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19 November 2020
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20 November 2020
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Palletising

Although palletising may look very simple with stacking of boxes one over the other in many different layers, organizing items on pallets can go wrong with poor or little knowledge and thus lead to disasters in shipping. If we forget to apply the prerequisites for stackable pallet building, it may not bring the desired results and can pose serious safety hazards too. Implementing palletising without proper training and knowledge may cause damage to the freight, not to mention its lethal effect on workers and persons operating pallet handling equipment. Besides, the failure in proper palletising results in the incidence of compression strength loss in the boxes. 

If you have been looking for the right practices to follow in palletising as well as those which are to be avoided, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to be considered during palletising. Ianis Cargo’s, one of the biggest logistics service providers in Romania help you get your palletised goods delivered in good shape while preventing accidents during loading and unloading. Being the leading service provider among the top freight and logistics services in Romania, Ianis Cargo offers express transport, Full Truckload services, freight shipping, all at lowest rates possible. Since Ianis Cargo handles a lot of freight shipment in a single day, shippers would receive rock-bottom rates, no matter the time of the day.  

Read on to know more about the do’s and don’ts in palletising for shipping. It would help you check if you have properly carried out cargo arrangement on pallets and also aids in preventing safety hazard while handling pallets during distribution and shipping. We’ll go with the do’s in the first place 

The Do’s in Palletising 

Knowing what is good for goods on pallet makes your pallet shipping strong enough to withstand the pressures and shocks of the transit. Here we go! 

Stagger the Boxes  

Reinforcing your boxes during stacking with a staggered pattern keeps it secured on the pallet by way of spreading weight evenly. Once weight gets balanced evenly, it enhances stability as well. There is a plethora of staggering patterns available and you can select the one that perfectly fits the items to be held on a pallet.  

Secure with Straps and Plastic Wraps 

Palletisation should also ensure that goods stacked stays in place always up to the point of delivery. Secure your goods on pallet with plastic stretch wrap and use straps to ensure twice that it won’t fall off. Adjustable plastic straps would come handy if you want to provide additional security for items getting ready on pallet. Provide suitable dunnage air bags that can placed between several pallets. Furthermore, it prevents pallets from shifting to either sides during transit. Make use of ratchet strap for big and oddly shaped items. 

Use Corrugated Inner Layers 

Most pallets come with gaps in their platforms. This would seriously harm the compression strength of the pallets, but if you use corrugated inner layers or a plastic mat, the problem will be solved! It would help prevent the boxes from shifting during transportation. Also, corrugated inner layer panels between each of the layers adds to the pallet’s stability.  

The Don’ts 

Having discussed about the do’s in palletisation, it is important to keep a grasp on the factors that should be avoided while securing packages to eliminate any safety risks.  

Do not stack in pyramid 

Always check if your pallet is stacked straight. Even though it appears to be stable, building pyramid on pallets is not advisable as it can tip over, particularly the boxes that sit on the top and brings in unnecessary safety hazards.  

Do not overhang 

When packages hang over the edge of pallet, it leads to overhang. Under no circumstances overhang should be present while securing packages on pallet. Overhang invites safety issues and cargo damage as well. Furthermore, overhang minimises top to bottom compression by 30 percent.  

Do not leave wide gaps  

Make sure that there are no big gaps between your boxes and cases. The only reliable way to get the right solution to fill the gap is to use a very intuitive pallet pattern structure software. If we try to fill in the wide gap between the boards in a wooden pallet using a box, it may lead to situations of overhang which again may prove detrimental by reducing the compression resistance capabilities of boxes.  

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