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11 November 2020
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13 November 2020
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How to Prepare for Holiday Shipping

Christmas is around the corner and the holiday season is approaching quite fast! It’s gift-giving season and evidently a season for shipping too! Every year, starting from Black Friday until the Christmas eve, holiday shopping fever spikes up everywhere across the seven continents. And hence for online and ecommerce businesses too, it is a period of boom which in turn necessitates courier and shipping companies to get ready to meet the excessive increase in order fulfillment and delivery needs. Online retailers and sellers must understand that holiday shipping can make or break the business. Regardless, if you are sending gifts to your loved ones or shipping to your customers, you can fulfill all your shipping needs at Ianis Cargo, the reputable logistics service providers in Romania. Individual customers, we help you relieve yourself from the hassles of long wait in the queue at the post office and exorbitant rates on holiday shipping while safely getting your gifts shipped to the delivery destination. For businesses, to help cut the cost from your bottom line, Ianis Cargo provides you with some considerations before preparing for holiday shipping because we don’t want to see yourself getting disappointed when you check down through the profit and loss account, despite the boost in sales, shipping costs took a toll on the overall returns. Hence, it is always advised to follow some perfect solutions to make your holiday sales a very rewarding experience! 

Well, shippers have to plan in advance for this time, unlike in the past, as they face a double whammy with SARS-CoV-2 virus being relentless and looming up even now. Most of us would be relying on parcel and courier services for exchanging gifts because of this biggest pandemic the world has ever experienced. Apart from the above, there would be season’s regular surge. Hence, home parcel deliveries are going to shoot up during this holiday season.  

Trouble finding a parcel and shipping company for holiday shipping from Romania to Belgium or from any country in EU to any part of the world? Get started from Ianis Cargo! Book your shipment through Ianis Cargo by simply posting an enquiry by providing both ‘to’ and ‘from’ locations and weight of the package. You get instant rates that are lowest in the market from the top freight and logistics services in Romania. 

As we have just mentioned, the demand for goods grow in an unprecedented level across every industry with supply chains to manage since Halloween through New year. As a result, shippers should allow the extra time during these busy holiday seasons especially starting from the last week of October to the first few weeks of January next year, to compensate for any delays that might encounter due to the high volume of shipping during the onset of gift-giving season coupled with the pandemic situation we face right now. However, it is relieving to note that the pandemic-induced predicament is rather decreasing, even though there are still possibilities of unexpected delays or sudden hiccups as we have not yet contained the situation satisfactorily.  

How holiday logistics is made less painful? 

Without doubt, this year has witnessed more rush, with people preferring to shop online and exchanging gifts through courier services. It’s true that it is mostly attributed to the present pandemic situation and it is predicted to grow during these few weeks as the holiday season is approaching. Let’s take a look at the ways in which both merchants and customers can possibly help handle the issues that arise due to the high influx in holiday shipping. 

Proper Shipping policy 

Online sellers and ecommerce shops should be facing a surge in shipping requests and hence they cannot playdown the likelihood of shipping woes. Furballs aside, having a clear cut, precise shipping policy in place, in advance, would streamline communication with customers or if it is displayed on the website, it makes it much easier for finding solutions to common delivery issues faced. For example, helping your customer be aware of the courier service you avail, the type of delivery service such as standard, express, or same-day delivery, the time frame required, pricing, returns and international shipping. 

Get ready for Holiday Surcharges 

Holiday shipping is all about pay-to-play service. To cope with the extreme increase in the volume of shipping during the holiday season, many courier companies are forced to hike their rates by way of surcharge. Hence, it is wise to allocating sufficient funds to your budgets to include the additional charges for holiday shipping. In case, if that does not permit, the shippers have to implement fulfillment prior to the holiday season. Or else, finding groupage service for reducing shipping rates can be another breather for sellers.  

Know the time required for the shipping to delivery 

Holiday shipping, if not handled with proper care and attention can lead to chaos. In usual cases, a day or two is added to a delivery date, however it is very evident that the lead time would be a bit longer during holidays. Also, the normal causes for a shipping delay are also expected for shipping during holiday period. For instance, the disruption in supply chain, winter weather problems and a stock depletion can prove costly for shipping companies while preparing for holiday shipping. 

Partner with experts in Ecommerce logistics  

Finding ecommerce shiping experts who have a clear knowledge on how the business works would help merchants and online sellers a lot. A retail-focused transportation, courier and shipping services keep the concerns of holiday shipping away. In most cases, they understand the importance of flow of goods and ensures its arrival at the intended destination. Hence, it’s a must to team up with excellent shipping services to box out the challenges in shipping during the holiday season. 

Be aware of shipping deadlines 

Indeed, customers really want to know if a Christmas eve delivery is guaranteed. Hence, it is considered very important to include this information alongside the usual shipping rates and delivery details during the holiday season for the knowledge of customers who visit your website for giving away gifts to their family or friends. Because, customers certainly appreciate honesty and unambiguity in regard to shipping deadlines during peak holiday shopping period. Also, make sure that you have your courier and shipping partners holiday calendar beforehand. After providing extra dates as buffer, it is ideal to set your own shop’s own cut off to make the expected delivery by Xmas day.  

Provide Order Visibility 

Customers are always curious and want to know the status of their packages during its transit to far and near places. Probably, their shipment has to traverse seven mountains and cross seven seas to reach the intended delivery destination or it may take only a few miles to arrive at the end user destination, nevertheless, customers would like to keep informed, no matter what happens, particularly during holiday seasons if a delay is expected due to extreme volumes of shipments made. Make sure that you never fail with the tracking status feature and be vigilant that it’s working 24/7. Nothing infuriates the customers more than a hiccup in live status tracking of goods. Online sellers and eCommerce stores integrated with shipping and logistics should ask about the visibility tools their logistics partners use and it helps if they request for GPS tracking for drivers, in case they are not using it. Also, it is recommended to place pallet tracker in your shipment boxes for it is affordable and helps tracking single or multiple pallets. 

Holiday shipping at Ianis Cargo 

Baffled on holiday shipments? Send us your enquiry, we will return with the lowest possible rates at the earliest! Plus, you can keep unnecessary expenses out of your budget!  At Ianis Cargo we provide you with end-to-end solution for your shipping needs, whether it is for your holiday shipment or regular ones. Among the top transportation logistics companies in Romania, Ianis Cargo boasts seamless shipping experience in the field of ecommerce and retail selling, which makes its international goods transportation a real frictionless experience! Your customers can access real-time status from GPS trackers and by way of communication with the carrier. Also, if customers encounter any issue, they can directly contact customer support team working 24/7. Ianis Cargo lives up to the expectations of its customers by way of its above par performance compared to other similar digital platform for courier and shipping and service in Romania. 

Post your questions and suggestions in the comment box below. Keep’em coming! Our logistics experts find result-oriented solutions for your shipping blockades. 

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