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4 Challenges Shipping Companies Encounter During Goods Transit

All of us have relied on the services of shiping companies at least for once in our lifetime. But do we ever think of the hardships behind the process of shipping? Despite the use of sophisticated technology and complex algorithms to arrive at right solutions at the right time, nevertheless shipping companies face many challenges. They are always hard-pressed to provide precision service in terms of quality and time. Of course, it is applicable for all businesses in general, however on time delivery gains much importance in shipping service. There are a lot of human resources who sweat their gut out to make this happen right from delivery service personnel to stevedores, the shipping service too involves many risks. As we all know, the quality of a service typically depends on the resources we employ and hence shipping performance greatly depends on the people who are engaged for the service.  

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You have relied on shipping service and your experience so far have been smoother. However, in some cases you might have faced problems while sending and receiving parcels. Before the parcel arrives at the recipient’s doorstep, the shipment undergoes a plethora of process which is subjected to lot of risks. Let’s deep dive into these most common challenges a shipping company has to face during its tireless journey to the destinations far and near. In other words, towards one permanent destination as far as shipping companies are concerned- customer satisfaction. 

1.Packing falling short of standards 

Sometimes shippers being unknown about what amounts to sturdy packaging ends up either with poor packaging or they go an extra mile for preventing damages at any cost, label them as fragile even for packages containing non-fragile items. Both cases prove detrimental in optmising delivery time. Often times, during the course of transit, the packages are collected at warehouses where it has to be sorted for final delivery. Handling too much of packages labelled as ‘fragile’ which are essentially not fragile could eat up extra time further impacting delivery management.  

It is always encouraged to keep the items in good packages based on the guidelines on packing so that no matter the shipping contents it would remain safe towards its final journey. It doesn’t mean that fragile items should not be labelled as ‘fragile’, but if it shipping contents are not fragile, then it is unwise to add the labels as fragile as it negatively affects the shipment speed. Shipping companies need to know what goods are fragile even though they treat all packages with care and utmost attention, regardless of the nature of wares inside. 

2. Problem with locating the address  

Sometimes it is difficult for the delivery driver to identify the location especially when the recipient is living in residential areas. In fact, it is recommended to check if your building can be located properly. Finding the exact location has often found to be a great challenging problem for shipping and parcel companies. Always double-check that you have provided the right address and give the details in full. Also, check if your address is showing the right location on Google Maps search or any other GPS map program. In addition to this, if is a shipper company has multiple branches in different locations in and around the town and in case address of wrong branch is given, chances are that the shipment cannot reach out to the end user ‘on time’. Another case is where same address is given for multiple locations which again leads to failed delivery. This is usually encountered in places that have shared front door with multiple apartments. Under such instances, it is advised to write address number, if there is any, instead of name. 

If you take extra care and precaution in terms of the address, it saves time for shipping companies, what’s more it is mutually benefiting that the recipients/end user gets the package on the right time without the hassles of making calls with the delivery driver before helping him drive to the right location. 

3. Labels Getting Lost 

The process of sorting shipments for delivery process is guided through labels. Usually, a bar code encodes the shipping address including mode of shipment and other necessary information which essentially helps tracking and delivery of parcels at the right place. Hence the shipping label is an indispensable part of channelising goods-in-transit to reach its destination.  

Imagine what happens when the label gets lost. The shipping process for that entire package would terminate for the barcode becoming unreadable making the subsequent tracking and delivery almost impossible. It can also happen when the shipping label gets affixed in the wrong direction.  

The incidence of shipments getting lost due to damaged labels or missing labels during the course of its journey makes it hard for shipping companies to trace and track goods. Without the label on its package, a parcel is considered lost. Hence, to ensure the delivery of goods at the right location and to track its real-time status, it is essential to keep the labels attached properly to the right place, on the flat top side of the package. Also, go for a solid package that it would prevent the label from becoming non-readable due to the damage of the package itself. It doesn’t mean that you cannot re-use boxes, but under such instances, always ensure that the boxes are sturdy enough to carry the load. Also, be sure to remove old labels as it can create confusion among delivery drivers in regard to your actual delivery destination.  

4.  Delayed Deliveries 

For shipping companies delayed deliveries are like nightmares. Delayed deliveries can be caused due to many reasons such as vehicle breakdown, natural calamities and so on. While vehicle breakdown can be easily tackled with the help of technology and without affecting the delivery schedules. However, delays due to atrocious weather conditions, natural calamities, sudden port/road closures all pose an immediate effect on delivery schedules. Though traffic does not play a villain in forwarding goods with the use of route optmisation software however, slow transit as a result of sudden road closures arising out of accidents, unexpected road blocks also pave way for delayed shipment. Notwithstanding the fact that technology is getting smarter every day, it cannot always predict to help divert delayed deliveries.  

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