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27 October 2020
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Package or Pallet Shipping? Which One You Need To Choose

As we all know, package shipping is all about sending small items in one single package. While some parcels are heavy and bulky and required to be handled carefully with the help of a pallet. Depending on the needs it is quite important to select the right kind of shipping. For instance, if you think your shipment does not need next day service or if it’s not time-critical would you pay for this premium service? The answer would never be in the affirmative. Hence we plan shipments based on our needs, it’s worthwhile to note that if you need it. Similarly, the mode of delivery you want to use based on the parcels getting transported is also important. You will need to know if a package or pallets become suitable for shipment. We at Ianis Cargo, the top-rated logistics service providers in Romania with a fleet of vehicles for ground as well as air service have got your back! No matter the requirement- for local parcel delivery or international shipments, we offer packaged as well as pallet shipping in accordance with the goods to be transported.

If you are a novice and don’t know how to choose between a package and pallet shipping, here we have tried to break down the difference between these two for your convenience. Knowing what kind of parcels demand package shipping or which items are considered ideal for pallet shipping saves you cost as well as time while providing added convenience in the form of proper handling of goods during its transit. Let’s take a quick glance at package shipping and then we shall go straightaway to pallet delivery.

What is package shipping?

The most popular method of shipping is standard shipping which essentially implies that the items to be parceled are placed in a suitable package or cardboard box or any other solid container made of metals that can easily be lifted. Metal containers are usually used where you need to ship bottles that carry milk or any edible items. But the shipper should always be aware of the fact that, for most freight transport and courier companies, standard shipping is limited to a certain weight as well as size. Package is generally considered as a single shipment where items are placed inside a cardboard box or a solid container made of wood, plastic or common metals like aluminium and steel.

At Ianis Cargo, the top freight and logistics services in Romania, package shipping is offered at reasonable rates from toward any part of the world, safely. Packaged shipping is done with utmost care just as it is offered for pallet shipping.

What is pallet shipping?

In cases where it requires you to ship more than a single box to another destination, it’s the right choice to rely on the pallet delivery service. You as a shipper can send them individually, nevertheless you can save much on cost when you stack these boxes on a pallet, which often comes in wooden, metallic or plastic platforms to keep them sending as one single shipment at a much lesser cost compared to package shipping. It is just a matter of common sense that shipping them individually would only raise your cost and time. However, these pallets come in different sizes even though it varies between countries. The biggest advantage of pallet delivery is that it helps the packages get transported as one shipment and there is little likelihood of parcels getting separated during the course of its journey.

It is important to note that pallet shipping is a service not just limited to business customers. Individuals can also transit goods by pallets. However, it is also known that most of its benefits go to manufacturers and businesses owners as they have lots of goods to be sent on one shipment at regular intervals. As a result, saving on cost would be more for them, evidently. Since pallets have different dimensions and weight, you should bear in mind that it is always recommended to disclose the shipment with all the information while at the time of availing the service.

When to rely on pallet shipping?

Pallet shipping is usually considered desirable when you have to transport multiple packages in one shipment. Also note that choosing the wrong pallet can affect the safe transport of goods. Make sure that you choose a solid wooden pallet for extra strength that can hold the weight of the parcel and the packages that get stacked over it. Mostly, pallet shipments are reinforced with the protective plastic film which further helps in safe transit. Also, palletised shipment ensures safety, prevents the chances of damage or losses and it never gets delayed as opposed to other common shipment service.

Palletised shipping gets transported quickly because it requires much less time for handling and transport as compared to packaged goods shipment. It is easier to load as well. Hence, pallets shipment becomes an ideal choice when you have large and heavy, odd-sized items in the list.  Instead of making use of packaged shipping that generally uses cardboard boxes, pallet shipping would meet all your needs under circumstances mentioned just above.

As you get a clear understanding on what circumstances you need to rely on packaged or pallet shipping, it would become much easier to get parcels transported to their final destination from now onwards. Keep your goods in safe condition during the course of its journey! Discover the right rates for your packaged and pallet delivery in just one click at Ianis Cargo, the one  international cargo and courier service in Romania helping shippers enjoy peace of mind! It doesn’t make any difference whether you are looking for a time-critical shipment that requires same day delivery. While you sit back and relax, our delivery staff get it dispatched to the specified place, on time, safely!

If you have anything specifically to add, comment your suggestions below. We appreciate your opinions to improve our services.

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