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Everything You Need to Know About Refrigerated Shipping

Frozen shipment waiting for dispatch? Fret not, you are in the right place. You may be looking to send some chocolates or you’re the main supplier of frozen food for a number of retail business or may be a pharmaceutical business dealing with drugs and medicines that are part of cold chain. No matter the type of products dealt with, refrigerated transport are common for all these industries, be it food or pharma. When your package contents demand for temperature-sensitive transportation system, Ianis Cargo keeps your wishes fulfilled without flaws! You want to send your refrigerated products in the same condition without getting damaged at any cost because any delay in shipping would cost your business. We, at Ianis Cargo with a solid reputation among the top transportation logistics companies in Romania guarantee safe transit of goods implemented through our fleet of specially equipped refrigerated carriers. We shall discuss in detail about temperature-controlled shipping here, to let you give a clear idea on what constitutes successful frozen freight shipping.  

Items that demand refrigerated shipping 

It is always wise to know about the goods that are vulnerable to temperature changes. The following is a few lists of goods that are temperature-sensitive. Often, health care and pharmaceutical products, combustible chemicals, cosmetics, flowers, fruits, milk and milk products, seafood, meat, certain beverages. In addition to these, every other product which are susceptible to any change in their original constitution when subjected to temperature variations also requires refrigerated carriers. Your products to be transported are plenty and diverse, but the solution is provided by Ianis Cargo, the stalwart among logistics service providers in Romania. Your dedicated partner for reliable express transport of refrigerated shipping, Ianis Cargo, the digital shipping platform relies on steadfast technology and resourceful assets to keep shipment woes at bay.  

Before you start booking for frozen freight shipping, make sure that you have taken into account the following aspects: 

Payload Capacity 

Infact, for most of the refrigerated shipment, the goods are shipped through land, rail, sea and air. One of the biggest factors that needs to be accounted is the load capacity as there are many things eats up the space of the container. The insulation, temperature control equipment and other additional requirement limits the capacity of the container. So before booking the shipment, check for the maximum load capacity.  

Packing and handling 

This is the most important part of frozen freight shipping. If packaging fails, it can wreak havoc, by the time the goods get delivered it would be no good for further use. Without compromise, the shipper has to ensure that the packaging is done properly for frozen freight, though it is considered crucial for all types of shipment. Provide insulation wherever required and use dry ice as a coolant to maintain lower temperature. Similarly like in any other product packaging, cover the content with bubble wrap and support it with packing peanuts. Also, don’t forget to use absorbent materials while using corrugated cardboard boxes.

Temperature requirements 

It doesn’t stop with packaging and handling, though. The shipper has to inform the carrier company about the temperature requirements prior to shipment to avoid any instances of damage. Take enough time to ensure that the sender has handed over the entire details regarding the ideal temperature range in accordance with the needs of shipping contents so that the goods arrive at its destination without getting spoiled. 

Delivery time 

Frozen freight is all about maintaining expedite and timely delivery. The delivery time should be strictly followed, for instance in the case of transporting medicines, pharmaceutical products, lab samples when compared to food and beverages. Make sure that these goods are sent in advance in case holidays are approaching. Because it guarantees that there won’t be any delay causing the products to change its original constituents during delay in transit that might be common during holiday periods. It is advised to properly plan the shipment time well in advance.  

Adherence to rules 

Temperature controlled goods comes under prohibited merchandise and hence they are bound by rules and regulations. The transport of such goods should strictly adhere to the existing law and regulations, any violation of rules would be legally binding and attracts far reaching consequences. There are many norms given under law for carriers as well as employees handling the frozen freight, be it in the warehouse during storage, handling and transport.  

Last Words 

Refrigerated goods transport must be implemented with much care and attention. The shipper needs to consider the experience and expertise of while selecting a shipping company for transporting frozen freight. At Ianis Cargo, we use the most advanced and sophisticated equipment to maintain the ideal temperature range for all kind of products vulnerable to temperature variations. Also, our employees are aware of the hygiene requirements and has been following the instructions without fail. Regarded as the most dedicated courier and shipping services in Romania in the service of customers, Ianis Cargo helps transport of all kinds of merchandises across the continents with its skillful resources and state-of-the-art technology. 

If you have anything to be discussed further, keep posting your comments below. The top freight and logistics services in Romania uses the services of top logistics experts too to clear your doubts on shipping right away. 

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