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30 October 2020
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Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Pallets

Looking for perfect pallet shipping? Discover the ease of pallet shipment with Ianis Cargo the top freight and logistics services in Romania. Regardless if you are a business or an individual, get instant lowest quotes for pallet delivery across anywhere. Backed by technology, reliable carrier vehicles and delivery personnel, Ianis Cargo lets your goods get dispatched at the right time while helping timely deliveries at the right locations with utmost care and safety for the goods-in-transit. 

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Goods on Pallets 

We have already discussed in another article about pallets, where packed goods are supported on a flat structure for ease of transportation, loading and unloading. Pallets can be made of wood, paper (eco pallet), steel or plastic materials. Depending upon the materials used, it is suitable for holding heavy and light goods. And of course, the price of various types of pallets vary according to its utility. Not only they help protect goods, but pallets are also considered handy for managing freight while maximizing the space inside the delivery vehicle. Here we breakdown a few things that needs to be known while transporting goods on pallet. 

Prepping Pallet Delivery 

If you are a first-timer pallet shipper, you might be thoroughly baffled on how to prepare for pallet shipment. Just like any other packages, make sure that pallet is packed properly to prevent any instances of damage during the course of its journey. One of the benefits of using pallet delivery is that it is easy to place packaged goods one above the other so that a lot of space can be saved. It is important to follow packing instructions for pallet shipment that it helps secure the shipping contents inside the package. There are many types of pallets such as deck pallets, single wing, double wing pallets, flush pallets, reversible and non-reversible pallets, but before we go deep in to preparing for pallet delivery, we shall take a look at stackable and non-stackable pallets.  

Stackable Pallets 

Stackable pallets are mostly preferred by freight carriers as it helps optimal utilization of space inside the delivery vehicle. As the name denotes, stackable pallets can be stacked one over the other. Usually, they are plastic pallets and comes with a robust platform on its bottom to properly hold the weight. Most commonly used for racking and double stacking purposes, stackable pallets serve convenience. Stackable plastic pallets designs are many, and therefore it is the highly sought-after pallet for safe transit of goods. 

Non stackable Pallets 

Unlike stackable pallets, non-stackable pallets attract additional costs. Depending on the nature, shape and contents of shipment, for instance in the case of fragile goods transport, non-stackable pallets are used. The customer may insist non-stackable pallets has to pay a surcharge for every pallet, no matter if it’s shipped to local or international destinations since it’s very evident that the available space in the delivery vehicle cannot be utilized fully. 

Pallet shipment: What needs to be taken care of? 

Make sure that you choose the right pallet, regardless of the nature, size and content of the shipment. All you have to do is to check if the pallet is solid enough to carry the weight of the load it holds, be it a plastic, wooden, steel or eco pallet. Check if the pallet is in good condition devoid any damages. Also consider the dimensions limit prior to the loading of goods on pallet.  

Keep paper liners below and above the load to fill the gaps while using stackable pallets. Make sure that each pallet is stacked uniformly in such a way that the bulky items are placed at the lowermost pallet. Also ensure that the boxes do not allow the edge of the pallet to overhang due to weight.  

Never leave the boxes on pallet without proper materials to secure the load. Use materials such as stretch-wrap, pallet wrap, plastic wrap to secure the boxes to the pallet. While stacking boxes on top of each other, gently place it as if there are no movements in the plastic film that’s been used to secure.  

If you want to reinforce the pallets again, use dust cover sheets and edge boards. For double loaded pallets, it is advised to use corner boards made of either cardboards or plastic for added security. Once done, affix the shipping label on the sides of each pallet.  

Bottom line 

Very often than not, pallet shipping is advisable while transporting heavy, multiple boxes that do not go beyond the standard pallet dimensions. If so, the shipper can rely on double pallet which certainly caters to the oversized boxes. Cardboard boxes may not always be used for all shipping needs. For transport of heavy and odd shaped goods, use of pallets are recommended for added protection and risk reduction to avoid any injury to the contents inside the boxes. In addition to these, pallets can be easily moved around which further makes them cater to the heavy and bulky items’ shipment requirements. 

Meet all your pallet shipping needs at Ianis Cargo, the fastest growing courier and shipping services in Romania. You can avail stackable, non-stackable, flush, deck, reversible, irreversible designs for safe transit of goods on pallet. Also avail insurance, easy tracking and tracing of your pallet shipment all from one place in real-time while you move your load with Ianis Cargo, the leading logistics service providers in Romania. Avoid lengthy calls, time-consuming chats because we know how important is time for you and us. 

Keep posting your suggestions and thoughts on the topic in the comments section below. We are happy to hear from you. 

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