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9 November 2020
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Standard Shipping vs Express Shipping: Which One Should You Choose

Without shipping no products would reach the customers. It is the most vital part of supply chain and today shipping function has become very advanced unlike in the past. Shipping and logistics have evolved during the recent years with the advent of new technology with the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Internet of Things (IoT). It is easy to find shipping solutions, no matter how big or small the items to be shipped, with just the tap of a button! And hence, customers also want to experience that great transformation while ordering goods. For instance, they want orders delivered at a certain speed in line with their needs and convenience. Some may be particular about items to be delivered faster than usual time while some others would be content with the normal delivery time schedule. This drags us to the two common types of shipping in terms of speed at which a delivery is made and it is classified as Standard Delivery and Express Delivery. Express Delivery is generally used for e-Commerce business and for certain products especially those from pharmaceuticals and sea foods industries, in particular. We shall discuss both types of shipping in detail here.  

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Before we start differentiating between Standard Delivery and Express Delivery, lets break down both the terms in the first place.  

What is Standard shipping? 

Standard shipping relates to regular shipping, where it is not shipped quickly overnight to reach the destination early and does not involve additional rates. As there are no additional costs to be incurred, it is evident that standard shipping is cost-effective and often implemented via surface shipping. 

What is Express shipping? 

Express shipping pertains to fast, expedite shipping intended to reach the buyer on or before the time specified. Express shipping is always implemented when time is of the essence and hence necessitates the services to be carried out through air as the freight has to be delivered overnight.  

Now that we have discussed in brief what standard and express shipping imply, we shall straight away discuss the difference between the two types. 

Time frame for dispatch  

For standard shipping, the dispatch time would be more compared to express shipping. Usually, it takes two to eight days for goods to leave the warehouse for standard shipping while in the case of express shipping, it is quite shorter, it will take only less than three days as it has to reach the customer destination within the limited time frame, mostly overnight. 

Economy in price 

Since express shipping involves air freight services for quick delivery, apparently, the cost associated would be high compared to standard shipping. In the case of standard shipping, the shipment is through land and the price rates will remain lower. If there is no emergency and you prefer not to break the bank, it is always encouraged to go with the standard shipping where you are not hard pressed in terms of money expended but certainly at a cost, that is a delayed delivery compared to express shipment.  

Time of Delivery 

One among the key difference between standard shipping and express shipping is the time of delivery. Usually, in the former, the delivery time ranges between two to eight days while in the case of latter it gets delivered the next day. Since express shipping is implemented through air freight, the products can reach even the same day of order. Express shipping is ideal for fast and expedite deliveries in cases where either customers or shipping contents demand for quick delivery. Nevertheless, it all depends on the buyer/ importer whether or not to make an express delivery request. 

Cost of shipping 

In the case of standard shipping, the shipment is not charged and is offered free of cost to the customer whereas in express shipping, it is added to the cost of the product. Having said that, technically, free shipping is never free as the shipping cost is usually been hidden in the product cost. In certain cases, customers have been offered with the choice of both shipments, standard as well as express shipping as they can decide between the two options in accordance with their urgency. 

Both standard shipping and express shipping have it has own advantages and disadvantages. As a result, we cannot conclude that one is better than the other. Standard shipping serves customers when they don’t require the delivery of the products within a limited timeframe while express shiping helps where there is urgent demand. Or if a customer prefers to incur less shipping costs instead of opting for speedy delivery, standard delivery would be ideal.  

Goods getting ready for express transport? Send us an enquiry with your pick-up location, delivery destination and the accurate weight of the shipment at Ianis Cargo, one of the leading transportation logistics companies in Romania. Get your price quotes right away and to transport your cargo safely toward the intended destination at lower shipping rates with facilities for tracking status of goods during its transit without making any additional payment.   

Keep posting your suggestions, thoughts and queries in the comments section below. Let us know the issues you face while shipping and get it answered by our logistics experts!  

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