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10 November 2020
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5 Surefire Ways to Communicate Shipping Delays to Customers

We all know that shipping is about finding the right service provider to implement transport of goods and its safe handing over at the delivery destination specified. But is it the sole thing that makes up shipping? The answer would be definitely a ‘no’; there is one more link in this, and that is certainly the communication between the shipping services and the buyer/ importer. This communication makes shipping a rewarding experience for both the company as well as the buyer. Right from the dispatch until the delivery of goods, every process is being communicated, for instance, the status of the shipment. The top freight and logistics services in Romania and also shipping companies across the world function by making the communication channels clear and easily accessible. 

Even though shipping companies adhere to the timely delivery of goods at the right place o, it may not always be a smooth sailing. Particularly, we are witnessing this during the period of pandemic induced by SARS-COV-2 virus. Businesses have come to a standstill before recouping the sudden unexpected predicament, not to mention the shipping sector. It can also happen anytime in the absence of any instances like the one we have mentioned above, because shipping is always influenced by external factors. However, the flow of communication should be intact, because if customer is informed about the delay, they want to know the status of the shipment in real-time. The onus, of course lies with shipping companies to keep the communication flow unbroken between them and the customers. Here we look at the key considerations that Ianis Cargo, the highly reputed transportation logistics companies in Romania, implements to make sure that the communication is precise, in case a delay is encountered. In fact, communication at this stage is considered very crucial for maintaining cordial relationship with the customers. 

How to communicate shipping delays to customers? 

It is imperative on the part of manufacturers to keep the communication detailed and clear. Forget about what’s next because your shipping company will do the rest. If so, it helps the manufacturers to communicate the reasons for delays in a more efficient and satisfying manner. Also, it doesn’t mean that you are prevented from communicating to your customers personally. Go a step ahead, always if possible, communicate directly with the customers to keep them informed from your side which in all cases the customers do appreciate. It is better if they can be approached by making a phone call along with correspondence through email or chats. If you want to address it on a personal level, it is always advised to make a call that you can know your customers’ queries and provide immediate responses. 

How do you inform the customer for a shipment delay? 

  • Always be ready to communicate with your customers, if you know an inherent delay looming. Be open and pass on the available information to your customers as and when it gets revealed to you. By doing this, the customers would know you are taking all the efforts and pain to see the item delivered at the right place at the earliest possible time and you are utilising your every authority to make them satisfied by helping the goods arrive at the intended destination without any further delay. 
  • For any business, as we all know, customer is the king. Hence, before you arrive at a conclusion, ask customers what they really expect to do in cases where delay is impending. Getting what they need would be a breather for them when they are expecting a late delivery. Sometimes customers do want to reroute an order to a new destination or if not, ask them if they want to go on with the order so that, in the end they would be contented, and you won’t be dragged into customer escalations, which may happen during worst cases while dealing with delayed delivery of shipments. 
  • Another important consideration while communicating with customers who are expecting a late delivery of goods is that they should be informed with the reasons for delay. Take this opportunity to let your customers know the problems you encounter and the remedies you have relied in for speedy shipment. Sometimes, it may be a major game-changing decision, for example availing the service of a new shipping and transport company if the delay is not entirely due to unexpected external factors. 
  • Always ensure that you fulfill all the promises made during the communication. If something cannot be implemented, it is better not to inform customers about it. Be practical and realistic while offering solutions for customers. In case you want to provide some offers in lieu of the wait and trouble your customers encountered during delayed shipment; it would be ideal and without fail it should be provided or else the reputation of the business gets marred.  
  • It will also help the business if they send an apology email. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the fault lies with the business, but your customers know many factors influence the quality of shipping. Besides, you communicate with them at regular intervals when there is delayed shipping. While writing an apology, you can include the reasons and the gravity of the issue alongside the remedial measures you are adopting to make the goods reach customers. 

Delayed deliveries? How to handle it? 

It is encouraged to check the tracking status, get the status of goods from the shipping company and communicate with customers without fail when there is delay in shipment. When you get informed about the problems, the customers can be provided with the latest estimated delivery time. Furthermore, before a shipment, you can always analyse a situation to plan and predict so that you can communicate and change the delivery schedules for customers. Also make sure that you are not put into an awkward situation to send inventory at the eleventh hour unless otherwise there is a sudden unexpected delivery has been requested. Above all, you should team up with a reliable shipping and transportation service provider who can help track the status of goods in real time. 

Have you ever been faced with delayed shipment while fulfilling customer orders? We can help you with it. You can choose express transport services from Ianis Cargo, the most reputable logistics service providers in Romania, where customer needs are held with high importance, by adhering to a swift and prompt delivery service while providing real time tracking, 24x 7customer support at no extra cost!  

Post your queries and keep sending your thoughts and suggestions. We would love to help you with the right fix for all your shipping woes.

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