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3 August 2022
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Air Freight Transport and Its Advantages

If you require frequent express deliveries, air freight transport is the solution. Air freight transport is for moving perishable items with short storage life. Therefore, cargo that requires fast delivery to its destination while reducing the risk of damage gets moved through air freight service. It’s the safest and the quickest mode of transport internationally, which helps businesses to keep up with the supply chain demands through shorter delivery times. If you have an urgent, time-sensitive shipment that needs quick and timely delivery, rely on air cargo transport. 

Air freight is the fastest ever among the shipping methods. Since the chance of flight delays are very rare, you can always ensure delivery on time, and it is easy to transport shipments around the globe. Also, it allows faster customs clearance and enhanced safety due to quick unloading and stringent security check-ups. You can even negotiate the transit times, and freight transport companies offer the services adhering to your needs.

You can meet express deliveries toward any destination with air freight transport. Perishable cargo with short shelf life, expensive items that require immediate transportation due to high value and preventing loss due to theft and valuable documents gets often transported via air freight. Door-to-door delivery of these goods takes place with the help of air transport dedicated to moving cargo. Furthermore, there are immense benefits for shippers and their customers while relying on express deliveries using air freight. As said above, door-to-door delivery, faster transportation, freight consolidation, short-term storage facilities, and so on.

Benefits of Air Freight Transport

Despite faster transport and reduced risks in meeting delivery schedules, air freight transport provides a cost-effective service than road and sea freight or relying on combined methods. Cost reductions depend on several factors, though. Let’s take a look at the advantages of air freight transport.

1. Speed and Reliability

Air freight, indeed, is faster when compared to ocean shipments, where cargo gets carried to distant places. Ocean transport takes several months when it comes to international freight transport. Air cargo transport helps cargo reach its destination fast within one or two days, no matter the location. Faster delivery times are the order of the day, and air freight is the sole remedy. Similarly, reliability is another factor that has extreme significance in freight shipping. Though weather conditions can make it difficult for air freight movement, rescheduling and rearranging are far easy in air transport. Also, sometimes intermodal transport involving all three modes, such as ground, ocean, and air freight movement, helps improve speed and reliability while providing cost efficiency. Shorter delivery times, alongside the lowest possible costs, are getting more popular with customers and air freight transport meets it.

2. Increased Delivery Predictability

Air freight transport delay is rare as opposed to other modes of transport. As aforementioned, even if delivery gets delayed, it is easy to reschedule. Delay in air freight transport happens occasionally. The role of breakthrough technologies makes air cargo not only suitable for faster transits but improved predictability. The technologies of big data, artificial intelligence and the like are employed to enhance predictability in delivery and avoid delays. The air cargo industry uses this advanced scientific knowledge for goods movement. Also, it offers transparency; tracking becomes effortless, and real-time data reduces the hassles concerning moving goods from the airport to the destination specified. Big Data analytics is helping the air freight industry by enhancing delivery predictions while keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. In addition, going paperless implies that environmental impact is much less, and the data needed can be accessed and sent anywhere, anytime!

3. Increased Cargo Safety 

In international freight transport, customers demand absolute security of their goods in transit. As discussed above, air freight often deals with expensive cargo, and depending on the value of goods, the safety level also gets enhanced to prevent risks of loss due to theft and pilferage. Also, delivery time reduces due to faster transit, which prevents damage to perishable goods. While ground and ocean transport can make the goods unsuitable for consumption or use, the chances of freight getting damaged are rare. Above all, airport security also enhances the safety of cargo. The minimal handling and enhanced visibility alongside predictability add to the safety considerations. Since goods reach their destination within a short period, the risks also reduce drastically. Safety of goods never gets compromised during air freight movement as the risk is less due to faster transit time.

Each mode of freight shipping has its advantages. However, air cargo movement is one of the best services since it offers high levels of reliability, transparency and safety through accurate delivery prediction, tracking in real-time, and tight security controls that ultimately keep a business’ customers contented.

Air Cargo Movement Through Ianis Cargo

Do you realise prompt freight transport makes you win more customers? Are you a business that constantly wants to keep customers content by keeping the freight deliveries on time? Then hesitate not! From express road transport to full truckload (FTL), less than truckload(LTL) and air shipping, Ianis Cargo freight forwarding service is the one-stop solution for your cargo transportation needs. Get your shipping quote right on ianiscargo.ro that you can always ensure you pay only for the services you receive.  Ianis Cargo uses a live shipping calculator which gives quotes in real-time based on the distance and volumetric weight of the shipment. Check for yourself and find how much you can save each time you send goods through Ianis Cargo. Top of all, Ianis Cargo works without intermediaries and, as a result, there is no hidden charge. You can track the status of goods 24/7 as we offer absolute transparency in cargo movement. Partner with Ianis Cargo to ensure prompt delivery service and safety of goods while using all modes of freight transport! Enjoy true peace of mind while leaving behind the hassles of freight shipping.

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