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A Few Key Facts on Shipping labels

No doubt, shipping labels are the face of a cargo. It’s the identity of a cargo that helps in its smooth flow toward the delivery location. It’s just as important as your shipping contents that if you have missed the label, consider the cargo either lost or mishandled! Therefore, for a parcel to arrive at its point of delivery, it must be properly labelled and attached to the cargo with the details of information that the freight carriers need to know when the shipment gets ready for dispatch. To begin with, if you are novice, you should know what exactly a shipping label is. It is essentially identification labels the shipper attaches to the top flat surface of the package and contains the details that are required to fulfill the ultimate delivery to the recipient. When you ship multiple packages through Ianis Cargo, one among the top transportation logistics companies in Romania to a single or different destination, each of your cargo should have separate labels affixed to it.  

What information does a shipping label contain? 

  • Name and address of both shipper and the recipient 
  • Weight of the package 
  • Carrier information with name of the shipping company 
  • Shipping date 
  • Air Way Bill (AWB) number 
  • Barcode for tracking and locating shipments real time status 
  • Description of the shipping contents 
  • Type of shipping service such as standard, expedite shipment and so forth. 

Shipping labels for Business and Ecommerce shops 

You might also want to note that large businesses and ecommerce shops who do bulk and frequent shipping and those working with 3PL logistics or order fulfillment provider, the labels are usually generated by these logistics companies and E-Fulfillment centers. If you have a plethora of multiple deliveries happening every day to fulfill orders, register for free with Ianis Cargo, the most reliable logistics service providers in Romania for handling of logistics from our platform. Integrate your business with us by accessing the records of orders, bills, multimodal transportation services from one single place and get real time updates on all the complex shipping processes handed over to us. 

If you are self-fulfilling your orders, you have the option of getting it done through several websites and apps where you can buy and create shipping labels.  

Significance of Labels of Shipping  

The information provided on the shipping label is useful in the process of order fulfillment for it guides the delivery personnel in proper and execution of orders with timely delivery. Without these details, it is almost impossible to make deliveries reach the end user on time. Though it does not seemingly make any difference on standard shipping or orders where time is of the essence, it is implied that the latter option would certainly get benefited if the labels has been drafted and attached properly. That’s the reason why it’s said, missing shipping labels implies that the order is lost. In the end it would only lead to bad customer experience, damaged brand loyalty and eventually results in declined sales. 

How to create labels? 

Both manual and automated ways can be used for creating shipping labels. As mentioned earlier, it is decided upon the frequency and also the methods of shipping followed. In the context of business, where self-fulfillment is the norm, manual generation of shipping labels can be adopted. If you utilise the service of local courier partners, you can download the label template and access label guidelines from their website. Then you have to fill out the label and print it manually. This would be ideal for sellers and businesses who ship not so frequently, where they have to fulfill only a handful of orders, say five to ten orders in a month. 

Else, businesses can bank on label generation software online to create a format for printing. Under this method, it is easy to make custom shipping labels where you can add or remove the information in accordance with the needs. Ideal for businesses who has to ship over and above five orders in a month.  

Usually, 3PL logistics solutions offer all-inclusive shipping solutions for eCommerce shops where they can rely on a shipping API to integrate the existing data with their logistics partner. It is easy to print the labels directly from their platform which rather seems to be less-time consuming compared to manually filling out the details and printing the labels afterwards. All it need is the details so that logistics services can pre-fill the relevant content. At Ianis Cargo, we help generate shipping labels for our eCommerce clients automatically. The store has always a say in the size of the label and also offers customisation of the label as it allows the business to add any details it prefers, to help reach the customer fast, minus all the hassles.  

The most crucial part of generating shipping labels with logistics companies is that if any detail is provided wrong, it would lead to logistics catastrophe. Any wrong information given would likely to cause delay in shipments and lead to customer escalations. At any cost, errors should be avoided while drafting shipping label. It is recommended to verify twice the information entered to help shipments reach buyers on time.  

How to attach shipping label on your package? 

Often attaching labels on a package seems tricky. Here we list down key points that you should consider while affixing the shipping labels to avoid the incidence of package getting lost, mishandled and in worst cases, non-delivery.  

  • If you are re-using a package, you have to take off the old labels. As it is quite evident that all old labels mislead delivery personnel. 
  • Clean the box to wipe the dust away from its surface before affixing the label or else odds are that it would not stick to the box. 
  • Attach the label to the top flat side of the package so that it becomes easy to get scanned. Check if the shipping label is clearly visible. Also, for small packages affix labels in such a way that the address is adjacent to the barcode attached on the other side.  
  • Finally, make sure that the label is not lost during transit. Always use transparent adhesive tape to protect the label. 

Creating shipping label is no brainer. All you need is to be careful during drafting the details and attaching the labels that you don’t feel sorry for wrong information entered. You never want to deal with loss of cargo due to labels affixed improperly. But you can very well avoid such embarrassing moments during shipment. Follow the steps depending on the type of label creation, but no matter the methods you follow, the label should be attached to the packages firmly so that there are no chances of losing it.

Keep your shipment look complete and intact with the top freight and logistics services in Romania for frictionless express transport of your cargo. It’s not just courier and shipping services in Romania, it is reliable, transparent an expedite function vouched by our contented customers.  

Send us your valuable comments below. If we have missed anything, let our readers know.

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