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17 November 2020
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Linear Feet and Its Significance in Shipping Explained

You might have come across the terminology linear feet umpteen times, very often during shipping your personal belongings while relocating and hiring a freight movement service. If you wish to move your freight using shipping companies who specialise in long distance haul, helping movement of large amount of goods across seven seas and seven mountains, you need to get accustomed with linear feet for the reason that the shipping companies charge price for transportation based on the amount of space utilised in the truck. Generally, this space is measured in linear feet. 

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Read on find what linear feet is all about and the reasons why it is considered important while moving goods with the help of a container truck. Let’s go straight to explain linear feet in detail.  

A linear foot is a measurement which is 12 inches (equals one foot) long and extends in a straight, linear line. For measuring linear feet, measure the length in inches and divide it by 12. The linear feet determine the price for transportation of goods. However, full-service freight movers charge long distance freight haul by taking into account the weight of the shipment. It is important to know how many linear feet would be used by your belongings to know the space it occupies inside the truck. Before you start, shippers can ask the shipping company for comparison guide as the latter often provides customers with a complete hand guide that helps convert the size of a residence into approximate linear feet required so that the former can have a better idea of the space their belongings consumes in a trailer. The benefit is that shippers need only to pay for the space they use, until they use up the entire truck space. Consider using a tape measure for getting precise measurements rather than using other tools like rulers.  

What makes linear feet different from other measurements? 

Usually for freight shipments, measurement relates to three-dimensional space consumed by freights. That is the volume of shipment. As we all know, volume is the product of length, width and height of an object. With the three measurements, shipping companies is able to arrive at the space taken up by a particular package. Linear feet, on the other hand is not this much complex as calculating the volume. It is the simplest of all measurements with its own significance. When a shipper has to submit the measurement in linear feet, he/she has to simply measure the length of their shipment including the packaging. It is measured in square feet while volume is always measured in cubic feet. 

Linear Foot Rule 

In regard to shipping and transportation, the linear foot rule is accepted way to arrive at the freight rates for the goods that are being transported. More often, it applies to LTL shipment where shipping is done at much lower rates compared to FTL service. The linear foot rule provides that for shipments exceeding 10 linear feet or more are charged for 1000lbs per linear foot. Hence, a shipper has to check with the carrier to ensure that he/she has not breached this rule stipulated. If violated it can attract fines or take a toll on your Bill of Lading. 

 Why linear feet a significant factor in shipping? 

If shippers want to get an estimate of their shipping costs, linear feet come to their help. If shippers know how much space their cargo consumes in a single trailer, they can receive an approximate quote which later assists them in planning for financing the shipment. Another consideration is that most of the shipping and carrier companies provide a per foot adjustment rates in case your goods take up less or more space than what shippers originally provided for. Under such instances, money will be deducted or added to the amount in accordance with the adjustment to be made. Providing a precise measurement from shippers’ side always result in receiving accurate freight price quotes based on the amount of space a particular freight takes up in the trailer. Linear measurement gives accurate measurement and it’s no brainer. 

Shipping Service from Ianis Cargo 

Start moving your freight from Ianis Cargo to any parts of the Europe or around the globe. Get support for surface, ocean and air freight needs at the top freight and logistics services in Romania where shipping gets as simple as A, B, C. Also book your parcel shipment through Ianis Cargo’s sister concern Ianis Courier, the courier and shipping service in Romania, which started its services during the third quarter of this year.  

Let us know your shipping concerns and find solutions. Keep your queries and comments posted below. Our shipping and logistics support team is available 24×7 to help you!  

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