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4 Remarkable Factors to Consider for Express Transport Through Air Shipping

Although maritime (ocean) shipping handles the lion’s share of international cargo transportation, air shipping is associated with around thirty-five per cent of world trade by value. It is because there are some inherent advantages to air cargo transportation. When time is of the essence, express transport by way of air shipping provides fast delivery within a short time and, the idea is to ship goods that need to be transported urgently and reduce the transit time.  

There are some prerequisites while sending goods for international transportation, air shipping in particular. In this article, we shall discuss these special considerations that keep the goods intact during export transport from the origin to the destination during the transit, no matter the distance they travel! Let us check them one by one.   

1. Ensure Cargo Safety 

Make sure that the express freight getting prepared for air shipment gets completely protected against handling issues. Always secure the goods to ensure safety during transit during the entire journey, when comparatively large goods get transported by air transportation.

It is not just a process to assure that the cargo is protected but also checks if the goods can withstand the pressures of international shipping. Always examine if the goods stack easily and allow placing each package over the other or by the side without getting damaged. The safe transit of cargo is essential to keep them in good condition until it reaches the final delivery destination. 

2. Verify the Weight of the Shipment  

Using cargo planes and other air crafts for shipping imposes some restrictions on the weight and size of cargo getting transported, owing to space limitations and safety reasons. It is necessary to weigh the goods to select the ideal packaging as per the weight and size of the cargo. For instance, knowing the weight helps pick a box or case that can easily handle the shipment weight.

Or else, choosing a wrong box not suitable for goods can damage the items inside the package and pose safety issues during the transit process. It is of utmost importance when the goods intended to transport are a bit bulkier or heavier, where proper packaging plays a crucial role in securing the cargo throughout their journey from the origin to destination. 

3. Packing  

In the case of international express freight shipping, it is worth using corrugated cardboard parcel boxes for maximum strength and support for holding the goods inside. It provides extra protection and is suitable for reducing the incidence of transit cargo damages. The additional layers of the reinforced cardboard boxes available in different weight capacities and sizes safeguard the shipment items and curtail the possibilities of returns resulting from damaged goods.

Further, delicate and fragile cargo can be labelled on the outer surface of the package so that couriers and carriers can offer extra care for the shipment during its handling. In the case of heavier goods, shippers can consider using pallets to improve security. Also, they must not forget to use corner boards or paper boards to protect the edges of the package preventing the goods inside from getting damaged. Using shrink wrap to protect the transit cargo; if they are required to be secured further. It keeps the goods safe from atrocities of rain or any other environmental issues that likely pose the risks of damage.  

4. Evaluate Customer Feedback  

Irrespective of the efforts made to improve express transport service, freight forwarding companies have to ask for customer feedback for international shipping and evaluate them from time to time. If there is grievance on goods damaged or lost, it points to the fact that freight companies have to find the reasons for such anomalies while taking steps to provide extra care and effort to avoid such avoidable instances. However, the absence of grievance or refund requests may not always imply that the packing is perfect. Under such conditions, there is every possibility that customers switch to a competitor because of the awful service.

However, knowing ahead of the packaging requirements for products that require complex packaging requirements would be helpful during sending cargo under the express priority freight category. Always check for the areas where there is room for improvement. Ask for customer feedback to get an idea about the status of packages while they reach the final delivery destination and whether they meet the customer expectations every time. It assures that goods arrive in good condition but helps improve business and prevent customer churn also.    

Express Transport Service from Ianis Cargo  

Ianis Cargo, one of the leading express transport companies, caters to the cargo movement towards all destinations in Europe, the U.K. and, across many continents all over the world. The freight forwarding company focuses on surface express transportation and express air shipping for the fastest delivery of all packages, envelopes parcels. Other services apart from express transportation services; include Full Truckload transport (FTL), Less than truckload (LTL), pallet delivery, e-Fulfilment, and eCommerce delivery solutions.

The express air shipping service from Ianis Cargo takes hold of cargo getting ready for international deliveries when time and speed become most important. The goods get transported to the nearest airport through ground express transport and, they are loaded to the available air shipping service to move them asap to the delivery destination. Also, customers can track the progress of transit cargo through the intuitive tracking facility using the AWB number. Partnering with a handful of reputed domestic and international airlines makes Ianis Cargo attend to the express transport– air shipping needs of consignors by delivering their cargo and packages asap while keeping the transit cargo safe during the entire journey! 

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