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25 February 2021
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3 Great Reasons Why Express Transport Transforms Shipping ASAP

Ianis Cargo, the leading among logistics service providers in Romania realises the significance of ASAP transportation. Because it brings in many benefits for our clients, express transport gains great importance among all other services offered by us. If you require to meet an urgent deadline or if you have time-sensitive goods to be delivered, express transport service from Ianis Cargo serves your needs.

We have the resources to monitor the process, no matter the hour, we make same day delivery possible by means of our ASAP transport service across the length the breadth of Europe and the UK. Regardless of the business you are in, we cater to your every need in fulfilling the transportation of goods ASAP to the destination to keep with the delivery schedule. And our express transport service makes on-time freight delivery possible!  

Table of Contents 

  1. What makes Ianis Cargo Express Transport service exceptional?  

                  1.1 Express Transportation and Inventory Cost Management 

                  1.2 Caters to Wide Range of Industries 

                  1.3 Express Transport and Production Optimisation 

        2. Conclusion 

What makes Ianis Cargo Express Transport service exceptional? 

With a plethora of our own fleets and our reliable partner fleets, we work tirelessly day and night to keep your freight moving, toward the right direction. Reliability and trustworthiness being our hallmark, we are offering express transport for parcels and pallets in Europe with a remarkable 99.7% deliveries made in time.

At Ianis Cargo, Express transport service strictly aims to meet your delivery schedules, but also intends to cut the costs drastically by managing your inventory at a very lower cost. Merchants need not bother about the inventory to be held in their warehouse. We also provide integrated services by facilitating distribution, warehousing from our end, helping in quick implementation of efulfillment and product delivery. Let’s see how we help our clients through our one-of-a-kind transportation solution for quick delivery.

1. Express transportation and Inventory cost management 

Delivery time is remarkably cut short that you can send a parcel that is picked up from any part of Europe or the UK to far destinations within the continent. This type of transportation mode is one single surefire way to optimise production too. With distribution, storage and fulfillment being managed from our end, it eliminates unnecessary costs incurred during these operations. For instance, holding low inventory reduces the investment on warehouses, instead you gain more by making use of our integrated services at a much-reduced cost. This would considerably reduce money, time and space requirements that need to be met from your end.  

2. Caters to Wide Range of Industries 

Ianis Cargo’s Express transport service can be used by any type of stores, companies and manufacturing business. For instance, if you are a pharmaceutical company, our express delivery offers can be utilised for immediate dispatch and delivery to domestic as well as international markets. We have a plethora of temperature-controlled reefer containers to transport medicines, health products and vaccines to facilitate time-sensitive delivery needs safely.

Similarly, online stores, e-commerce websites, online marketplaces, retail, beauty, garment manufactures, can also make use of our fast transport service for fast and safe delivery of products. The service is also suitable for manufacturers and shippers who sell and transport perishable goods such as sea-food, meat, agricultural produce and fresh flowers.  

3. Express Transport and Production Optimisation 

With a strict logistics management in place, production cost can be controlled to a great extent for manufacturing and production companies. Ianis Cargo, your trusted partner and one among the top freight and logistics services in Romania, helps in your effort to keep the production costs at bare minimum. It certainly implies that your raw materials and supply are available very fast and there exists good control over delivery times. Keeping less inventory and managing the available space and time is worth it! 


What’s more, the end result would be what exactly you were really seeking for! Customer satisfaction. No one wants to experience a supply chain disruption or delay while getting products delivered. If you are searching for a safe, affordable and reliable way to send your products to customers in a much shorter time, express transport is the answer!  

If you have any questions regarding the above express transport solutions, keep sending them in the comments section. Our logistic experts are happy to help! 

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