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4 November 2020
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How to Handle Abnormal load and Oversized Haulage

Heavy cargos are often referred to as abnormal loads where the weight and dimensions do not allow it to be carried on traditional transportation vehicles, instead they are moved in special vehicles. In addition to this, moving abnormal loads and heavy haulage requires good project management, specialised equipment, exceptional driving skills, knowledge of rules and strict adherence to it. The key part of abnormal and oversized goods transportation revolves around adequate preparation. It is recommended to check the routes and organise permits such as police and private escorts depending on the situation. 

Before we move on to further details, let’s see what exactly is termed as abnormal load. We know it constitutes heavy goods transportation, but specifically the abnormal load refers to a vehicle that features: 

  • weight above 40 tonne 
  • width above 2.90m 
  • rigid length of more than 18.75m 
  • axle load above 10 tonne for single non-driving axle while it is 11.5 tonne for single driving axle. 

The dimensions may vary slightly between countries. For instance, for a transportation logistics companies in Romania, a haulage is considered out of gauge when the total dimensions exceed 16.5m x 2.5m x 4.0m x 40 tonnes. The courier and shipping services in Romania should comply with these rules concerning transport of heavy, abnormal loads, and failing to comply with the requirements attracts fine.  It should also be noted that there is no clear-cut rule regarding height, however, the height should not exceed 4.90m, since the minimum height of an unmarked bridge is 5.0m. Under situations where the height is over and above 5.0m (16 ft.), a route survey is made compulsory. Based on the type of load and in cases where the load goes above the dimensions given above, the abnormal load and oversized haulage requires to comply with the following without fail: 

  • Notification to local administrative body, highway and bridge authorities 
  • Escort for warning vehicles oncoming, that an oversized load is on the way 
  • Police escort for ensuring traffic safety 
  • Oversized load transport permits 
  • Specialist trailers and trucks for transportation 

The trucks carrying abnormal, heavy and oversized goods must bear warning signs and lights. In addition to this the pilot vehicles should also have special signs based on the country in which the goods are being transported. Often, special permits are issued by the local administrative authorities for granting permission to move loads through public roads in a prescribed route and it vary between countries.  

Need for specialised equipment 

As we all know, heavy loads require special attention and hence it is done with the help of Special Self-Propelled Modular Transporter/Trailer (SPMT)with a number of large wheels. Capable of moving large machinery and equipment SPMTs include extendible, plant trailers, all steer flat trailers, semi-low and low loaders. Also, loading these abnormal and oversized freight needs heavy lifting equipment as well. These SPMTs make movement of large cargo efficient and economical if combined with excellent project management skills. 

Skilled and Experienced Personnel 

No matter how equipped the shipping service with the fleet of vehicles and equipment dedicated for abnormal, oversized haulage, the dearth of skilled and trained drivers makes the whole arrangement go awry. The drivers who shoulder the responsibility of transporting the abnormal load must possess under all circumstances the following credentials. 

Slinger Signaller certificate 

ADR license for transporting dangerous goods by road 

SAFED otherwise Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving Certificate 

Aviation security training certificate 

Securing Abnormal loads 

The EU has given directions on the transport of abnormal loads for haulage encompassing many countries. It is a known fact that one-fourth of the truck mishaps happen owing to the problems in cargo securing. If the cargo is not properly fastened it is likely to fall off or gets tipped over other vehicles and lead to accidents. The EU in its guidelines has stated the maximum permissible dimensions and weights allowed for a particular oversized freight. When a freight is over and above this limit, the transportation becomes out of gauge and falls under abnormal loads category. However, be sure to know the limits and the rules concerning transport of abnormal loads for obtaining permits while journeying through many countries in terms of pilot vehicles, timeframes and speed allowed and so on.

Movement of abnormal loads at Ianis Cargo 

Transportation of heavy, abnormal and oversized freight has been very common in Eastern Europe and Romania where construction and manufacturing industries of various kinds thrive successfully. The logistics service providers in Romania works relentlessly in meeting transportation needs to cater to the movement of heavy goods everyday across different parts of Europe and world. Delivering to exceed customer expectations, Ianis Cargo, the top freight and logistics services in Romania boasts a range of specialized carriers, exceptional equipment, skilled and trained driving staff, storage and warehousing support for assembling and consolidation of heavy cargo. Our shipping services offer complete assurance to customers with the benefit of adaptability in line with their businesses’ needs alongside end-to-end service and visibility while keeping away the challenges faced during the transportation of heavy and oversized loads.

If you have any questions to ask, please feel free to reach out to us by posting your comments below. Our logistics experts are always at your disposal!

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