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2 November 2020
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How to Ship Dangerous Goods

With plenty of cargo transport services at our disposal, backed by high-end technology transport of all sorts of goods are getting simplified day by day. Literally, in no time we can send goods from one place to another flawlessly at the time scheduled for delivery. Shipping as we all know, is a very complex process and not all goods are transported in the very same way, particularly dangerous goods. The transport of dangerous goods is too risky and therefore, it should be implemented with a freight carrier service adept with the processes and more importantly, which possess the license for moving dangerous goods. Getting the help of reliable and experienced cargo services that knows the intricacies of dangerous goods’ transit makes shippers experience relief and peace of mind until the goods arrives safely for delivery at the location specified. 

Now for convenient shipping of dangerous goods, Ianis Cargo, the fastest growing express transport and logistics service providers in Romania has made it simple for all shippers! Handover the task of safe handling and transportation of dangerous (ADR) goods to Ianis Cargo for safe transport of goods through land. We have proved our mettle in express transportation of all types of ADR goods along with other merchandises commonly transported, all in accordance with the standards and regulations given by law. In the same way, ADR regulations works for transport of goods through road, there are laws in regard to the movement of goods through rail, sea and air.  

ADR, Classification and Regulations 

Before we delve into the shipping of dangerous goods through land, rail, sea and air, let’s take a quick look at what exactly the term ADR implies, how they are classified and the ADR regulations. ADR refers to ‘Accord Dangereux Routier’ in French which corresponds to, ‘European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road’. All ADR goods transported across Europe is bound by this regulation. These dangerous goods aka ADR are classified in accordance with their nature of hazard. Based on this, dangerous goods are classified into categories such as explosives, toxic, flammable, gases, radioactive, corrosive substances. The ADR regulations provide that each truck driver who is in charge of the transport of ADR goods should possess a valid ‘ADR training certificate’ and the freight transport company should use the service of at least one ‘dangerous goods officer’ who has the duty of ensuring compliance with rules and regulations in regard to the transport of hazardous goods. In addition to these, the truck carrying dangerous goods should be equipped with necessary special equipment such as hazard sign boards, fire extinguishers, safety goggles, helmets to name a few. 

Apparently, some goods which seem to be non-hazardous come under the purview of hazardous goods. For example, tennis balls, nail polish, room purifiers are considered dangerous materials because they become potentially hazardous when it happens to come into contact with other substances.  Therefore, it is always advised to be aware of the nature and the components of materials before shipping and also the risks associated with the handling of the goods. Also, if you are business, you need not check for all the substances that come under dangerous goods classification provided you have a clear knowledge of the nature and constituents that make up your goods. 

The movement of dangerous goods by all modes of transportation is very complex and regulated. Without strict supervision and adherence to the laws, it becomes even more difficult. Here is a brief account of transport of hazardous goods through all four common modes. Also, not to mention, shippers have to check with the destination to have a clear knowledge about the kind of restrictions imposed based on the country to which the goods are waiting to be transported. 

Transportation of dangerous cargo through road 

The ADR transport essentially gives the rules for handling transport of goods through land. Ianis Cargo is permitted to undertake ADR transport as we comply with all legal requirements for the movement of dangerous cargo on wheels. We maintain highest quality standards and our fleet of trucks are equipped with the requirements as given by the regulations in this respect. It involves compliance with the packaging and labelling standards alongside other safety compliance for smooth implementation of the movement of hazardous goods right from the point of dispatch to the final point of delivery. We make use of our qualified and experienced delivery drivers and are supported by high-end technology. We are able to optimise the supply chain while your goods arrive safely at the end user location. 

Movement of dangerous goods through rail 

Just like ADR rules, there is RID which stands for ‘International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail’, a directive given by European Union. For packing of hazardous goods before loading in to wagons is also subjected to requirements as stated by law. All additional requirements should be in compliance with the rules for ensuring protection and safety of the people and the environment as a whole. Usually, all these processes involved are supervised by safety officers. Ianis Cargo guarantees its customers that there would be not be any instances of non-compliance of regulations stipulated, regardless of the type of hazardous materials transported and the distance or routes covered. We completely adhere to the safety regulations to make the movement of hazardous goods hassle-free.  

Movement of dangerous goods by sea 

The International Maritime Organisation gives detailed account of classification of dangerous goods transported via sea. These dangerous goods are often collectively referred to as IMO goods. The movement of goods through water is bound by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code. The IMDG code also contains the rules for packaging, labelling, on-board stowing along with the rules to be followed during emergencies and mishaps. When you hand over the transport of dangerous goods via rail to Ianis Cargo, the most reliable among the top transportation logistics companies in Romania, the assurance of safe transport along with compliance to stipulated rules are assured twice. 

Movement of dangerous goods through air 

Hazardous goods are also transported via air services. Of course, the speed at which the goods are transported would be the most appealing factor in air freight services.  Just as we need to take precautions during land, rail and sea transport dangerous goods, air freight for hazardous goods also needs to be fully complied with the requirements stated by law. Leave your woes on shipping woes on transporting dangerous goods by air at Ianis Cargo. The fully digitalised platform for courier and shipping services in Romania, satisfies all requirements in terms of packaging, labelling and handling of dangerous goods without any risks no matter if its time-critical or standard shipping.

Packing and labelling 

There are also requirements relating to packing and labelling of dangerous goods, irrespective of the modes of transport. Use of top-quality packaging that gives protection from elements is recommended and ensure that the contents do not leak especially while shipping liquid materials. Make sure that labelling is done on inside as well as outside of the package. It should contain IMDG number and also describe the danger level and risk category. In accordance with the classification of dangerous goods, a shipper has to produce a few documents as well. Most commonly, it includes dangerous goods list (manifest), container packing certificate, dangerous goods declaration and so forth. 

Shipping of Dangerous Goods from Ianis Cargo 

We carry out the movement of ADR goods in strict compliance with the stipulations in this regard. Send us the details of your cargo, weight, pickup and delivery locations and rest is assured by us. Our digital platform lets you trace and track the status of cargo shipment from your device from a single place. We let you access you the information concerning the shipping process. Book for ADR shipment service with Ianis Cargo, the top freight and logistics services in Romania. The absence of middle men makes you free yourself from the burden of hidden charges. Get lowest shipping rates and free insurance too! Keep track of shipment right from pick up to delivery destination. Experience cargo freight transport just like the way you wanted- everything is only a tap away! 

We are consistently pursuing the path of improvement in our services. Your thoughts and suggestions are great impetus in enhancing excellence in the quality of service we offer. Post your comments below and keep reading!  

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