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22 July 2022
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5 Significant Advantages of Air Freight Transport

As an entrepreneur, you know that it’s important to find the right freight transportation method for your shipping needs. Air freight is one of the most popular options among businesses today, and there are many reasons why. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of air freight transport compared to other types of freight shipping services:

1. Greater reliability

One of the most important benefits of air freight is that it’s faster than ground transport. It takes days or weeks to send a cargo by sea, and months or years by rail. This means that companies can offer their clients shorter delivery times and save on expensive storage fees. But this isn’t all! Air freight is also more reliable than road freight transport, because there are fewer delays caused by weather conditions or traffic jams. Compared with rail transportation, air shipping has fewer issues with accidents and theft—and even if an accident does occur during transit, it doesn’t affect the entire shipment like it does with other types of freight transport methods.

2. Faster delivery

It is stated that air freight is faster than any other mode of transport.

To understand the difference, we have listed down some of the major modes of transportation:

  • Ocean Freight – Average delivery time 30 days
  • Road Freight – Average delivery time 15 days
  • Rail Freight – Average delivery time 10-20 days depending on the distance
  • Air Freight – 5-7 days, depending on destination

3. More affordable

Air cargo is more affordable than other modes of freight transport. Shipping by sea, road and rail are more costly than air freight. This is because when you ship your goods via air it means that they do not have to go overland or pass through any checkpoints to get to their destination. Transporting by air also allows companies to cut down on the amount of time they spend in transit so they can save on labor costs and ultimately reduce the cost of shipping their products.

4. Less risky to ship fragile items

  • Air freight is less risky to ship fragile items.
  • Air freight is more reliable than ground transport.
  • Air freight is more secure than ground transport.
  • Air freight is more flexible than ground transport.

5. Better customs clearance process

Air freight transport is easier to track, faster to clear customs and more secure than sea freight. The ability to track a shipment in real time makes it possible for the shipper to know exactly where their goods are at any given time. This also helps when dealing with customs clearance as you can see if an item has been held up due to customs issues, which allows you plenty of time before it becomes a problem. In addition, air freight is often more environmentally friendly since it uses fewer resources than sea freight which means less fuel consumption and pollution.

Air cargo transportation providers usually use aircrafts that have many advantages over those used for ocean shipping such as:

  • higher speed;
  • better reliability;
  • lower cost per unit shipped (the weight-to-cost ratio is about 50% higher for air cargo); and
  • lower inventory costs due to quick turns).

Air cargo can be a great freight transportation option for many businesses.

Air freight is a great transportation option for many businesses. In fact, air freight can be used to ship almost anything, ranging from heavy machinery to delicate medical equipment and electronics.

Here are some of the benefits of using air freight transport:

  • Air freight is more reliable than surface transport. It’s less prone to disruptions caused by weather conditions or other factors like roadblocks due to accidents or natural disasters. If you’re shipping perishable goods, airfreight guarantees that they’ll arrive at their destination quickly and safely—unlike surface transport, which may take much longer due to traffic congestion on highways and inclement weather conditions along the way (e.g., snowstorms).
  • Air freight offers faster delivery times than surface transport options such as trucks/lorries or ships because it doesn’t have to contend with these kinds of delays along its journey from point A (the place where goods are produced) all the way through point B (the place where they’re delivered). However, there are some instances wherein air cargo shipments sometimes take longer than expected due to flight delays caused by bad weather conditions; this could result in further delays if your company needs certain items urgently delivered somewhere else within their country–or even worldwide! This isn’t always true though–many companies offer guaranteed delivery dates which means that if something goes wrong during transit then they’ll cover any additional costs incurred due purely out luck being bad luck instead…


Air freight is a great option for moving your goods. Whether you’re shipping fragile items, high-value goods or perishable products, air freight can be the best option available to you today. There are many advantages to air freight transport over traditional methods of shipping like ocean cargo shipping or rail transport.

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