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4 Useful Tips on Freight Forwarding for Small eCommerce Business

Selecting the right delivery partner is one of the most critical decisions for a small eCommerce business. With a plethora of choices for small businesses in finding the right freight forwarding partner, they have to consider the cost, packaging, efulfilmentstorage facilities, shipping schedules and many more. Indeed, managing shipping takes more time and effort when compared to management of the eCommerce store as it encompasses a wide range of activities and is the final customer touchpoint that differentiates a brand from its competitors.  

Today, the eCommerce business is transforming the customer experience by way of same-day shipping, two days shipping and one-hour delivery services. Besides, customers would love to get free shipping for purchases they make online. In a sense, eCommerce merchants help their customers experience hardly any distinction between online buying and purchasing via a physical store. Now, technology being an ally for these business merchants, there is only a fine line between both types of buying. And therefore, customers do not see much difference between online and brick and mortar store purchases.  

There are plenty of ways to gratify customer needs in online buying. The big eCommerce businesses help their customers avail of all the above benefits, such as free shipping, delivery within an hour of buying and same-day delivery services. However, small businesses can also make their customers access these features to retain them. It is not that easy; it is not hard, though.  

Retailers have to continuously check their shipping plans and strategies and make way for effortless fulfilment and delivery. They should seek freight forwarding services that offer the lowest rates without increasing prices to unreasonable levels. But small business wins when they can find a delivery partner that provides services at the most affordable rates.  

Here are some strategies for small eCommerce businesses to adopt and are particularly useful for getting more customers, improving sales and attracting new customers. Let us deep-dive into these most vital considerations to keep freight forwarding for small businesses hassle-free.  

1. Get the Right Resources  

Shipping is one of the most crucial functions that help differentiate an eCommerce brand from others. Since an ecommerce business has to work with its multiple departments, for instance, from the procurement team to marketing, efulfilmentstorage, customer service and many more, an eCommerce brand has to get the right resources that can make things happen. An ecommerce business has to identify the set of people to help in the decision-making process in the first place. The web design and development team should ensure that the optimised shipping rates and options get served to customers.  

Similarly, the marketing team has to take decisions regarding running promotional campaigns; and strategies for improving the sales of slow-moving products. Meanwhile, the efulfilment team has to devise plans for packaging, order pickup and delivery to customer destinations regardless of the shipping options they select and ensure that they handle the tasks as scheduled. The customer support service has to meet the requests and concerns of customers and follow up on the impacts that occur during the rare instances of shipping delays and customer grievances.  

2. Establish Well Defined objectives  

When an eCommerce firm has identified a resourceful team, the next step is to check how it should implement the eCommerce shipping strategies. So, the company has to frame the objectives for eCommerce shipping, particularly in the aspects relating to converting leads to loyal customers, increasing orders, reducing cart abandonments and costs. In effect, a brand needs to focus on all major factors to enhance the overall efficiency of operations. For converting leads into customers, a business has to think from the customer viewpoint.  

Select the shipping options and price rates which the customer thinks are ideal without hurting the bottom line. Indeed, shipping options and rates directly affect the conversion rate. Conduct surveys and tests to check what the customer expects. Also, provide promotional offers and discounts or even free shipping whenever possible and keep the marketing team informed about the offers to make them reach targeted customers. Cut costs by partnering with courier services that offer cost-effective services or work with a freight forwarding service that offers a real-time shipping calculator for arriving at reasonable shipping rates. Also, ensure that the efulfilment department relies on a laid-out plan for packaging, pickup and shipping services, which thoroughly looks for eliminating manual work.  

3. Keep Communication Clear   

Regardless of the choices a small business eCommerce owner makes for the safe movement of products, for example, free shipping, same-day delivery, LTL freight transport service for B2B shipping, ensure that the communication is prompt to avoid any anomalies. Because when communication is up-to-date, there are several advantages such as enhanced sales and reduced ‘where is my order (WISMO) calls. Furthermore, it helps small businesses to keep their customers happy, which again translates to improved customer experience. These contented customers always return and make repeat purchases while also becoming instrumental in improving business promotions through word-of-mouth publicity.  

In addition to these, there would be only fewer returns. One of the biggest concerns for online retailers is product returns. However, by notifying customers regarding returns if they forget to pick them up from stores, businesses can avoid such unnecessary returns. Besides, customers get the information on returns if they have not picked the products and get alerts regarding the refunds of such products. In short, retailers who update their customers with the status of their orders receive many rewards in the form of a better customer experience while offering their customers a great shipping experience.   

4. Rely on Small Business Logistics Service   

Managing small business and shipping responsibilities at a time is a tiresome task. Indeed, logistics is one of the vital tasks, and delivery is the final touchpoint. Furthermore, properly handling the shipping of products demand time and effort. Therefore, digital freight forwarding platforms can help small eCommerce businesses greatly. The freight forwarding partner takes all the pains of sending goods from stores to customer destinations, searching for the most reasonable rates, carriers, tracking and billing. More often than not, digital freight forwarding platforms offer instant freight quoting, updates regarding shipments and solutions for mitigating the challenges in the supply chain.   

B2B and B2C Freight Forwarding with Ianis Cargo   

Not many small businesses think about the benefits of relying on logistics providers as they find the sales volume is not so huge to negotiate for the lowest rates. However, there are several options to make it toward a successful delivery strategy through these digital freight forwarding platforms. Regardless of the logistics partner selected, a small business needs to ensure that its customers get the best freight rates and service on matters of product safety during transit and delivery speed. Indeed, working with a freight forwarding partner helps keep tabs on product delivery, while small business owners can focus on improving sales and marketing efforts seamlessly.    

At Ianis Cargo, every eCommerce owner can avail of our eCommerce delivery solutions. Partnered with several well-established couriers, Ianis Cargo, your digital freight forwarding service, lets its customers avail of the lowest possible rates through its instant live shipping calculator! Customers get instant price quotes upon entering the pickup and delivery destination alongside the volumetric weight of the products. It is as simple as that! Besides, they can benefit from real-time tracking, 24/7customer support service, on-time delivery and many more.

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