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4 Simple Ways to Optimise Last Mile Deliveries in B2B Freight Transport

Reducing order fulfilment cycle time is one of the most nagging challenges in business to business (B2B) companies. Unlike B2C, B2B companies receive bulk orders which contain heavy freight that further curtails the efficiency of last mile delivery in the latter’s business. Last mile delivery, as the name denotes, is the final stage of the freight transport and order delivery process and involves the safe transportation of freight from the warehouse to the end-user delivery location. 

Here the big question is if the business-to-business merchants can bridle the challenges they face in last mile delivery and function with ease similar to their business to consumer counterparts. Today, consumers have familiarised themselves with same-day delivery, and it is becoming one of their favourite delivery options. Now, eCommerce companies are trying to eliminate the difference between brick-and-mortar purchases and online buying through instant gratification. And same-day delivery ad delivery within an hour is the most sought-after delivery option among many customers. 

How would B2B businesses optimise freight transport and last mile deliveries and help themselves enjoy the same benefits as that B2C companies? This article looks at how B2B companies can perform better in final mile delivery solutions. Before we go into the details, we provide a brief outline of the last mile delivery. 

What does Last Mile Delivery mean? 

Just mentioned above, the final mile delivery refers to the shipment transportation from the warehouse or hub to the destination of the end-user. It is the most crucial stage of shipping, and any flaws during this phase can influence the business negatively. Similar to business to consumer (B2C), the B2B companies also use the last mile delivery system, yet there are many ways they should improve on their final mile delivery performance. Therefore, we have brought forth a few performance differentiators that facilitate B2B merchants achieving a higher efficiency level during the last mile delivery. Let us check these simple solutions for optimised freight transport right away! 

1. Route Optimisation 

Finding the most optimal route is one of the key performance indicators that measure the efficiency of freight transport. Route optimisation helps B2B merchants identify the optimal route planning for delivering shipments. It helps reduce fuel costs and also minimises the transit time. Above all, it allows customers to access the lowest shipping rates and guarantees on-time deliveries. Furthermore, route optimisation considers parameters such as traffic conditions, the availability of loading and unloading equipment, staff and many more factors that influence smooth last mile delivery performance. Route optimisation addresses and provides proactive solutions for any influencers that affect the goods transportation process. One of the most crucial touchpoints with end-users, last mile delivery gains much significance. Route optimisation saves money, enhances performance and delights customers. Long story short, route optimisation improves transit times in B2B shipping scenarios. 

2. Selecting the Right Freight Transport 

Finding the ideal carrier service that ensures smooth delivery keeps the hassles of B2B shipping at bay while providing high levels of efficiency. Dispatching freight for delivering them at several locations at the time and date specified is quite a demanding task. However, relying on a trustworthy freight forwarding partner optimises delivery by curtailing the unnecessary costs from last mile logistics. Through the final mile delivery tools, a reliable freight transport partner enables its B2B customers to enjoy the limitless benefits with the help of route optimisation software, live status tracking, process automation and so on. Outsourcing order processing, efulfilment, storage, shipping and logistics management results in heavy cost cuts. Besides, it reduces freight transport rates and transit times while mitigating the risks in the movement of goods while helping to improve customer experience by ensuring high levels of efficiency in the last mile delivery. In the long run, it helps both the business and its customers. 

3. Flexibility in Deliveries 

Order cancellations can prove very costly for B2B companies as the volume of orders are relatively very high in this segment. There are many risks involved in sudden order cancellation, changes in order quantity and store locations. However, B2B companies can deal with these contingencies with the last mile delivery software to keep the process smooth. The solutions should happen in the blink of an eye. A highly responsive last-mile delivery platform tends to the customer needs that the changes in orders get updated in real-time, as and when it occurs. Besides, it offers flexibility in deliveries while changing the delivery location or time as and when it happens, according to their needs. On the other hand, in the case of companies, it gives the right opportunity to entice their customers with a great delivery experience and high customer satisfaction. 

4. Real-time Status Tracking

Want to exercise complete control of the delivery system while providing transparency in freight transport operations to your customers? The only way out is real-time status tracking. Real-time tracking takes care of the status of freight in transit 24/7. Customers can keep tabs on the transit progress effortlessly, starting from pick up to the final destination. In addition to these, it updates delivery progress with the estimated arrival time (ETA). Often B2B deliveries require greater compliance and, therefore, a real-time tracking facility keeps tabs on the status of transit goods. Facilitating customers with the information on whether the products arrive at the specified time assumes significance in shipping and logistics. With the help of tracking in real-time, there is hardly any need for human intervention, which further results in optimised deliveries with minimum costs with highly accurate delivery implementation while helping to minimise the WISMO calls. 

Freight Transport Service at Ianis Cargo 

Send your cargo through Ianis Cargo Express to get it delivered right at the destination specified, safely and on time. With 99.7 per cent deliveries on time, Ianis Cargo freight transport solutions offer full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), and express transport services for B2B and B2C companies. Get immense benefits such as reduced shipping rates, courier comparisons, and real-time status tracking. Ianis Cargo uses an ingenious live shipping calculator that accounts for the current market conditions to arrive at the price quotes. Our intuitive algorithm for freight transport compares courier rates in real-time so that customers receive the lowest price rates, all at once. Also, get electronic proof of delivery, estimated arrival time, alerts and notifications. Our route optimisation tools help customers make the most of shipping services, and process automation eliminates the need for manual intervention, further ensuring minimal errors in shipping operations.

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