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20 November 2020
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Door-to-Door Freight Service and its Significance Explained

So far, we have come across a lot of shipping activities and many terms. Now, we shall discuss a more common term, perhaps the most relevant and the most frequently used term in shipping- Door-to-Door freight service. Even though it has been available from time immemorial, right from the ages when shipping service has started, door-to door freight service never loses its appeal. No matter which part of the world you are in, shipping companies can deliver goods right at your doorstep or warehouse, based on your requirements.  

Before we go exploring the door-to-door freight service, let’s get a closer look at the services and benefits of booking shipments through Ianis Cargo Express, Romania’s leading express transport and shipping company. Works with the help of resourceful shipping technology, the full-fledged digital shipping platform is equipped with resources both human as well as non-human resources to keep your shipping needs fulfilled. Be it ground, water or air transportation, Ianis Cargo, the most sought-after among the transportation logistics companies in Romania, functions with the expertise of professionals who have years of experience in field of shipping. The benefits of sending shipments through Ianis Cargo are aplenty and offers an array of service as against other top freight and logistics services in Romania. Ianis Cargo Express caters to the needs of all types of customers, be it individual or business, by offering them with the right shipping solutions. Absence of middlemen, reduced freight rates, hourly hire service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, free of cost tracking status, electronic POD, 24×7 customer service are the hallmarks of Ianis Cargo.  

What does Door-to-Door freight/cargo service imply? 

Now, let’s move on to our subject under consideration- Door-to-door freight/cargo service. Essentially, it implies the delivery of goods at the end user’s location or a recipient’s warehouse from the pick-up location, as the case may be. The door-to-door freight or cargo service focuses on large and heavy freights that is over and above the standard dimensions for a door-to-door service. More often than not, these types of large shipments are carried out with the help of pallets. It is also possible to ship bulky goods as well as oddly shaped goods such as furniture, four-wheelers and so forth under freight transport. 

Significance of Door-to Door Freight Service 

Since shippers and the recipient should not have to bother about the goods travelling toward its drop off destination, door-to-service is all about convenience. Infact, its significance is revealed by the inherent advantages it carries. Let’s list out the importance of door-to door freight service in modern-day shipping scenario. 

It’s Simple and Saves Time 

The door-to-door freight service imparts simplicity in to the entire process of shipping. As we all know, shipping involves a plethora of processes and door-to-door service condenses all the complex processes to one single step. It co-ordinates the activities right from the filing the empty vehicles, pickup of cargo, documentation, services encompassing rail or air, receipt of shipments at the port and finally delivery at the recipient’s location. When the process gets condensed, eventually the time spent on each activity can be reduced as well.  

Saves Money 

The door-to-door freight service provides shippers with sufficient flexibility in prices because consolidation of shipment is not required to minimise the expenses. The service reduces the transit time and helps saves not just the shipper’s money but offers savings for every party involved as well. Compared to all, the door-to-door freight service provides great advantage to shippers as the service provider gives a contract containing the cost of shipping to the destination specified. More importantly, there is no ambiguity regarding the freight rates.  

No cost allocation in anticipation of additional expenses 

Every process in door-to door freight service is accounted in to one single cost. All the expenses to be incurred including freight shipping, customs clearing, delivery service are added together with no additional cost. When a shipper sends enquiry, the estimate cost for shipping at the destination specified, will be immediately returned after incorporating all these factors. Once shipper is satisfied and sign the contract with the service provider, the shipment will be made ready for transit. 

Added Security by way of CMR Insurance  

In door-to-door freight service, the goods always travel with CMR insurance. Shipping with insurance help your cargo gain additional security, particularly when they are shipped over to far distances. Cargo insurance is inevitable during sending shipments because it ensures safe transit of goods by protecting them from loss during transit by way of damage, theft and so on. The CMR insurance secure goods and reduces the impact of any damages that can happen when the goods travel from pickup to drop off location.  

Reduces operational tasks 

As the shipping company shoulders the responsibility of the fulfillment process, businesses are spared from managing the complex shipping processes. From the business’ side, all the activities right from the dispatch of products to the delivery destination is managed by the shipping company. Furthermore, the time saved on these could be utilised for implementing strategic functions, for instance for research and development. The shipping and logistics functions are implemented on your (business) behalf by the service provider while you can access the entire information from a single dashboard.  

Door-to-Door service at Ianis Cargo  

Express transport service at Ianis Cargo, the fastest courier and shipping service in Romania facilitates transit of shipment across all over Europe. Delivering any component, products or large shipments in packages, boxes, containers in line with your needs, the topnotch digital shipping platform among the logistics service providers in Romania possess a dedicated fleet of vehicles for expedite shipping.  

If you have any suggestions or want to discuss this subject further, send it in the comment box below. Our expert team with years of experience in shipping and transportation is ready to help you! 

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