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17 August 2022
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4 Useful Tips For Reducing Freight Transport Costs

Several factors contribute to an increase in freight transport costs. Transportation costs impact the bottom line and check the business growth as well. Therefore, handling shipping costs becomes a complex task for many businesses. However, if you take care of some factors, it is easy to rein in freight costs while moving your products from the factory or warehouse to the distribution centre or customer location. You can arrive at the estimated costs for hauling cargo; also, if you have good knowledge about transportation choices, market trends, and incoterms, you can ensure cost cutting. If you are a new shipper, the following tips on reducing freight transport costs you a lot in cost savings.

1. Use a Reliable Transport Network

Do you implement shipping and logistics all by yourself? Have you ever thought of using the services of a trustworthy freight transport company that can meet all your cargo movement needs at a much lesser cost? If you haven’t yet relied on such services, now is the time to get the help of reliable freight movement and logistics management services to take care of your cargo transportation needs.

Using Ianis Cargo’s freight transport service, our customers gain access to a wide range of carriers directly. You can even rely on backhaul, where you find cheap freight transport services. Indeed, carrier services look for backhauls, and when you have access to the fleet network, you can find the apt transport service along your route, that too, at economical rates. Because in backhaul, carriers offer a much lower rate which includes only fuel costs and a little more, that covers their costs.

2. Keep a check on the Shipping Demand

It is always wise to avoid freight movement when there is a high demand for shipping. To rein in the transportation cost, you as a business owner should know the freight transport market. Make sure you plan your transportation, for example, during the holidays, to relieve yourself from paying extra freight rates. Alternatively, you can try shipping during the off-peak season to save transportation costs significantly.

Schedule your most crucial freight movement before the year-end as it takes much time owing to the Christmas and new year holidays. Plan your cargo transport requirements before the holidays. Freight costs are steadily increasing for parcel and courier delivery; and warehousing and storage. Both long-term contract rates and spot market pricing have increased recently during 2022. However, as aforementioned, you can use backhaul service, which is instrumental in reducing freight costs to a great extent.

3. Minimise the amount of dunnage

Reduce the amount of filling used in the package to prevent damage to the goods inside. Shippers tend to fill a lot of dunnage to overprotect the product, which results in higher freight transport costs. If you want to reduce the shipping charges, try using a minimalistic design for packages that require only a few dunnage and protect the shipments inside. Furthermore, it helps minimise material handling costs, transportation and packaging costs.

Look for freight transport carriers who charge dimensional weight pricing, which in turn reduces packaging costs by reducing the weight of the box. It further emphasises the need for package optimisation and minimises the space used inside a trailer, which is also a determinant of freight costs. Digital shipping platforms like Ianis Cargo provide packing optimisation by helping you choose the right package for your freight minimising handling charges and the total freight costs. Top of all, it reduces the carbon footprint incurred on freight movement.

4. Provide flexibility in Pickup and Delivery

In case you have enough time for freight movement, and when your business does not deal with perishable goods, it is wise to give a larger delivery window as you can reap the benefits of lower freight costs. Opting for a large delivery window allows your carrier partner to have enough time, and there won’t be any instances of rejections. If you plan and schedule your pickup times, carriers can fill space which again helps you get cheap freight transport service and the former to make better use of their resources. It enables them to arrange the resources such as trucks and drivers.

Keeping a carrier waiting at a facility adds up to the costs. Through better planning and scheduling, both carriers and shippers enjoy many perks. Also, when you are willing for pickup flexibility, it facilitates freight transport companies to combine several loads into a single shared truckload. The digital shipping platforms use their algorithm to find a suitable carrier, moving through your pickup and destination routes within seconds to pick up the freight without incurring additional costs.

Freight movement through Ianis Cargo

Meet all your freight transport needs at Ianis Cargo freight forwarding services, where you can rely on full truckload, less than truckload other than express transport service. We possess a wide range of fleet vehicles which can carry up to 1000 kilograms of palletised or boxed freight and also for moving heavy cargo. Other than these, you can use our air shipping service and eCommerce delivery solutions. Get tracking in real-time, live shipping quotations, CMR insurance, 24/7 customer support, and proof of delivery on all shipment services for all types of cargo movements. Access backhaul service for low cost and cut down rates seamlessly. Get extra peace of mind while you move freight through Ianis Cargo Express!

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