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5 Important Criteria for Selecting Delivery Partner for Your Ecommerce Brand

Irrespective of the business you are in, be it B2B or B2C eCommerce or a manufacturing firm, you can achieve efficiency when you work with a reliable eCommerce delivery partner who can serve your needs flawlessly 24/7 without interruption. An ecommerce brand seeks the help of well-established parcel carriers for shipping and delivery services. Every business is keen on safe and prompt, on-time delivery of goods and products. But, how would you know if your potential eCommerce delivery partner is capable of meeting your company’s needs?  

This article is a humble attempt to guide you through the most vital shipping factors that assumes a significant role in selecting an eCommerce delivery partner for your business. Consider all of these factors while choosing your potential shipping and courier partner for your ecommerce brand. Let’s break them down one by one.   

1. Serving Your Business Needs 

Before selecting your eCommerce delivery partner, have a clear idea about the shipment frequency you need in a week to determine the pricing strategies. Also, you should know your products are different from that of your competitors as per dimension, price and weight.

Further, you have to consider the customer location, delivery times, how frequently your customers need the delivery and the price they agree to pay are some of the other few considerations. These components influence the decisions regarding the choice of the carrier company. It is paramount to know the needs of your ecommerce brand and your customers to check if the service of your potential carrier company can accommodate these needs.   

2. Parcel Tracking Capability  

Tracking allows you to monitor the status of the packages in transit, which helps you know exactly where their packages are. Further, your customers also appreciate it. At every stage of parcel transit, they want to track the delivery status with precise updates in real-time. It is also helpful for communicating the estimated time of arrival, any delays and so on.

Real-time tracking is a must and, it should be one of the criteria while selecting your eCommerce delivery partner. Always make sure that your shipping carrier offers real-time tracking features. Ultimately, it adds to the transparency in parcel transit operations and enhances your ecommerce brand value. Simultaneously, you provide your customers with a high level of satisfaction by letting them access complete information about the package in transit.   

3. Delivery Options and Speed  

It is a known fact that more than one-third of the customers would like to receive their orders quickly once they make the payment. Over 80 per cent of customers choose same-day shipping. The increased trends in same-day delivery show that customers do not want to wait for their order deliveries.

Therefore, delivery speed, tracking, shipping zones, shipping costs are a few considerations under this regardless of the size of your ecommerce brand. And hence, while searching for a delivery partner, check the delivery speed and the shipping rates. For example, no matter how many deliveries you make in a week, it is essential to check with the carrier company well in advance that there are no instances of delay. In the end, you have to keep your customers benefits from it and, so does your business.   

4. Compare Shipping Rates  

Among all other things, shipping price is one of the most crucial considerations in selecting an eCommerce delivery partner. Shipping cost is a matter of concern for businesses when they sell directly to customers, in particular. The lion’s share of customers abandons carts due to high shipping rates.

Eventually, it necessitates the comparison of the rates offered by the courier companies. However, one should never compromise on quality while looking for affordable shipping options. Some companies charge surcharges hidden in the rates. Always take precautions to avoid falling victim to such practices. Make sure to partner with well-established courier services for your ecommerce brand, with transparent pricing policies.  

5. Customer Service Support  

Shipping is full of uncertainties. Even though the application of technology has come to its rescue, from traffic to delivery vehicle issues and weather atrocities, delays in shipping can happen anytime. Besides causing poor customer experience, such instances affect your ecommerce brand value. However, ignoring the customer queries or not updating customers is worse than the uncertainties that are likely to occur during shipping.

Therefore, always ensure that your carrier partner offers 24/7 customer support and, you can rely on them if something goes wrong or not according to the plan. Select a company that has earned a reputation in transporting parcels at affordable rates along with a good customer service track record. It helps you manage customer grievances in the instances of delays or any issue connected with shipping order deliveries.   

Get Ecommerce Shipping Services from Ianis Cargo  

At Ianis Cargo, you can opt for any transportation services such as express transport, full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), eCommerce delivery solutions, pallet distribution and many more. You get instant shipping rates using a live shipping calculator, as per the existing market conditions. There is no hidden charge and, there are no middlemen that Ianis Cargo follows a completely transparent pricing policy. You can select multiple ecommerce courier partners as per your shipping requirements to keep the rates low and improve your ecommerce brand value. With shipping ecommerce integration, Ianis Cargo avails of the service from well-established couriers to help your customers to access the lowest shipping rates.   

Also, there is an intelligent tracking system to offer real-time updates of parcels in transit. The quality of service and affordable pricing alongside 24/7 customer service support Ianis Cargo helps you process your entire orders from a single dashboard. Partner with Ianis Cargo to access quality shipping service at cost-effective rates and meet your customer shipping needs promptly. Also, upon handing over packages, Ianis Cargo provides electronic proof of delivery to ensure that the parcels get delivered to the specified customer. Get hassle-free product delivery from Ianis Cargo for your ecommerce brand

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