derived from timely order delivery. There is much more to shipping your goods because at Ianis Cargo! We keep the costs low, provide our customers with a versatile shipping calculator to access the lowest shipping rates, instant price quotes, courier comparisons and an entire range of ecommerce delivery solutions.

We have a separate courier service under Ianis Fast Courier where your parcels and envelope delivery get safely transported to their destinations. -Whether it is an important document or any product that are small and light and not so bulky or heavy. It is evident that the choice of shipping partner that helps your eCommerce brand flourish and excel! Ianis Cargo keeps you on track, and why not check it for yourself? 

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