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Simple Ways to Calculate Dimensions and Weight of Loads for Shipment

When it comes to shipping, weight of the load is given prime significance. Freight shipping rates are influenced by a number of factors, and among them weight of the load also assumes a great role as it certainly takes uo the space of the container truck. Shippers have to get the weight of the load accurately before shipment in to the container or else you have to pay for the difference in the price if it is under weighed. To avoid the embarrassment during any change in the weight while it is being measured by the shipping company, it is always advised to provide the right weight. Wrong measurements, even those fall short by a few inches can cost you more. If there is any change in the weight shown in the Bill of Lading (BoL) and the actual measurement, it can also invite other issues like poor handling and in worst cases results in damage of goods. It’s a common norm that shipping services ask you to give the exact weight and dimensions of the package. The top freight and logistics services in Romania insists its customers to have the correct measurement of the load including its weight, prior to the loading of shipping contents for transportation.  

Hence, the measurement in BoL for the goods under consideration should match with actual dimensions and weight including the packing materials. It should be noted that the weight of the package without pallets and packing materials is also included in the total weight. Calculate the exact girth and volume of the load before it gets ready for shipment. It is fundamental to every package that is being transported across the globe, regardless of the logistics service providers in Romania you approach to fulfill your shipping requirements, the nature of shipping contents and the route specified. 

Dimensions and Weight 

While talking about measurements of load, it is imperative to provide the accurate dimensions in terms of length, width and height. Length, as we know, the longest side of the load and width is the shortest side and height is the measured starting from the bottom to the top-most point of the load. This further shall be used for finding the girth as well as the volume of the load. The girth is found by adding height and width and then multiplying the result by two and the volume is derived by multiplying the length, breadth and height.  

Weighing using a scale is always recommended for accuracy. As mentioned earlier, the shipper should not forget to include the weight of pallet, straps or wraps used for packing. In other words, the weight of the load includes pallet and weight of the packing material as well. It adds to the total weight of the shipment under all circumstances. Make sure that the whole load in its entirety, prepared for shipping gets placed on the weighing scale. If there is a mismatch between the actual measurement and weight given on the BoL, it attracts more cost for weighing the load again and indeed, leads to safety problems as well.  

How to weigh without a commercial weighing scale? 

However, there is one issue which cannot be undermined while weighing loads for shipment. It won’t be a problem if there is a weighing scale in place. Frequent shippers always have the weighing scale at their disposal and may not be an issue for them in arriving at actual dimensions and weight. If you are just a beginner or first-time shipper and you don’t have the weighing scale with you, what’s next? In cases where you don’t have access to weighing scale, fret not. Consider the pallet weight along with the weight of the load getting ready for shipment and add it together to find the total weight. Or if you think it would only give you a round up or round down measurement, access the weight of the material online with the help of its model number or product code. Or else, you can use a hanger with two notches and take two bags. Put the reference weights in to one of the bags and the package in the other. Gently hang it to steady support and allow it to balance so that it could function as your weighing scale to provide you with the right weight. 

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Send us your thoughts and queries in the comment section below. Let our expert logistics support assists you with simple and creative solutions! 

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