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30 October 2020
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6 Tips on Express Transport for First Time Shippers

Express Transport in Europe using vans

Express Transport in Europe using vans

Shipping your goods using express transport to places can be bit daunting, nevertheless it need not be always. We have come with a few things to help make your first-time shipping a delightful experience. It’s undeniable that freight shipping through express and reliable carrier service providers saves enormous amount of time, money and effort, not just for first time shippers but also for regular shippers as well. The scope and experience of freight aggregator service is vast when compared to traditional parcel and courier companies. 

Also, if you are too concerned about the service quality, timely delivery and safety of goods, only a reliable freight aggregator can help you move your load to the preferred destination. Ianis Cargo, the top freight and logistics services in Romania boasts a range of carriers suitable for your express transportation needs. We offer lowest price rates, free insurance, real-time tracking, electronic proof of delivery. Handover your goods transportation woes to us, across anywhere in Europe or around the globe, we will take it deliver to the destination on time. Meanwhile, you can trace and track the status of shipment in real-time, on the go. 

We shall discuss a few of the important shipping tips for first time shippers to let you know the ins and outs of shipping. Simply keep track of these instructions to send shipment like a veteran shipper, even if you are implementing it for the first time! 

1. Choose Reliable Express Transport Service 

While researching the right carriers for sending your shipment, make sure that the services are reliable and transparent. You can get all relevant information from the freight and logistics aggregator’s website. Ensure that it is competent to handle your goods using express transport for instance, when you request for a rate, check if they respond with reasonable rates instantly, verify if there are any hidden charges, or if the freight service provider offer real-time tracking system 24×7, customer support and so forth. A company with a proven track record of offering shipment nationally and internationally and trusted by millions of satisfied customers would keep first time shippers’ concerns at bay.   

2. Cargo Weight and Dimensions

As a first-time shipper you may think shipping makes up all complex process and it’s going to be burden on your shoulders, until goods arrive at the end user’s location. Although, we agree that shipping involves a lot of processes, but at Ianis Cargo express transport solutions, the process is more sophisticated as it is backed by modern technology and the wealth of experience. Known for its quality performance among the logistics service providers in Romania in terms of speedy and timely delivery, we have made it quite simpler for you that before you ask for a price quotation, you have to provide the route and weight of the cargo only. You will get instant live price quotations to transfer the ‘burden’ to us! To get the precise and lowest rates for your cargo, we recommend that you give the exact weight of the shipment. It is ideal if you can get the consignment weighed accurately prior to its shipping so that there won’t be any changes getting reflected in the final price which may occur if there are any differences in cargo weight provided. 

3. Preparing Packages 

To ensure smooth forwarding and for preventing any damages to the contents of the cargo during transit, it is important that every shipment content is securely wrapped and sealed in boxed packages. No matter if you are sending it on a pallet, in corrugated boxes, all contents should be secured inside the packages properly. As you know, shipment is subject to shocks, mostly when we choose the rail and roadways as the mode of transport. Furthermore, it undergoes multiple handling before it gets delivered to the recipient’s destination. It is advised to pack and seal the contents inside the box so that it the contents do not get lost during transit. Make sure that you attach a label to the top flat side of each of the box, in case you send multiple packages. Verify that you have provided the accurate information in terms of the content, address or any other details as per the shipping company’s labelling standards. 

4. Proper Documentation

Ensure that every activity has been supported by standard documents in the entire shipping processes. For instance, bill of lading showing the contract between the shipper and the shipment company with details of contents being shipped, the weight and dimensions together with the ‘to and ‘from’ information. A shipper must also read and fill out the company’s terms and conditions with regard to shipment including procedures followed during emergencies and damages. It should be duly signed by the shipper prior to the shipment of cargo. Similarly, in case you are shipping products internationally, it is recommended to go through the import restrictions to avoid last-minute embarrassment.  

5. Insure Your Goods 

Entrepreneurs and business customers who send goods in bulk makes up majority of their investments and hence they need to insure their goods. Though unlikely, when packed with the right materials with proper labelling before sending it to top logistics services, goods can be susceptible to damage. In worst cases, after taking safety measures if goods are lost or damaged, the loss will be double-fold for business. Because under such instances, a business’ brand reputation is affected and they are not getting paid for the consignment intended for selling, apart from the cost expended on shipping. Hence it is always wise to get insured for the value of goods being transported. Nevertheless, when you rely on shipping services from the leading courier and shipping services in Romania, at Ianis Cargo, you get it right away. A CMR insurance of up to EUR 1500000 is provided when you book services for shipment of cargo.

 6. Tracking Services

As a shipper you always want to get your cargo tracked regardless of the value of the shipping contents being sent. Most shipping companies allow you to keep track of the status of goods-in-transit in real time. Track your goods right from pick up through its journey toward end user location flawlessly. Now technology has made everything possible that you can trace and track the exact location with just a tap on your device. You can always keep informed about the transit status right from the dispatch until the cargo arrives at the recipient’s location.  

Bottom line 

Always ensure that you have met with all the requirements and keep your packages and standard shipping documents ready. If you are looking for reliable and fast express transport company in Romania, you have come to the right place. Ianis Cargo ensures that your cargo shipping is met in line with your requirements at lowest possible rates with no-compromise on safety of goods and quality of performance where timely delivery and easy tracking of goods are given utmost consideration. 

Keep posting your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you if you need an express transport solution.  

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