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17 November 2020
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17 November 2020
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5 Reasons Why Shared Truckload Rules the Roost

Now that we know about LTL shipment and we shall move on to another type of transportation which is referred to as Shared Truckload (STL). An LTL shipment provides shippers with benefits particularly in terms of cost reduction by way of arranging for multiple freights from different shippers which are then loaded in to one single truck. While Full Truckload (FTL) is a type of shipment where a truck carries one dedicated shipment where it takes up the entire space of a trailer. However, when a shipment does not take up the whole space of a single truck, LTL and STL come into consideration. Shared Truckload is another type of transportation mode that offers much more benefits than LTL shipment. Let’s see why and how STL becomes an impressive transportation service among shippers. 

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Let’s have a deeper understanding of Shared Truckload by explaining what exactly does the service mean and its benefits. 

What is Shared Truckload? 

Shared truckload combines multiple shippers’ freight in to one full truckload shipment. Rather than transporting goods from different shippers that don’t make up the entire space of truck to fill its capacity, shared truckload encourages optimal utlisation of space by pooling freight. It ensures freight pooling which is beneficial for both shippers and carrier companies where combining the freight of multiple shippers into one multi-stop load fills the truck to its full capacity.  

Top Benefits of Shared Truckload Service 

As we have already discussed what an STL implies, how it helps freight pooling for the advantage of multiple shippers is to be understood too. Shippers often themselves face a very awkward situation, if they do not have much freight to accommodate a full space of a truck or if their freight exceeds the movement via LTL shipping. Subsequently, they will have three choices left with them- such as paying for empty space, pay an additional amount for LTL service or wait until the goods becomes sufficiently enough to qualify for a full truckload service. However, all the three cases prove costly for shippers and the third choice would never work where supply chain disruption is not expected to happen. Under such instances, STL shipment comes to shippers help! STL service allow shippers to pay for the space they utilise only. STL also assists carrier companies and favors environmental benefits too. Here are some key takeaways.  

1. Meets Delivery Schedule 

Compared to LTL freight shipment, STL freight movement replaces the outdated hub and spoke system. With STL, trucks travel from its pickup location towards destination directly, without entering hubs or warehouses. In fact, it is eco-friendly and saves time as well. Above all, it guarantees the scheduled delivery time. On time delivery is ensured as the freight takes a direct route where no traffic snarls are expected.  

2. Damages are unlikely 

For STL service there are no transloading as the freight remains in the same truckload from the get-go to the end destination. As mentioned above, since STL shipment move goods directly to the drop off location, abstains from hub and spoke model, there is no chance such freight gets damaged due handling. The delivery driver takes the sole responsibility of goods being transported and the absence of transloading makes goods unlikely to suffer any damage. Apparently, less handling would reduce the chances of possible damage to goods.  

3. Eco-friendly approach 

When considering the impact shipping has on our planet, STL service is a winner. If shipping companies could efficiently utilise the available space and fuel for each shipment, it could be STL. In fact, STL optimises the deck space and ensures fuel efficiency by skipping unwanted visits to hubs and distribution centers, which apparently help reduce carbon footprints. It also minimises environmental impact involved in reshipping of goods as done in the age-old hub and spoke system and intermodal transportation. 

4. Savings in Cost 

Since the likelihood of damage is very low, shippers benefit from high savings during the transit process. With STL service, the advantages are double folded, because the shippers can share the cost of space of a container trailer while ensuring the benefits of an FTL service. More importantly, the load remains in the trailer between pickup and delivery, preventing the possibilities of any delays, too. Also, utilising the trailer’s capacity to full by pooling the freight from multiple shippers, STL stands tall among all the three-truckload freight shipments in offering services at a much affordable rate.  

5. Beneficial for carriers 

STL is advantageous to carrier companies to help cut costs and improve their bottom-line. STL shipping allows shipping companies to make the most of their truck’s deck space. Even though drivers have to stop at multiple pickup and delivery destination, it would consume their service hours, with the help of technology-optimised routes by pooling several freights from different shippers, it would help a lot in minimising the costs and earn a decent margin.  

Final Thoughts 

As we all know moving partial truckloads is a waste of time, money and makes way for a negative impact on our environment too. However, Shared Truckload being sustainable means of movement of goods, help minimise this issue and keeps both shippers, carriers happy and the planet free from carbon footprints. We know how bad it is for our environment to keep relying on the traditional hub and spoke system. STL, whereas encourages sustainable transportation while offering cost benefits for shippers and carriers.  

Ianis Cargo is the only single courier and shipping service in Romania where routes are technologically-optimised via an intuitive algorithm to suit your needs and helps group your freight with other shippers to drop it off at the locations within a same route. Also, Ianis Cargo claiming the leading position among the logistics service providers in Romania allows shippers to have full control of the goods during pickup and delivery. Book your shipment with Ianis Cargo and enjoy peace of mind by availing Shared Truckload service at Ianis Cargo! 

Keep your thoughts and queries posted below. Our dedicated shipping and logistics experts are more than happy to help you! 

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