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17 August 2021
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3 Exclusive Benefits of Express Transport in eCommerce Delivery

The eCommerce industry had undergone a great transformation during recent years and, online store businesses never looked back. There are plenty of ways in which express transport helps online business owners. Many online store owners realised that the ready-made online store platforms would take over the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar shop. The express transport facilitates the fast delivery of goods between different eCommerce models and quick transportation and, the delivery system keeps their customers contented.

The online retailers know how the consumers behave and, online store businesses do not want to miss out on one of the most distinct characteristics of a brick-and-mortar store that differentiates it from an eCommerce store. That is “instant customer gratification. “Today, customers do not want to wait for their products after placing an order. They expect shipping to be fast and free of cost while shopping online, regardless of the products bought. 

With the same day, next day and overnight shipping options, customers do not have to give up their desire of buying and receiving goods within an hour or two. Therefore, sellers all over the marketplaces have to satisfy consumer expectations using fast delivery. If they want to make repeat business and turn first visitors to loyal customers, they have to look for every means to streamline express transport to keep the inventory intact.

Or else, eCommerce businesses have to face cart abandonment and subsequently, customer churn rate would increase which, certainly is not a good sign for any business. More than one-third of the customers say they hesitate to buy from an online store that has failed to keep up with the shipment date and time.  

On the contrary, if the online store can meet customer needs on shipment and delivery, resorting to express transport services, there is no better way to win customers. When delivery is prompt, the chances of making repeat purchases are more. In addition to this, retailers can benefit from word-of-mouth publicity as these satisfied customers disseminate their positive buying experience in their circle and, businesses can expect more sales. Cart abandonment becomes a thing of the past and, scaling up a business becomes real. In essence, all these changes start with the decision to move products by way of express transport.  

Benefits of Offering Express Transport

As discussed above, customers want their order deliveries to reach as early as possible while adding products to their shipping cart. We shall see a few outstanding benefits of providing fast and cheapest or free shipping on online stores and marketplaces. 

1. Enhanced Customer Base  

If you are an eCommerce merchant, you might have many times pondered over what makes your sales ticking. Indeed, it considers the quality of products you offer when you sell online, but the customers often relinquish instant gratification. But in this segment also, an online store can make a difference. By partnering with an express shipping company that provide instant delivery quotes, resellers can deliver products within a few hours while keeping the shipping costs low.

The eCommerce merchants can provide instant price delivery quotes from shipping companies based on the products added and their location with the supplier warehouse location. Therefore, it is possible to offer customers free shipping or the lowest delivery rates. It would help new customers to make repeat purchases owing to reduced shipping costs they enjoy. 

2. Increase in Conversions  

High shipping rates are a pain point in online buying and selling. When shipping rates are high, the chances of cart abandonment are more. Customers do not want to see exorbitant rates while they add products to their cart. Around fifty per cent of customers defer purchases on account of unreasonable shipping and handling costs. And one-fourth of the online buyers cancel the order due to shipping delays.

When eCommerce merchants want to keep costs to the minimum, express transportation services can help when the latter relies on the most advanced tools to optimise shipping costs. As soon as the delivery rates get optimised, there is less cart abandonment and more conversions while keeping customer satisfaction high. 

3. Free shipping Increases Order Quantity

Often free shipping becomes economical for businesses when customers order products up to a certain quantity/amount. When offered free shipping based on the products added to their shipping cart, customers would add more products to reach the minimum order value. Studies show that more than fifty per cent of the customers have added additional products to meet the minimum purchase amount.

When eCommerce merchants have express transport companies at their disposal, they can provide fast shipping at zero cost for their customers. It is an ideal situation where all three parties involved receive benefits. For example, the customer gets the products delivered at zero shipping and handling charges; the online store owners can earn more sales and, the shipping company can optimise its operations.

Express Transport Service from Ianis Cargo 

At Ianis Cargo, nothing goes wrong because the leading express cargo delivery services and freight forwarding company in Romania uses the most advanced platform for moving loads. Regardless of whether you are a B2B business or a B2C merchant, you get the most affordable rates in shipping. The advanced shipping calculator provides optimised rates for every delivery. Meet all your urgent deliveries to be sent anywhere around the world by choosing our air shipping service when time is of the essence.

We rely on everyday flight services to different parts of the world, helping to make deliveries on or before the scheduled time with airport express transportation. Apart from express transport service and air shipping, Ianis Cargo offers full truckload, less than truckload, pallet distribution services and eCommerce delivery solutions, aiming to reduce the burden of shipping and handling costs.

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