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28 October 2020
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Same Day Delivery Service: The Challenges and Prospects

Contrary to the popular belief, reaching out to prospective buyers and optimising costs, the two widely known business strategies are not sufficient enough to retain customers. In today’s complex competitive world, this happens to be true in express delivery and parcel services too. Consumer retention is a big challenge, no matter how carefully we address their wants and needs. In logistics and parcel delivery service business, it’s not just about giving great customer experience or offering cost effective services, but also the speed at which the business takes care of their deliveries matters the most. Modern consumers insist on express same day delivery and this in turn necessitates cargo and parcel delivery services to go for same day delivery.

However, the process of delivering products on the very same day of customer order seems easier said than done. There are many challenges ahead before making it happen, getting packages delivered to the customer destination on the same day of order. However, it is not that hard, if logistics companies are well prepared in advance to meet the needs and challenges of same day delivery or one day parcel delivery. Here we take a quick glance at some of the few criteria to be followed while dealing with same day express delivery services. Even though there are many factors that determine smooth execution of same day delivery that varies between the companies, some common things which every parcel delivery service must look into has been discussed as follows.

Adequate Stock of Goods

If you fail to handle same day delivery, it can become a great logistical catastrophe. It requires a logistics company to have sufficient number of warehouses and stores in and around a delivery area to speed up the same day delivery process. Also, there should be relentless efforts to modify the existing structure to include the ever growing same day delivery demands from customers. Also, it is necessary to make sure that the fulfillment centers have sufficient stock of the products to meet the demands without delay.

Matching Stocks with Existing Demands

Every courier service providing same day shipping has to ensure that they have fulfillment centers with enough stock in the areas they intend to cover. Analyse the consumer demand in places where the companies warehouses and fulfillment centers are located. Check if it’s worthwhile to provide the services to consumers in that particular area. Also evaluate the purchase data to streamline the inventory for same day delivery. This would help a great in identifying the products that need to be shipped fast and hence fulfillment centers can be filled with the right kind of stock before it gets depleted.

Provide for Inventory Visibility

Inventory visibility is the most crucial consideration that helps optimise same day delivery. It is advised to enable inventory visibility so that depletion of stock would never haunt shipping companies. With digitalisation of the entire order fulfilment process, it is not difficult to keep up with the inventory status in real-time. Enabling shipping companies to check with the stock and helping in gathering sufficient stock when it reaches the minimum level, there are hardly any issues pop up with the shortage of goods in fulfillment centers once the whole process gets automated. And what’s more, it instantly facilitates consumers to check if an item they want to order fulfills same day delivery.

Adequate Human Resources

Albeit, technology is dominating over any resources in shipping and parcel companies, the role of human resources cannot be undermined. Be it same day packaged delivery or same day pallet delivery, companies have to follow new procedures which makes them to address staffing needs. There should be sufficient manpower to implement activities in an uninterrupted manner. Check if existing employees can meet the same day delivery requirements or else if there is a need for recruitment of new staff. In case a company is facing a crunch situation, it can tap on the capacities of existing employees, but certainly by defining the change in the roles in fulfilling the demands. In some cases, if it requires staff to have proper know-how and training, it should also be provided without delay. Check if the new changes has been successfully incorporated and is working in tandem with the existing system.

Containing Costs

The most difficult part of handling same day delivery is managing costs. It is not very cost effective unless shipping companies would look into all possible efforts to enhance efficiency during the processing and shipment of items. It is always advised to find a desirable way to accommodate batch processing for same day delivery to avoid shipping in considerably low volumes and to keep high costs at bay. In addition to this, shipping and courier services can go for minimum order delivery for reducing costs to make same day shipment a burdenless experience in terms of cost.

Final Thoughts

Same day shipment is full of challenges, however when your customer insists for this special service, it’s worth implementing by focusing on eliminating the above constraints attached to it. Prepare well in advance before shipping companies serve this service to customers that it can make or break the goodwill of the company. Address all constraints and go ahead only when it’s feasible so that there is no looking back.

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