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18 November 2020
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Express Pallet Shipping Service at Ianis Cargo Explained

There is no doubt when shippers send an enquiry for transportation, they want to get their freights delivered it at the earliest. In a world where supply chain disruption is considered forbidden, express deliveries assume great significance. At Ianis Cargo, deliveries are assured by speed, reliability, coverage with the help of clever technology coupled with the experience of our shipping and logistics experts. We know what it takes to move a freight to match shippers’ needs and meet their delivery schedules, regardless of the routes and nature of shipping contents. Very often, ‘delivery at the earliest’ would not hold good especially for certain goods, pharmaceuticals and perishables to name a few. Or else, the demand for a certain goods go up and suppliers want express shipment that gets delivered at a specific time. At this juncture ‘express deliveries’ make their entry. This article gives a brief description on how express pallet freight shipping gets implemented at one of the top freight and logistics services in Romania- Ianis Cargo.  

Palletised shipment is our specialty where we undertake hundreds of thousands of palletised transportation every day at affordable rates. Hire our Full Truckload (FTL) service or Less than Truckload (LTL) service in accordance with the one that suits your needs. To make palletised shipping complete, Ianis Cargo express transport service offer its shippers pallets of all sizes, small, medium and large made of wood and corrugated cardboard boxes. Meet your pallet needs from Ianis Cargo, that are large enough to prevent any incidence of overhanging and at the same time sufficiently solid to hold heavy cargo. Our pallets are known for its convenience, adaptability, affordability and protects shipping contents from all elements. Ideal for facilitating  ground, ocean and air freight, Ianis Cargo pallets are built to support shipment of small quantities to large and over-sized goods. We offer custom made wooden pallets of any specification to match with your pecific requirements. One among the leading logistics service providers in Romania, Ianis Cargo offers shippers two-way and four-way pallets, where the latter is considered more advantageous because it helps to load and unload from all four sides facilitating express shipment process. Also, it minimises the risks of damage while handling goods during the process of loading and unloading. 

Benefits of Ianis Cargo Palletised Express Shipment  

Apart from the above mentioned, Ianis Cargo pallets offers shippers a few extra benefits too. 

  • Strong pallets with high durability for handling goods with heavy weight 
  • Adherence to safety of goods 
  • Prevents damage from water and offers weather resistant features 
  • Supports easy handling 
  • Shippers have complete control of shipments right from pickup to drop off through intuitive tracking facility 
  • Designed to facilitate fast loading and unloading of goods 
  • Ensures fastest shipping through direct tours 
  • Facilitates individualisation of transportation requirements 

Our expertise is designed to meet every shippers’ express delivery needs because whatever we deal with, be it pallets, box or containers shipments, we want to do it fast to meet the delivery schedule with the help of technology-optimised resources and routes. More importantly, our express shipping service are direct tours to the delivery destination, exclusively handling your freight, unless other needs are stipulated. That is, your shipment is carried from pick up to the drop off location directly to ensure that we hold on to the fastest route from the pickup location to your customer destination. Your time-critical deliveries are safe in the hands of Ianis Cargo with direct journeys towards the delivery destination. Your shipping contents will be carried directly, for example, from location A to drop off destination B, on time through the fastest routes immediately after receiving your request. The direct tour service from Ianis Cargo is aimed at facilitating time-critical shipments reach delivery destination on time, without failure.   

Additional features in Express Delivery Service from Ianis Cargo include: 

We respond to your needs fast through the wide network of carriers operated by us and have complete control over the availability of freight truck at your pickup point and the time at which it arrives at the drop off destination. We are experts in express shipments as we value time and pay complete attention to take care of your goods during handling and transit. Besides, helping shippers to access the tracking status of goods right from the get-go to the end of the journey, Ianis Cargo provides electronic proof of delivery via email, within 24 hours of goods’ arrival at drop off location.  

Bottom Line 

Express pallet shipments are inevitable at all times, regardless if you are a business or an individual. To meet your palletised express transportation for domestic shipments through ground shipping across the UK and EU, we have large fleet of vehicles, especially the box vans. Get instant lowest price quotes online from Ianis Cargo, the most sought after among the transportation logistics companies in Romania. Ianis Courier, a fast-paced courier and shipping services in Romania and a fully owned subsidiary of Ianis Cargo also commenced its operations from this year to the delight of the customers.  

Hope this article is informative and helpful. Keep sending your comments and queries.

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