Express transport services with same day shipping
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26 November 2020
Express transport services with same day shipping
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30 November 2020
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4 Reasons Why You Should Rely on Expedited Shipping

Express transport services with same day shipping

Express transport services with same day shipping

Global goods movement is complex and stressful process because it meets with many challenges on the ‘road’ ahead. No matter the depth and intensity of the challenges, transit of goods should be unbroken, and should move on, even if it needs crossing seven mountains and seven seas to get it delivered at the right place. Unlike in the past, shipping and transportation has become more advanced with the advent of Industry 4.0 and technology has really uplifted shipping, freed it from the obstacles that plagued the processes. The challenges are more or less predictable, easily tackled with the help of technology, albeit nature has a direct implication and plays a great role on shipments set out for delivery towards their respective destinations. As we all know, all efforts in shipping are culminated in offering last mile delivery solutions. Today, there are many options in shipping to ensure guaranteed delivery on or before the time specified. Expedited shipping service is one among them. It keeps the supply chain moving without breaking shippers’ wallet because it is much affordable for the reason that many shipping companies are providing expedited service at competitive rates.  

Can’t find a reliable shipping partner? Now, you have arrived at the right place! Send your shipment details with pickoff and drop off locations alongside the weight of the items to be shipped and get back freight quotes instantly from Romania’s unique reliable express transport company, Ianis Cargo. Because it operates without any intermediaries, Ianis Cargo renowned among the logistics service providers in Romania, is able to offer its customers the most accurate, lowest price rates for your freight shipping. From LTL to express, FTL services, shippers can access status of goods in transit every time from the beginning to the end of the shipment’s journey at the recipient’s doorstep when relying on freight movement from the stalwart in shipping and courier services in Romania.  

Why expedited shipment is considered important? 

Let’s explore why expedited shipment gains more importance in today’s world. As we have already discussed what is expedited shipping on another blog, we shall move on to our topic under consideration straight away. Almost all industries now seek expedited shipping as options for customised services are available. The ever-increasing demand for fast delivery makes expedited delivery a necessity and is going to stay in the shipping and transportation industry, all the time. Let’s check out the reasons in detail. 

1. Reduced Goods Transit Time  

Often, transit time is always a concern for shippers. When transit time is low, the costs would be high. In order to save on costs, expedite shipment is offered at competitive rates. Sometimes, the rate may be higher, but cost doesn’t really matter. For instance, saving a business from layoff is more important than cost savings. Expedited shipment is less costly compared to express shipment, but guarantees fast delivery which is much earlier than standard shipping. Hence, transit time is one important criterion that is always looked into when deciding on expedite shipping service. 

Expedited trucking make use of box vans, Luton vans and heavy-duty pick-up trucks. Usually, smaller trucks are used for expedited shipping than heavy trailers as they can cover the same distance in much less time. 

2. Keep the Business Stay Alive 

Expedited shipment service help businesses to keep their business operations intact in case they need emergency supplies. The turnaround time for LTL or even FTL services are always longer, businesses can always rely on expedited shipping as it helps keep the processes moving on. Under such instances, expedited shipment does the job as a significant part or full portion of the supplies can be moved toward the destination through this fast shipment service to keep the business up and running without disruption.  

3. Offers Specialised Service 

An expedited carrier is essentially engaged in the movement of goods from one point to another with an assured service guarantee. Also, regardless of the load to be shipped, the rates would remain the same as the service is offered as a one single dedicated shipment. Expedited shipping services assume great role when time is of the essence. In fact, there are no restrictions on the products to be shipped through expedited delivery services. Therefore, all commodities that are eligible for transportation can be easily transited, for instance from raw materials for manufacturing industries to foods, chemicals and so forth.  

4. Low Risk of Damage 

As discussed above, in the case of expedited shipment, the goods get transported directly from the shipper’s location to the delivery destination in the same truck. In addition to this, in contrast to LTL shipment, there are hardly any need for unloading, reloading or cross-docking and hence freight handling would be considerably low and guarantees safety of goods. Notwithstanding the fact that LTL and FTL gives assured safety, the expedited shipping service offers a higher degree of security because of the nature of its service. 


In today’s shipping scenario, expedited shipping gains more significance than in the past. With more and more businesses looking for optimising supply chains, a dedicated service with tailor-made solutions would be sought after for fulfilling their demands. Expedited shipping is one big opportunity that keeps businesses run without disruption. Partner with the top freight and logistics services in Romania where you can work through the challenges with the help of custom-made solutions from our shipping experts. Get free freight rates on our website! Providing high quality services among the transportation logistics companies in Romania, Ianis Cargo reliable express transport service’s fully automated shipping platform is designed to ease every aspect of freight movement.  

Keep in touch with our expert team who is all ready to offer solutions for any concerns associated with shipping.

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