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2 November 2020
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3 Paper Pallets Myths Busted

Need Pallet shipping? The first thing comes to your mind would be wooden pallets. Of course, wooden pallets are strong, solid and eco-friendly. Albeit, the three commonly used pallets such as wooden, plastic and metal pallets come with its own downsides. In an effort to address the challenges in using pallets made from these materials in terms of cost, adaptability and disposal, packing companies have found some effective substitutes. Therefore, it paved way for the use of paper pallets (eco pallet). Compared to traditional pallets made from wood, metal pallets are slightly expensive. More often than not, paper pallets are treated as weak compared to their wooden and metal counterparts. But in reality, it is not! Paper pallets offer many advantages but without knowing its efficiency, we condemn the use of eco pallets for shipping goods. In this article, let’s break a few myths surrounding the use of paper pallets. 

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Myth 1: Paper Pallets are not strong 

Fact: As strong as wooden pallets when engineered perfectly  

We certainly cannot blame if someone thinks paper pallets are not good enough to hold massive weights. The first thing comes to our mind and as far as we know, paper is not solid or sturdy so there is every likelihood that it crashes to the ground failing to hold the heavy weight of the cargo.  Therefore, there arises a question, how these paper pallets can be made so sturdy? This is where perfect engineering gains significance. The corrugated paper adds to the pallets’ resilience and it has been proven that once strengthened with robust engineering techniques; it is capable of holding weights up to 10000 lbs. Often, corrugated papers are made of two to three layers of thick paper in grooved and ridged design which gives additional strength along with extra durability. What’s more, eco pallets can be designed in different sizes and shapes to suit your requirements in accordance with the nature of contents to be shipped.  

Myth 2: Paper Pallets are not Safe 

Fact: Much safer than other common pallet types 

For any type of shipment, reducing risk is paramount. If you are very much concerned about the safety factor while selecting the pallet type, paper pallets will never disappoint you by any means. Paper pallets reduce risks as opposed to other types of pallet materials. In fact, if you might have noticed that paper pallets, no matter the size, shape and design, don’t come with nails, or staples. In other words, the risk of injury is much less while handling. Another highlight is that they don’t have any sharp or pointed edges unlike metal, plastic and wooden pallets which cause potential dangers when products are on pallet. Meanwhile you enjoy the same features offered by wooden and metal pallets minus the risks of getting injured. Also, helps fast shipping indirectly by minimising any contingencies that arise due to accidents during handling of goods in warehouse and during shipment. Always use paper pallets if you are wary of risks of personal injury or damage to goods itself while handling them on metal and wooden pallets.  

Myth 3: Paper Pallets are Expensive 

Fact: Based on your needs, you can always find cost-effective paper pallet solutions 

While you decide between the types of pallets to be selected, one of the primary concerns would be price. Indeed, the price of paper pallet is directly proportional to its strength, weight and safety features. Often, the price is paid for the materials in terms of weight along with engineering, and for the most part, the capabilities it must possess for a particular shipment. Generally, paper pallets are extremely less expensive when compared to other common types of pallets made from metal and plastic materials. However, as mentioned above, price of paper pallet may vary with the weight capabilities. Paper pallets are cost-effective when you have light loads with light weight deck panels. Always check if you pay extra for features you don’t need.  For example, if you have a tightly packed rigid load of products and you don’t require to reinforce it further, paper pallets should be your first choice. In this case, you never need to reinforce the load of products with the pallet, should you pay more? Therefore, considering the need, go for low-cost paper pallet options.  

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