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13 November 2020
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Same Day Delivery vs Next Day Delivery

With same day delivery and next day delivery service taking place in the field of online business, customers need not have to wait for their orders getting fulfilled. Same day delivery service is not a very recent advancement, though. It has existed many decades ago, because of the nature of certain shipments such as mostly perishable goods and pharmaceutical products. Nevertheless, the new digital technology combined with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has imparted same day delivery with a novel and impressive face. It has become the order of the day as it is more gratifying for customers and modern business that focus on customer satisfaction. Therefore, uncomplicating the complex process implies that the competition also is likely to increase. Today, same day delivery involves competition unlike in the past and is applied to all products. Next day delivery service refers to the goods received within the next day from the date of order. It’s quicker and faster than the standard delivery service that helps goods arrive after two or three business days. On the contrary, same day delivery service lets customers to receive their goods within a few hours of buying. As mentioned earlier, it is very crucial for businesses dealing with perishable and time-sensitive products and also for online retail stores and ecommerce shops as it is means of promoting their business branding indirectly. 

These significant improvements with the advent of technology has made shipping and logistics industries to have least supply chain disruptions. Also, when it comes online selling scenario, it helps online sellers to offer fast delivery solutions when time is of the essence. Even though both comes at a price, customers who do not wish to get their products shipped at a slow pace, opt for same day or next day delivery. Customers get the parcel at a breakneck speed implies there is a demand for more budget, manpower and logistics resources. Apparently, the price would be a little bit high than what we pay for standard shipping depending upon their urgency. Also, it’s a risky affair but compared to next day delivery service, the same day delivery service faces slightly more risk. Nevertheless, modern freight and courier services are equipped and backed by intelligent technology to keep these risk level at minimum. If you are a retail business operating in Romania or any part of EU, looking for same day or next day delivery for your customers, send your enquiry to the most trustworthy logistics service providers in Romania -Ianis Cargo and get the lowest possible rates for shipment. Start shipping through the top freight and logistics services in Romania and discover the benefits you earn from shipments initiated through Ianis Cargo. 

Having discussed about same day delivery and next day delivery, now we list down a few important differences between both the services. Based on a number of significant parameters, we have tried to distinguish between these two types of delivery options. 

Based on the nature of services 

In regard to the nature, same day delivery service is all about the handing over goods at the delivery destination within a few hours of purchase but no longer than a day after it is being collected at the destination warehouse. While next day delivery is made after a day of order. Same day delivery is the fastest delivery service till date while next day delivery takes about 24 hours and hence better known as 24-hour delivery or overnight delivery. 

Based on cost incurred 

Same day delivery service accounts for more cost because absence of an extended delivery window attracts more costs. When compared to same day delivery options, overnight delivery involves less cost but definitely not cheaper than standard delivery service which takes three to five days. Same day delivery is the most expensive of all delivery options.  

Based on cut-off time 

To make same day delivery service work perfect and successful, there is always a specific cut-off time However, for next day delivery service, it varies with the location and the carrier. Once the cut off time has been expired, the service provider cannot offer same day delivery service. 

Based on Collection time 

Collection time varies for same day delivery service but usually it is within few hours after the cut-off time. While in the case of next day delivery service, it would be after the office hours, however before the day ends.  

Based on merits and demerits  

Same day delivery resonates with fastest delivery window while next day delivery is a bit slower. The former is expensive while the latter is cheaper. The risk of delay is higher in same day delivery service while there is enough time for next day delivery in comparison with the same day delivery. The latter has less risk with regard to delays for time is not a constraint.  

Final Thoughts 

These facts distinguish both same day and next day delivery options, however, both stays as long as customer preferences are diverse and demanding. Get started with your shipment at Ianis Cargo express transport. Our digital platform offering courier and shipping service in Romania and all parts of Europe and across the globe takes care of your goods through its transit. Quote your shipments with Ianis Cargo to receive lowest rates that match your delivery timeline and budget. 

Keep your queries and suggestions in the comments box.  Seek the support our logistics teams to address your concerns.  

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