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4 Great Ways to Reduce Freight Costs

We all know that shipping costs form a considerable part of expenses for small and medium businesses, in particular. Hence, businesses make all efforts to reduce freight costs. Of course, it influences the customer experience and encourages them to repeat purchases and has an overall impact on the net profit margin. Research in this field states that more than one-fourth of the shoppers abandon carts due to excessive shipping charges. Without a doubt, high shipping rates pose a serious problem in future, as cart abandonment is not at all a good sign. Hence it is in the best interest of every online business to reduce freight costs.

Often, businesses offer free shipping because they don’t want to lose their customers at any cost when they are on the threshold of checkout. Free shipping, no doubt, is an ideal offer an eCommerce store can give to its loyal customers, but what about the business? Is it always possible for small businesses to provide such an offer every time their consumers checkout online? No, it is not always a feasible option from the point of view of the business. That’s the very reason why they are struggling with the shipping. Hence the only option for small and medium businesses is to find ways to reduce freight costs.  

Today, more and more merchants take to some reliable techniques to keep the cost of shipping down. Indeed, it is an arduous task that consumes time. And they have to consider many influential factors starting from those that play a significant role in calculating the cost of shipping.  

Let’s check some of these vital elements that have a say in shipping costs and how small merchants can gain more by taking care of these components that may seem trivial but plays a significant role in the cost calculation.  

Size of Packages  

Shipping costs are determined by the type of packages selected except for flat-rate shipping. Always make sure that the packages fit the size of products they accommodate. If not, the additional dimensional weight of the packages adds to the cost. The package size should not exceed the product size but needs to be only slightly larger than the size of the products to save on shipping costs. There is also another feasible way where small businesses get the benefit of reduced shipping rates. They can use poly mailer bags and envelopes while sending not small, delicate items. The cost would be low when you send items by poly mailer shipping bags.  

Select an eFulfilment Service  

To reduce freight costs, small merchants with online stores can rely on shipping service providers who offer eFulfilment. Select a company that provides integrated services, starting from order processing to delivery service at the recipient’s doorstep. The digitised platform has transformed the shipping services that the small merchants can integrate their shipping department with the shipping provider.

Today, retailers can manage orders without maintaining inventory and fulfil order processing and delivery with the help of an integrated eCommerce delivery partner. Besides, eCommerce delivery partners work in tandem with many established shipping service providers who can offer the lowest shipping rates. It further helps small businesses to avail of the benefit from reduced shipping rates to a great extent. If you are looking at feasible ways to tackle the question of how to reduce shipping costs, relying on an eFulfilment service would give you rewarding results.  

Get the help of Freight Forwarders  

Small-scale retailers can partner with freight forwarding services that offer shipping discounts. Indeed, most freight forwarders offer flexible packages for businesses who prefer to spend freight and parcels on a continuous and regular basis. Hence, such small merchants can partner with freight firms that offer flexible shipping rates or sometimes discounted rates. Make use of such rate reducing options on high volume, regular shipments. Further, they can benefit from the service quality as these freight companies often work with well-established freight forwarders and parcel delivery services who can provide the lowest minimum shipping rate. Get the advantage of high service quality while you make all efforts to reduce freight costs 

Final Thoughts 

With plenty of fleet vehicles and modern technology at our disposal, Ianis Cargo delivers the shipment to far and wide locations everywhere in Europe at reduced shipping rates. One of the most leading freight forwarder and freight shipment companies operating from Romania, Ianis Cargo has the most advanced digitised platform for transportation of goods across the length and breadth of Europe. We help you reduce freight costs using our most versatile shipping price calculator! No matter the size of your business, integrate the shipping department with Ianis Cargo for the fast delivery of goods.  

Avail of the surface and air shipping service from Ianis Cargo when you have shipments to deliver ASAP. For surface shipping, we have express transportation for fast shipment delivery. Apart from it, we offer full truckload service that offers dedicated service carrying freight of one single shipper toward a single destination, utilising the capacity of trucks. Less than Truckload service is also available where goods from different shippers get consolidated and sent to multiple locations. Hence, regardless of your needs, we provide you with the appropriate mode of transport service at your convenience to reduce your freight costs, but without compromising on the service quality.

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