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16 November 2020
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17 November 2020
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4 Key Considerations Determining Your Freight Class

Freight Class is one important parameter in less than truckload (LTL) freight shipping, that determines freight quote rates too. Used by carriers for calculating price and costs for transportation of shipment. Understanding freight classification serves as a means to avoid any ambiguities concerning your LTL shipment. In this article, we have tried to explain about freight classification, its significance, factors determining the freight shipping class of a particular cargo. If you have come here, searching for LTL shipment, Ianis Cargo, the express transport service renowned for its promptness and trustworthiness among the transportation logistics companies in Romania has a plethora of benefits to offer for every shipper, regardless of their location!  

Ship anywhere from the Europe or any parts of the world, we assure you with the lowest quote. All you need to do is, send an enquiry to us with the points of pickup and drop off location along with the total weight of the cargo. Voila! You will be returned with the lowest ever quote instantly, no matter the shipment class! If you are wondering how Ianis Cargo could manage to offer you with lowest freight quotes, be informed that Ianis Cargo runs a plethora of shipments on a daily basis to many locations in and around the Europe and across the continents. Plus, due to the absence of intermediaries and working without middlemen, there is hardly any hidden cost that adds up to the overall cost and hence lowest price rates are assured. And it makes Ianis Cargo, the most sought after among the reliable logistics service providers in Romania. 

Let’s breakdown what exactly is referred to as freight classification. Freight class is essentially a standardized classification system for goods transported by means of LTL freight shipping. Designed to ensure that shippers receive a reasonable freight quote rate, the freight classification is often done in accordance with the goods or more specifically on the basis of density of the goods getting ready for transportation. 

Factors determining freight class 

To help you understand easily, there are four characteristics in transportation determines the classification of freight. Let’s take a look at each of them and how does they influence the freight classification. 

1. Density- Heavy or Light  

Density relates to the amount of space required for an item. Goods that are compact with high density falls under lower freight class. As a result, transporting them from one place to the other is quite affordable than goods that are bulky. Some goods are not classified based on density, but they come with pre-defined freight classes. If the classification is based on density, always understand that lower density freight has higher freight class. 

2. Handling- Difficult or Easy 

While handling the freight, the level of attention and care required for freight calls for another classification. For example, some goods are difficult to be stowed and some may be fragile. Similarly, oddly shaped and hazardous items are also needed to be transported. These goods are difficult to handle as well. Also, such goods require special handling to avoid damages and much care is required to prevent any harm caused to workers while dealing with these specific types of goods. Hence size, weight, shape and nature of goods also determines handling difficulty and thus influence the classification of freight. The shipping carrier has to classify the freights that are difficult to load as higher freight class.  

3. Stowable- Possible or Not Possible  

Once proper packaging is done, almost all freights can be stowed in shipping carriers, no matter the type of vehicles used. But as per standard rules, some items cannot be loaded or stowed along with other commodities. For instance, freight that is extremely long or heavy or features any protrusions require special attention apart from being hard to load along with other goods. Such freight which cannot be loaded easily along with other commodities usually categorised as higher freight class, which evidently adds up to the freight quote rates. Stowing capability of a freight refers to its adaptability in transporting with other goods. Freights that are classified as flammable, hazardous and perishables lack stowing ability.  

4. Liability- Risky or Safe 

Liability in terms of shipping and freight classification pertains to the chances of getting goods damaged or stolen or the goods’ potential risks to damage other adjacent goods in the carrier. For instance, hazardous and perishable items are susceptible to explosion or decay respectively while also making other goods in its proximity to fall prey to damage. Goods with greater risk for damage fall under higher freight class. When the liability is more, higher will be the freight class, which also attracts more cost. 

The following table gives a general guidance regarding the classification of freight. However, there are many factors affects the class of a freight. Always contact your shipment carrier to arrive at the right freight class. 

                 Class           Cost   Weight Range (per cubic foot) 
Class 50 – Clean Freight  LowestOver 50lbs 
Class 55   35 – 50 pounds 
Class 60  30 – 35 pounds 
Class 65   22.5 – 30 pounds 
Class 70  15 – 22.5 pounds 
Class 77.5  13.50 – 15 pounds 
Class 85  12 – 13.5 pounds 
Class 92.5  10.5 – 12 pounds 
Class 100  9 – 10.5 pounds 
Class 110  8 – 9 pounds 
Class 125  7 – 8 pounds 
Class 150  6 – 7 pounds 
Class 175  5 – 6 pounds 
Class 200  4 – 5 pounds 
Class 250  3 – 4 pounds 
Class 300  2 – 3 pounds 
Class 400  1 – 2 pounds 
Class 500 – Low Density or High Value  HighestLess than 1 lbs. 


Determining the freight class is a must in LTL shipment. However, if you are a shipper and very concerned about freight costs that go into the price quotes associated with freight class; you can rely on Shared truckload (STL) where freight classification is not required. 

Fulfill all your shipping needs at Ianis Cargo! The top freight and logistics services in Romania has been in the service of shippers, exporters, suppliers for a long time deriving full support from its experienced personnel coupled with the use of advanced technology for shipping and transportation. Ianis Cargo has very recently announced its shipping and courier service in Romania- Ianis Courier, catering to the parcel service needs in all countries in the Europe and across the world. It has commenced its operations this year to offer custom-made solutions for businesses as well as individual customers. 

Keep your thoughts and suggestions posted below. Let’s explore together to find a better shipping world by finding out resourceful solutions for all shipping woes!

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