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4 Proven Reasons for Outsourcing Express Transport for Freight

We all know there is an unprecedented surge in online buying during recent years and express transport service plays a key role in it. Studies show that it will only increase during the coming years. Buyers are able to purchase products they need, anytime, on the go, through online buying. With the increase in sales through the platform, the demand for shipping through faster means have also become increased. Now, the businesses are fully aware of the significance of meeting customer needs through express shipping. 

To fulfill the increasing demand for improved customer experience and instant gratification needs, online businesses who own and operate their transport vehicles are now switching to freight and logistics companies to grab the benefits of flawless on-time delivery through the outsourced express transport service. Since more and more buyers are found online and as they want to receive their products asap, express freight transport becomes a favourite transport option for sellers for sending their products quickly to the buyer destination. And outsourcing express freight transport service would be a better option. 

Table of Contents 

  1. Express Transport Solutions at Ianis Cargo 
  1. Benefits of Using Express Transport for Freight Movement 

                2.1 Experienced Logistics professionals to Your Help 

                2.2 Quick Delivery and Low Costs 

                2.3 Get More Time to Scale Your Business 

                2.4 Offers Great Customer Experience 

      3.    Conclusion 

Express Transport Solutions at Ianis Cargo 

We shall discuss in detail here the reasons why outsourcing express transport help you while meeting your buyer needs. To make fast delivery services a reality, working with trustworthy freight and logistics company becomes vital through the express freight transport method. At Ianis Cargo, apart from FTL (Full Truckload) and LTL (Less than Truckload or Groupage), we offer express transport service for our customers who are in need of meeting freight transport asap.

We offer flexible payment terms for well-established companies besides offering a variety of benefits. Your goods will be picked up from the point of origin and our truck moves to the point of destination without any interruption. Since there are no halts between both the points, our dedicated express freight transport reach destinations asap. 

Besides helping you access the status of goods in transit, instant freight quote, live rates, CMR insurance, proof of delivery (POD) and many more, Ianis Cargo addresses all your shipping needs in one go. We help you integrate your shipping department with us through our powerful APIs so that you can access every information from a single dashboard with just the tap of a button while you ship with us! Our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and complex algorithms coupled with our logistics expertise ensure flawless dispatch of goods to its destination.  

Benefits of Using Express Transport for Freight Movement 

Let’s go deep into the benefits an outsourced express freight transport company can provide for online businesses.  

1Experienced Logistics professionals to Your Help 

Get extra peace of mind that your shipping functions are handled by expert logistics professionals who give full attention towards fulfilling all you express transport needs. When you work with expert hands in shipping, you can leave all your freight transport woes to them wholly, which further lets you focus on other core departments such as sales, marketing, finance and so forth.

In case you think your workforce spend a considerable amount of time on shipping and related tasks, consider outsourcing it to express freight companies. Even if you do not, it would be a wise idea to seek the help of freight and logistics services as it would take all the worries you face during shipping. Let it get done by experts and free up your mind while they send your freight safely to the marketplace or end-user. 

2. Quick Delivery and Low Costs 

Express transport provides fast delivery compared to run-of-the-mill freight transport methods. Because it is monitored and handled by expert hands coupled with the help of technology, as is the case with Ianis Cargo, right from pickup to delivery at your buyers’ destination. Since it’s a specialised service offered by specialists in shipping and logistics field, the results would be one hundred percent better than what your inhouse resources do for you.

Also, you can minimise the costs as you need not spend much on managing freight shipping. You have outsourced your express transport service to experienced shipping and logistics for which you need to pay only for the services you received. This way you can save a lot by relying on the help of an experienced freight forwarder who knows how to meet express freight transport needs without breaking your bank.  

3. More Time to Scale Your Business 

Partnering with a freight and logistics company who can offer express transport service help you go places! You can find new buyers and turn them to your loyal customers within no time! That really sounds nice, right? Your business is growing and so do your freight transportation needs.

Once you rely on freight forwarding companies, there are umpteen ways to make your business flourish and prosper because they can help you in all sorts such as setting up your shipping and logistics department through warehousing, inventory management and order processing and resolve any issues arising during the course of implementing a full-fledged logistics service. It’s rather a complex process and meeting the express freight transport needs with the help of an expert freight forwarder would bring benefits in the long run by enabling your business to earn more while minimising risks in the form of cost reduction. 

4. Offers Great Customer Experience 

No matter what business you are in, nothing matters more than how you treat your customers. The most integral part and the ultimate aim of any business is to earn customer satisfaction. Infact, one of the key benefits express transport offers is the unparalleled customer experience, that in turn helps business to tap more opportunities from these satisfied customers.

Express transport lets your customers receive their products ordered asap; and also helps save on cost, which further can be passed on to your customers where they can also enjoy savings on cost. Such savings provide you with great opportunities, for instance, to help your business diversify to new products or improving your existing products. Express freight transport offers great benefits to your company as well as your customers.  


Express transport transforms your business service into reliable and trustworthy by helping you earn more customers every single day! But to make the most out of it, you need to outsource express freight transport to the right freight forwarder service. At Ianis Cargo, we specialise on express freight transport where you guaranteed services. Avail our express transport service 24X7x365! 

Send your questions and thoughts on the topic in the comments section below. Let our logistics experts solve your shipping needs and keep your customers satisfied! 

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