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How Does Ecommerce Fulfillment Companies Help Online Merchants

Nowadays, several online retailers outsource order processing to ecommerce fulfilment companies that can carry out order fulfilment on their behalf. One of the most critical steps in online selling, outsourcing order fulfilment to trustworthy eFulfilment companies make sense. Of course, the customer satisfaction on each order depends hugely on the eFulfilment company you select. Customers expect timely delivery, regardless of the brand or quality of the products. Through outsourcing of an e commerce order, online merchants can scale up their business very quickly, dedicating all their focus towards customer acquisition and retention. While they outsource order processing, warehousing, fulfilment, online retailers can safely hand over the most complex functions of selling online but with access and visibility on each order fulfilment process.  

The ecommerce fulfilment companies offer the storage of products in an e fulfillment warehouse for implementing orders on behalf of online retailers. Usually, fulfilment services integrate their software with the online store to handle the order fulfilment process smoothly. When the online stores receive the order, they will be directed automatically to the fulfilment company’s dashboard, and it starts processing the order immediately. Further, sometimes fulfilment companies provide logistics on their own and streamlines or schedule order pickups with well-established carriers such as UPS, DHL and many more.  

The services of an ecommerce fulfillment center are plenty. The order processing for customers involves a whole lot of processes other than picking, packing and transportation. Often efulfilment companies carry out storage of goods or components, assembling, packaging, labelling, shipping, notifications on order updates to customers and handling returns on order.  

In addition to the benefits of reduced shipping and operating costs, we have listed down in detail a few significant advantages of outsourcing order fulfilment to ecommerce fulfillment companies. Let’s see how it helps online retailers in the fast execution of dispatch and shipping of products.  

1. Direct Integrations  

EFulfilment companies offer direct integrations with diverse marketplaces, shopping carts and many more. It eliminates the need for making manual data entries while helping in complete automation of the entire complex processes involved as soon as the customer leaves the checkout page. When systems connect and communicate with each other, it streamlines processes, and the updates get reflected on interconnected systems as and when it is happening. For example, when an item gets added to the inventory, it gets immediately reflected on the shopping carts and marketplaces in real-time. When online merchants depend on reliable ecommerce fulfillment companies, they ensure direct integrations with diverse platforms that the former can automate the entire process to keep every process less complex and result-oriented. At Ianis Cargo, our eCommerce solutions help online merchants to integrate their stores with popular marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Also, on shopping carts such as Woocommerce, PrestaShop, Woocommerce and Magento. Even with little or no coding knowledge, online merchants can implement it from their end within no time!  

2. Strategically Located Fulfilment Centres  

When online store owners depend on an in-house order fulfilment model, in most cases, they ship from one single location, for example, from their factory that acts as a warehouse and fulfilment centre. More often than not, self-fulfilment can result in additional expenses or delayed deliveries particularly, those far away from the warehouse. Suppose, if it is the same day delivery or next-day delivery, there is every chance that the stores cannot make it. However, outsourcing order fulfilment to ecommerce fulfillment companies can help online retailers to store inventory across multiple e fulfillment warehouse centres everywhere within a country. Further, warehouses nearer to customer locations, in turn, helps in reducing transportation costs and also the time required for shipping customer orders. When you rely on a fully versatile platform, Ianis Cargo for eCommerce fulfilment and shipping solutions for eCommerce delivery solutions, we assure that you have zero concerns about delivery schedules as we implement it through multiple efulfilment warehouses located strategically across different parts of Europe for the flawless execution, dispatch and delivery of outbound orders.  

3. Make Informed Decisions  

When online retailers depend on ecommerce fulfillment companies functioning on the digitised platform using a plethora of advanced tools and analytics, they can assess the details of key performance indicators helping to make strategic decisions based on the reports generated. For example, an online retail store partnered ecommerce fulfillment center provides information in real-time inventory, re-order level, splitting inventory across multiple ecommerce fulfillment center locations, reporting on sales performance. The efulfilment centre continuously tracks inventory levels while online store owners need not require to handle products or find storage space but send the stock of products as and when the inventory reaches the re-order point. When online retailers team up with Ianis Cargo for implementing eFulfilment services, we bring before them all of this information from a single dashboard through notifications and provide actionable insights.   


The ecommerce fulfillment companies are real saviours for online retailers that they bring in cost reduction, time savings, along with the marketplace and shopping cart integration, strategically located warehouses for fast dispatch and delivery of customer orders. Partner with an efulfilment company to make your customers contented because a reliable and trustworthy service that accepts the responsibility of fulfilling customer orders can take your business to the next level. At Ianis Cargo, we undertake the entire range of eCommerce delivery solutions from order processing to timely shipment delivery. 

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