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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Wooden Crates in Shipping

Shipping crates are large containers utilised for transporting large and heavy goods. Generally, they are made of wood, plastic or metal such as aluminum of steel, each of the material being advantageous in one way or the other. The crates usually denote large, sturdy container, however shipping crates made of plastic are often small. Coming to the topic under discussion, the wood crates, there are some irresistible features. Compared to other types of materials used for making crates, crates made from wood enjoys many benefits. Meanwhile, it is not free from disadvantages too. Wood crates are favorite despite its disadvantages. Ianis Cargo the top freight and logistics services in Romania, handles bulk of their transport in wooden crates for all common modes of transport through road, sea and air. There are many ways wood crates prove as one among the ideal shipping containers for it can be used on wooden pallet, suitable for using in all modes of transport and so forth. We shall look into its pros one by one before we move on with its minor flaws. Read on. 

Solid and Strong 

Wooden crates offer sturdiness and are suitable for heavy loads. Wooden crates designed for holding heavy weights are ideal for handling weights around 4 metric tons. In fact, it would allow shippers to transport very heavy items such as a huge machinery or a sturdy furniture. Wooden crates are very strong to protect the contents from all possible damages, especially endure shocks during shipping. Wooden crates offer maximum protection, owing to its natural properties apart from the sturdy trait it possesses. It is durable and hence not always prone to repairs since it offers extreme strength. Though not likely to face any repairs, if it is subjected to any damage it is easy to put it back to its shape without an absolute replacement. 

Perfect for Stacking 

Wood crates are considered the right option when the contents are to be stacked over the other. Helps save space and manage storage of loads one over the other during transit, wooden crates withstand the weight from multiple crates stacked. The durability and sturdiness of wooden shipping crates are unmatched. Offers more space and utility and ventilation, wood crates become more popular means of storage containers in shipping. It can be loaded and unloaded quite easily. Saves both time and cost, wooden crates never lose their appeal in shipping industry for it favours hassle-free transportation, regardless of the mode of shipment. 

Secure and Safe 

Compared to cardboard or plastic boxes, wooden crates hold goods perfectly safe. As we all know, carboard boxes can get easily opened or under worst situations, are susceptible to theft during transit. Similarly, plastic boxes also are prone to damages. While wood crates being very robust, solid and durable, safeguards the shipping contents inside. It is not easy to open a wooden crate and the contents remain intact during the course of its journey, regardless of the distance it has to travel to reach the end user. Always rely on wooden crates that the shipment contents are always safe and secure.  

Economical and Effective 

As opposed to aluminum and steel containers, wooden crates are cost-effective and offers almost the same protection as metal containers. Above all, wood is environmentally friendly and renewable natural resource too. We all know how detrimental is plastic for our existence. Therefore, compared to all other common container materials available, wooden crates are undeniably the most economical and safe product for shipping contents. Get wooden crates at low prices, recycle it and use it for other purposes It neither pose any harmful effect on the objects that gets stored inside nor harmful to the environment.  

It seems like these pros are enough for relying on shipping containers made of wood. While the most sought-after freight and shipping services in Romania, prefer to use wooden crates along with other containers in line with the contents to be shipped, crates made from wood have some drawbacks too. It is also true compared to its benefits the downsides are negligible, here we will list down a few.

Custom made Wood Crates

Sometimes, a bespoke wooden crate is rarely used again after transporting a specific content. For example, if a shipper has relied on a tailor-made design for wooden crates for transporting a huge machinery, it would become purposeless after that particular delivery. If it is designed to accommodate a specific shape, it is most likely that the crate would be dumped after that particular delivery. Hence always have a check while relying on wooden crates for shipping goods with specific shapes and are usually large in size.  

Cost Factor 

Even though, not all wooden crates are expensive, but certainly some type of wood is costly. If shippers prefer to add some extra safety and security to the contents, expensive wooden crates serve the purpose.  Whether to use expensive, more sturdy wooden crates can be decided based on one’s budget. For ensuring hassle free shipping, it is always advised to bank on expensive wooden crates. Using such wooden crates gives added protection from elements while keeping goods intact, but of course comes at an additional cost.  

Concerns over Space 

Wooden crates are ideal for transport and save space. But once they shipment gets delivered it can pose a serious issue by taking up the space. For instance, carboard boxes can be recycled or reused but wooden crates designed for specific cargo consumes storage space. It doesn’t matter if you have enough storage space or want to use it for storing items. But what if you are running out of space in your home or office space, when you don’t want to avail the services of a storage unit, big wooden crates, becomes a real burden.  

Final Thoughts

Now that you have known both the advantages and disadvantages of using wooden crates, you can decide on the packing containers. Before you start sending large and heavy shipment, always go for ideal containers that keeps your goods in good condition, no matter the cost of containers. 

We guarantee that your search ends here for reliable transportation logistics companies in Romania because we provide all shipping, you’re just looking for!  Get free price quotes, lowest rates, enjoy freight forwarding without the help of middlemen on Ianis Cargo, the affordable logistics service providers in Romania. Our services are spearheaded towards simplifying movement of goods across the globe at cost-effective rates without compromising quality of service. 

If you think there is more to be discussed on this topic, post your comments below. Keep reading!  

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