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3 November 2020
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4 Challenges in Last Mile Delivery and Its Fixes

The last mile delivery is the last step in shipping. Even though, it is the final step, shipping companies cannot belittle its significance. In fact, it is the most important segment of shipping where the lengthy logistical process comes to an end while the goods gets successfully delivered at the final delivery destination. The ultimate motto of last mile solutions is to deliver the goods at the end user location as early as possible by incurring less costs. Unfortunately, there are many hindrances that pave way for the smooth implementation of final mile solutions in logistics and shipping. In order to gain maximum customer satisfaction and efficiency in shipping services, transportation logistics companies in Romania are striving hard to rein in these challenges. Let’s discuss a few of the most significant bottlenecks shipping service providers encounter while offering final mile solutions. 

For expedite, fast delivery services and to enjoy final mile delivery services, book your shipment with Ianis Cargo, one of the leading freight and logistics services in Romania. Renowned as the dedicated digital platform offering express transport solutions at cost-effective rates, Ianis Cargo simplifies last mile delivery logistics with its experienced delivery staff coupled with the utilisation of high-end technology to help tackle the common challenges faced right from the first lap of the journey through the final lap where last mile solutions become a real fruitful experience. 

Challenges in Last Mile Delivery 

If it cannot be implemented properly, last mile solutions take a toll on delivery logistics. Managing final mile solutions is not that simple as it seems. The following challenges pose as a serious threat impacting the bottom-line. Let’s see each of them one by one and the ways to minimize the issues. 


One of the most hard-hitting area is cost. Today, the lion’s share of customers is willing to pay for expedite delivery services. The customer’s demand for it and they are bound to provide them with what they have asked for without incurring losses. Last mile solutions are certainly influenced by a number of factors and some are beyond the control of humans. In case if shipping companies cannot make it, the penalties by way of delayed deliveries drain the profits. Indeed, careful planning right from managing inventory stocking, predicting changes in demand, availability of delivery staff and other related factors adds up to the challenges. 


Communication flows uninterruptedly with the shippers and end users under normal circumstances. However, during transit of goods, delivery staff can face abrupt changes in routes owing to unforeseen obstacles such as sudden road closures, unexpected extreme weather conditions. Hence, rerouting would be the only single solution under such circumstances. At the juncture, it is important to keep the communication intact with the recipient regarding the issue faced, along with updates and handle the delivery amid the sudden crisis without breaking the communication. After all, flawless communication is the key factor that keeps customers happy in situations where unexpected hiccups occur. They welcome real-time updates and transparency to keep track of their goods-in-transit. 

Address and Location 

More often than not, poor address quality amounts to shipping failure making last mile solutions a painful process. We have already discussed the importance of a properly drafted shipping labels in another article. The cost of a failed deliveries certainly impacts last mile solutions. Plus, to make matters worse, some shipping companies relying on manual means for grouping deliveries face issues as there are chances of errors. Sometimes, shipments get mishandled or perhaps get routed to wrong destination. Also, wrong address, low quality, worn-out shipping labels pose issues in fulfilling last mile delivery promises. Sometimes, shipments get mishandled or perhaps get routed to wrong destination.

Meeting deadlines 

Shipping is invariably a tangled process because the service providers hardly experience breathing space. But at the same time, if done properly and everything falls in place, it is always a pleasurable experience despite the hardships! If we just glance through entire shipping process, we perceive it as process executed by with the help of quality time management solutions. There is only destination in shipping, that is time. A delivery is scheduled on the basis of time and meeting deadlines determines the quality of service. If a delivery is missed, companies can incur losses because the deadline has not been met. However, what makes matters worse is that it badly affects the reputation as well.  

How to fix this difficult situation? 

The constraints in final mile delivery, however, do not necessarily resonate a dead-end situation. Apparently, there is an elixir for all issues. This is where technology has proven its worth! Today with the deployment of cutting-edge technology with the help of artificial intelligence, data integration, machine learning shipping companies can predict the volatility of consumer demands to advanced communication solutions, shipping services are able to convert threats into opportunities. By utilizing the benefits of error free interpretations shipping companies can keep these challenges away to a great extent. For example, if an inventory reaches a specific level, the automated system would notify for further stock of inventory before it gets depleted. Hence, there is always an assured minimum level of inventory for fulfilling the relentless customer orders. Similarly, with the help of GPS, transport management system (TMS), mobile apps enhance transparency and end-to-end visibility seamlessly across all routes. This in turn helps in preventing any delays and helps in meeting on time delivery.  

Final Thoughts 

The challenges, indeed are part and parcel of every business, however shipping services involves many intricacies and makes it more complex and harder. The biggest relief is that the we have latest technologies to our disposal for frictionless implementation of activities where focus is pivoted on ultimate customer satisfaction. Thanks to Industry 4.0, many shipping services has transformed the way they do business helping them find economical solutions at much faster pace.  

Book your shipment with the digital express shipping platform on Ianis Cargo, the largest logistics service providers in Romania where you can completely integrate your shipping functions with us. Tap all information from a single place and make your customers happy. Providing reliable and expedite courier and shipping services in Romania, Ianis Cargo lets shippers enjoy the benefit of low-price rates, easy integration, tracking, POD while availing surface, sea and air services for express transport between the continents.  

Get advice from our logistics experts if you face any challenges concerning shipping. Keep reading and let us help you tackle your woes.

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