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4 Big Industries That Make Use of Express Transport and Logistics Service

Express transportation brings in many benefits, particularly for some industries where the products have to be transported quickly across far distances owing to their perishable nature. Under such instances, when transporting goods with a shorter shelf-life, shippers cannot wait for several days to get their products delivered to the point of destination.

Also, an urgent demand would necessitate quick shipment and express transport help move businesses’ merchandise speedily and efficiently. Express transport focuses on the immediate movement of goods while managing a shorter delivery time frame. Since time is of the essence, delivering your cargo at the end-user location asap becomes vital. Enter Express Transport service to address all your shipping woes on moving time-sensitive goods. 

Express Transport at Ianis Cargo  

Ianis Cargo, Romania’s leading express transport and freight forwarding company takes care of your time-sensitive goods to be transported everywhere in Europe. We cater to the needs of a wide range of industries-eCommerce, automotive, pharmaceuticals to name a few. Access live quotes instantly while you provide us with the pickup, delivery destination and the volumetric weight of the goods to be moved. Get complete transparency in transport in terms of rates, tracking of goods right from the point of origin to your customer location.

Get instant updates on the status of goods, proof of delivery by email as and when your goods get delivered. Besides express transport service, Ianis Cargo provides Full Truck Load (FTL), eCommerce logistics transport solutions, air shipping and many more.  

Industries that Need Express Transport Service  

Notwithstanding the sudden demand, many industries require express transport solutions round the clock. Generally, their products are required to be transported to the respective destinations very fast, asap as they won’t last long due to their short shelf-life. Let’s take a look at the major industries that need express transport to keep their products fit for consumption.  

1. Pharmaceutical Industry  

Without explanation, everyone knows how important is for the pharmaceutical industry to get their medicines moving to the needy at the right time. Further, many pharmaceutical drugs are temperature sensitive and hence they are required to be transported very fast using temperature-controlled (reefer) vehicles.

Express transport service catering to the shipping needs of the pharmaceutical industry always ensure that they adhere to the temperature, safety and regulatory requirements to help keep the medicines good for consumption. There is no better service other than express cargo transport can offer this feature. Under no circumstances, the pharma industries cannot afford any changes in the composition of drugs due to temperature variations nor do they bear any shipping delays.   

2. Medical Industry  

Just like pharmaceutical industries, the medical industry also requires the service of express shipping companies. Regardless of the type of devices or medicines they need to transport, all it matters is the dispatch and delivery of these items asap for many would come under the category of emergency life-saving medicines.

Express shipping companies who undertake medical cargo transportation and also offers bespoke service matching to the specific needs of each product and equipment to be transported would help the medical industry to a great extent in this regard. More importantly, medical equipment needs extra care during handling, emergency supplies and also transportation of specimens and organs are to be managed with extra caregiving due consideration to time for speedy transit from the source to destination.  

3. Manufacturing Industry  

The manufacturing industry requires the supply of raw materials and components from warehouses for reducing lead time and to check any disruption during the production process. A disruption in the production process may arise out of a lack of raw materials as a result of sudden demand. By using the service of an express transport service provider, manufacturing industries can avoid these issues.

Further, most of the manufacturing businesses are aware that if it’s not addressed properly, it can add up to their pain point and under worse situations, may result in losing customers as well. Express logistics is the surefire way to remove any ambiguities concerning the delivery of raw materials and components. Besides, it helps in economies of scale by checking unnecessary downtime and above all missed deadlines. Getting the help of express logistics service keeps your production process in full swing.  

4. eCommerce Industry  

The influence of eCommerce in our everyday life cannot be overlooked. The retail industry is booming everywhere and flourishing with selling products online. With online shopping playing the lead, to earn maximum customer satisfaction to meet their instant gratification needs, many retailers have to rely on asap shipping such as same-day delivery within hours of placing an order by the customer, or next day delivery based on the customer preferences.

Under such instances, retailers who sell online have to depend on express shipping service for providing asap delivery to consumers. Further, it helps them stay ahead of the competition by offering a service that their customers always desire for. As a result, it is easy to prevent any incidence of customer churn and win the trust of new ones.  


Due to seasonal and sudden demands, any businesses apart from those in the above-mentioned industries may resort to dedicated transport with a special focus on express cargo shipping. Reliability, Convenience and Speedy delivery are the most significant benefits an express transport service bring before the shippers. Ideal for both domestic and international shipments, express cargo transport has become very inevitable for keeping up with the delivery deadlines.   

If you are looking for a trustworthy freighter who is offering dedicated transport for your time-sensitive cargo, let Ianis Cargo take care of your goods and their timely delivery! We meet your business’ express transport needs with an absolute focus on prompt delivery, flawless safety and exceptional affordability. Send us your thoughts and doubts on the topic in the comments section below. Our logistics experts will reach out to you! 

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