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27 October 2020
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How to Optimise Last Mile Logistics

The business of goods transit has changed a lot very recently. With a view to meet the growing demands of businesses and customers, cargo and parcel delivery services take a new life. Expediteness, safety, convenience and accuracy has become the cornerstones of successful goods transportation services. Lately, many businesses have forayed into ecommerce trading, the way the goods are being shipped has thoroughly changed. Customers are very particular about their shipment with requests for same day or next day delivery making freight and parcel companies go an extra mile to meet deadlines. Similarly, to avoid the negative impact of supply chain disruptions in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, quality performance assumes great significance. The top freight and logistics services in Romania are implementing digitalisation of their delivery service in easing responsibilities with much care and convenience.

Now, it’s all about choosing the right freight service for seamless transport of goods from one place to another, be it the transfer of supplies between manufacturers and raw material suppliers, manufacturers and end consumers, wholesalers and retailers or retailers and end consumers. When it comes to freight, cargo and courier delivery in Romania, Ianis Cargo adorns superior status because of its adherence to state-of-the-art technology coupled with many decades of experience ensures timely delivery, no matter the mode of transport. Plus, there are plenty of other benefits such as absence of intermediaries, lowest shipping rates, cargo insurance for up to 1,00,000 EUR, electronic POD that makes both sender and recipient informed about the status of delivery in real-time.

Regarded as one among the reliable, top transportation logistics companies in Romania, Ianis Cargo is committed to providing maximum goods delivery in the shortest period of time at lowest rates. Since the cargo transport company handles thousands of shipments everyday covering all routes in Europe, it is able to reduce the rates considerably unlike other logistics providers. The biggest promising aspect of Ianis Courier is that shippers can access the status in real-time, irrespective of the distance to final destination, the modes of shipping, same day or standard delivery, all at lowest rates possible with no hidden charges and interference of middle men.

Digitalisation of the Shipment and Delivery

Last mile delivery becomes efficient when there is better visibility regarding the processes involved. Lack of proof of delivery, no arrangements for tracking goods in real time; all affect the visibility and hence cargo shipping companies are investing in digitalisation where they can offer both shippers and consumers regarding the status of goods being sent. Hence real-time tracking devices, barcode scanner, signature capture technology in the case of electronic proof of delivery facilitates the tracking of shipment right through the supply chain and on its way to the customer or end user.

Get the Right Resources

With greater visibility, the retailers can reduce cost because they can route the deliveries more efficiently with the information in hand as and when it happens. Beforehand, to make this possible, it is essential to have the right software application with an easy to use interface with the right kind of device and finally a flawless network connectivity for uninterrupted tracking status updates. Without doubt, it is the connected customer experience and route optimization change the course of final mile logistics.

Order Tracking Information

Another thing service providers want to focus while offering last mile solutions is the dissemination of information regarding the shipment of order such as the time at which shipping started, expected delivery time and so on. The telematics devices in vehicles and the global positioning system provide customers with the details in regard to the precise location through apps. This will help them know if there is any delay in execution of an order. Improving visibility in the order process by connecting all the parties in the order fulfillment and sharing real-time information gives more flexibility and avoids last-minute embarrassment.

Bottom Line

With the advent of new ecommerce businesses, the need for last mile solutions has become a necessity compared to earlier days. Because customer expectations for online delivery options are huge and diverse. Some customers prefer standard shipping when they want to enjoy free delivery while others would be looking to get their orders delivered the same day along with real time tracking of goods, without the extra burden of cost. Under such circumstances, all the efforts of logistics and cargo shipment service providers are directed towards successful last mile delivery to win customer satisfaction while earning efficiency in costs for processing maximum orders. To achieve a balance between efficiency while battling with bottlenecks, last mile logistics is a tough proposition, but never impossible. Here we discussed some of the few tips by which logistics service providers can optimise last mile delivery to enhance customer experience in most cases.

Having a great technology platform makes final mile logistics successful by reducing the transportation and labour costs. The real challenges can be tackled and it offers solutions in the form of reduced fuel costs too.

Book your cargo shipment needs at Ianis Cargo, the most advanced and reliable logistics service providers in Romania. Enjoy peace of mind while we every second while your goods make it to the end user’s destination.

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