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5 Great Ways Shipping API Integration Helps Online Ecommerce Store Businesses

Application Programming Interface, in short API, is a software program that connects two platforms to perform specific functions. The API integration allows two applications to use and share information and data; to automate tasks. They let many platforms function flawlessly at a fast pace. Many interconnected systems benefit from the use of API and, the shipping and parcel industry is no exception.

The very purpose is to streamline shipping and delivery. API helps an online ecommerce store implement complex functions such as order processing, payment bill generation, tracking of shipments. Besides, ecommerce shipping integration facilitates high productivity, improves the fulfilment process, hastens the shipping and delivery process. Ultimately, it helps win more customers by offering them the ultimate buying experience! 

For an online ecommerce store logistics provider, using shipping API would bring them many benefits. While buying online, customers want to receive their products ordered immediately after leaving the checkout page. They want to experience the same ease for shipping as they implement selection, order placement and making payment. We cannot blame customers as courier companies have come up with the same day, next day deliveries to fulfil the desires of online buyers.

Therefore, today, for an online ecommerce store, selecting a logistics provider who can provide their customers with fast and safe shipping becomes a priority, regardless of the products they sell. Shipping companies that adopt shipping APIs streamline logistics simply and promptly at economical rates. Let us check how shipping APIs helps logistics providers and their customers. We have listed down a few benefits of shipping APIs here. 

1. Simplified Order Management 

When an online ecommerce store partners with a reliable logistics provider who offers flawless order management through shipping API, you get full assurance of error-free shipment delivery. Besides, it provides access to customers to check with the information on the progress of transit. 

Any online shopping platform can use shipping API by implementing it on their existing website. They do not need to manually process orders or transfer information until the packages reach the customer location. Most logistics providers develop integrations to connect with carriers and eCommerce sites and, therefore, there is no need to write codes or purchase additional software. The shipping APIs also validate and verify the addresses to ensure that there are hardly any instances of delay in deliveries. 

2. Transparency and Accuracy 

Shipping API guarantees fast and seamless transfer of information between your online stores/marketplace/sales channels and shipping service providers. With the effortless integration of stores and carriers, customers get shipping information in real-time. For instance, online ecommerce store customers can access the shipment status during transit and get an estimated arrival time. 

The comprehensive automation solutions through shipping API hasten the entire process, customer order delivery. With the tap of a button, customers can access what is happening with their order deliveries in real-time. Furthermore, it integrates the carriers who operate locally as well as globally. However, an online ecommerce store only needs an API to connect with shipping carriers; while helping to access a wide of services from local, national and global shipping companies. 

3. Tracking in Real-Time 

Customers are adamant about the two most important things when they finish shopping online. 1)They need to get their products asap as soon as they make the payment. 2) They want real-time tracking for the packages in transit. With the API integration, an online ecommerce store can connect with their shipping carriers and provide an ideal delivery time window for each customer along with real-time shipping prices. 

In addition to this, customers can monitor the progress of their order delivery minute by minute through real-time tracking updates. Pull and Push API helps eCommerce businesses and their customers access tracking information updates from shipping partners. Besides, API integrations reduce WISMO (where is my order) calls from customers as they are fully aware of the shipment status in transit. Also, online businesses can keep tabs on the order delivery performance of their shipping partners. 

4. Reduce Shipping Costs 

In several ways, shipping API integrations help reduce shipping rates. Automating the processes cut downtime and the resources required. Again, it helps streamline the collection of shipping data accurately to mitigate the possibilities of risks and losses during transit. It reduces purchase returns as well. 

Courier API integrations also allow an online ecommerce store to access pre-negotiated shipping rates. To be very clear, when the monthly shipments are high, the chances of getting reasonable rates for shipping are more. Besides, businesses can also use shipping integrations with several logistics partners helping them to earn even more discounted rates. It facilitates customers and improves returns while promoting more products without additional investment. 

5. Improves Output 

The above benefits show that shipping API integrations help improve the overall efficiency of an online ecommerce store and its logistics partners. Apart from these, many other advantages help streamline tasks in rewarding ways. Shipping APIs help address the pain points and provide solutions to keep troubles away. Also, flexible and advanced shipping APIs help break down excruciating tasks.

Businesses using API integrations upgrade them now and again to enhance other APIs. It further improves efficiency at all levels keeping errors to the minimum level and ensuring that every associated task in shipping gets implemented with utmost accuracy. Shipping APIs automate and simplify the most complex process while keeping the transportation system smooth, flawless and continuous. 

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