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4 Ways to Handle Customer Expectations in Freight Transport Industry

In this day and age, businesses have to meet the varied needs of customers, and they wish their products arrive at their location fast, within hours. And freight transport companies are offering one-hour, two-hour delivery services; and same-day delivery services for fulfilling instant gratification. Freight delivery/ prompt delivery of products is a chief consideration in shipping and creates a long-lasting impression on your customers.

Delivering goods/products at a stipulated time and place allows your business to retain your existing customers while finding new ones. Today, in an era where fierce competition prevails in every industry, adhering to customer-centric approaches makes a significant difference in gaining business prospects. Therefore, businesses should take extreme care to offer the best service to maintain customer satisfaction.

A reliable and safe freight shipping service offers many advantages to its customers compared to those who do not. Partnering with a freight forwarding service like Ianis Cargo ensures hassle-free shipping and delivery. We have an expert team alongside sufficient fleet vehicles, drivers and other necessary resources, for example, equipment and many more. Freight transport businesses look to enhance delivery service while keeping customer expectations high. Let us go through a few ways they safeguard customer expectations.

1. Keep Communication Open

An efficient customer support team guarantees that the flow of communication remains intact right from the beginning of service, particularly; when there is any delay. Often unexpected events can cause shipping delays which are unavoidable as we cannot predict situations. But, informing your customer and updating the recent developments would help improve customer experience. It is not always a pleasant experience to get ‘where is my order’ (WISMO) calls every time from your customers, especially when there are delivery delays. While keeping your customers updated about the estimated time of arrival of your freight, your customers value your flawless communication in times of shipping delays.

2. Offer excellent customer service

Freight transport involves so many intricacies that shippers should expect a delivery delay if anything goes awry. Apart from communicating delivery delays, your customers appreciate it when you inform them of the transit progress through the real-time tracking facility. It also serves as a customer support help service that the freight transport company lets their customers access the information on the status of transit 24/7. Allowing customers to track the progress of transit goods through the different stages helps them keep control over the shipping and gives a clear understanding of the expected time of arrival. Real-time tracking allows customers to know their order status in the first place. Furthermore, it also prevents losses arising on account of theft during transit.

3. Minimise Supply Chain Challenges

One of the significant ways to maintain customer expectations is to minimise supply chain challenges; wherever possible. Supply chain challenges are aplenty; however, gathering information and using this to plan and forecast the future would help avoid issues that influence customer satisfaction. At this juncture, a freight transport service provider can help businesses with their expertise and use of advanced technology. The digitised shipping platforms use intuitive algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to predict challenges. You partner with a leading freight forwarding company like Ianis Cargo; you get assured that supply chain challenges get taken care of as we rely on these sophisticated technologies for insights about deviations from the regular course while helping to find feasible solutions.

4. Reliable Delivery Options

Your customers look for different delivery options. As aforementioned, customers always appreciate the speed at which they receive their orders. For example, the express delivery options would be ideal for those who want to get their order delivered early, on the same day or within an hour, after placing the order. Similarly, delivery location is also a principal concern for those who cannot be present at the agreed delivery time. Under such circumstances, customers benefit from the choice of delivery time slots. Indeed, it enables freight transport companies to plan and schedule deliveries based on the interests of their customers. In addition, the issue of undelivered orders gets reduced to a lot which further keeps your customers contented; all the time.

Freight Movement at Ianis Cargo

Are you tired of managing shipping goods and handling order delivery by yourself? Here is your one-stop freight transport solution- Ianis Cargo. From full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), express transport solutions to air shipping, ecommerce delivery and pallet distribution, Ianis Cargo has all resources at your disposal to keep your freight moving. Help your freight reach its end user destination as agreed upon without any delay. As we use the most sophisticated technology for managing freight shipping and courier deliveries, our customers find it easier to implement shipping with us. Our digital freight transport platform work as your shipping department where you can access every stage of the transit right from pick up to destination. Get 24/7 tracking on all types of transportation, electronic proof of delivery as and when goods get delivered, enjoy flexible payment service and many more! Book freight shipping through Ianis Cargo; create your shipping department, access all information from a single dashboard and get absolute control of the transit goods!

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