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History of Pallets at a Glance and Common Types of Pallets

As we have already discussed about shipping pallets what does a pallet do and their purposes in another article, right now we move to a new topic dealing with the genesis of pallets and the most common types of pallets used. These flat, horizontal, transport structure allows stacking of heavy goods and its easy movement in and around warehouse while helping with ideal storage, apart from its function as a means of goods transportation. If you want to transport multiple number of heavy goods, for instance from Romania to the UK, pallets make the job much easier. You can book your pallet shipment through Ianis Cargo, famed as the top freight and logistics services in Romania for its prompt shipping services across Europe. Send an enquiry to Ianis Cargo and get the lowest shipping rates ever with plenty of additional benefits without dealing with any extra payment!  

Ianis Cargo relies on state-of-the-art technology and complex algorithms, coupled with years of experience from its administrative personnel to delivery staff for making every shipment successful. Creating a win-win situation for both the shipper and Ianis Cargo, the express transport company claims the top position among the logistics service providers in RomaniaBe it pallet shipping or package shipping, Ianis Cargo makes your shipping wishes fulfilled, irrespective of the routes or goods under shipment. 

Let’s breakdown a few facts about the history of pallets and the types of pallets that are commonly used for transportation. Having a clear idea about the different types of pallets always helps shippers ward off any uncertainties in terms of selection of pallets for a particular transportation. 

History of Pallets at a Glance  

Before pallets existed, the storage and movement of goods in and around warehouses was implemented with the help of wooden crates, cardboard boxes and barrels which was rather very expensive and at the same time, extremely laborious and took much of the time. If the load particularly features huge weight, these proved insufficient to hold the weight of the load. 

In fact, the origin of pallets should be accounted to the introduction of forklifts during the 1920s. The forklifts have transformed handling and storage of materials and there was a need for a performing tool that is required to fit perfectly in to this truck machine. A design that essentially fits in to the forks and should be sufficiently strong to carry heavy load of goods, easy to produce and can be bought cheaply were the prime consideration. Pallets were thus created from wood and a flat structure design was adopted which subsequently has evolved to what we use today. Earlier, pallets were used for moving the goods around warehouses, but the advent of forklifts made it easier for stacking up to considerable heights, which further facilitated organising goods vertically whereby optimum utilisation of available space was ensured. Now, pallets have become an indispensable part of shipping goods and also for storage of goods in warehouses. 

Types of Pallets Commonly Used 

If we look closer, we would find that no two pallets look the same. Even though they are all made and designed almost the same way. Usually, pallets are made with a variety of materials such as plywood, plastic, recycled wood and metals such as aluminum and steel. Here we list the most common types of pallets. Let’s deep dive!  

Block Pallets 

This is a popular type of pallet which is used regularly. The biggest advantage of block pallets is that they can be lifted from all four directions. They are better known as four-way entry pallets and constitutes four components- top deck boards, stringer boards or stringers and blocks and bottom deck boards. An example of four-way entry pallet is EPAL pallet. Features four to twelve columns to reinforce the upper deck, block pallets are known for their superior handling efficiency and are generally made of wood, metal or plastic. In certain cases, block pallets may come with or without the bottom deck. To enhance its handling efficiency, block pallets are designed with parallel and perpendicular stringers. Allows four-way entry from both forklift trucks and pallet jacks. 

Stringer Pallets 

Stringer pallets are of two types- Two-way stringer pallets and four-way stringer pallets. The boards running between the top and bottom deck boards provide extra reinforcement. Stringer pallets can be lifted from the two sides only, which are open unlike block pallets. There are also four-way stringer pallets that come with a notch cut to help forklifts pick the pallet up. It is similar to the two-way pallet, however allows fork entry from all four sides. However, a notched stringer pallet lets four-way entry with the help of forklifts only and also two-way entry with the aid of pallet jacks.  

Solid Deck Pallets 

The solid deck pallet comes with a single continuous sheet made of wood, plastic or metal and hardly features any space in between. Solid deck pallets are easy to transport and due to its high aesthetic appearance, they are preferred by many users. Indeed, they are equally good for transporting and storing small items as opposed to other pallets as the chances of these small, less heavy items to fall through these spaces are very low. Ideal for warehouse racking systems, solid deck pallets are highly sought-after for its convenience and utility in storage of small items. 

Double-Face Pallets 

Double-Face Pallets are reinforced for high strength and hence used for heavy-duty purposes. Unlike other pallets they have top deck as well as bottom deck where both sides can be used. The bottom surface enhances the strength of the pallet and helps distribute the weight equally. There are two common classification for double-face pallets- Reversible and Non reversible where reversible pallets are easy to be flipped and goods can be stacked on both sides. While non-reversible pallets have only one surface but reinforced with thickly packed planks for assisting storage and packing functions.  

Double-Wing Pallets 

In the case of double-wing pallet, the top surface and the bottom surface is extended beyond the edges of stringers to offer additional surface area which further enables this type of pallet to be used as a means of transport for large quantities of goods, very fast. Features heavy load bearing capabilities and high durability Double-Wing Pallets assume great significance in storage and transportation of goods.  

Choosing the right pallets 

Finding the right pallet is important and the types, loading capabilities, size required have to be matched with the requirements, always. Each type of pallet made from different materials serve unique purposes, for example wooden pallets are strong, plastic pallets are durable while metal pallets offer strength as well as durability. Depending upon your needs, pallets should be chosen.  

Before you rely on a particular pallet type, consider, the type of goods, transportation conditions, packing conditions, budget, shipping frequency and the delivery destination.  

Looking for pallet shipment through a reputable courier and shipping service in Romania? Book your shipment at lowest possible rates on the Ianis Cargo, the biggest transportation logistics companies in Romania where reliance on experience and technology tackle shipping challenges. It has transformed to become the most reliable one-stop destination for shippers!  

Send us your queries and doubts in the comment section below. Let’s discuss further if you need expert shipping solutions.

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