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Top 5 Basic Considerations in Parcel Shipping for Customers

If you own an online store, you may be shipping hundreds or thousands of orders in a day. The foremost priority before any eCommerce business is to handle shipping with ease for providing a better customer experience. Customers seek online stores that offer them better services in all departments, particularly parcel shipping. For businesses, offering exceptional customer service is a surefire way to ensure repeat sales. No customer would want repeat purchases from an online store that does not take any effort to keep them happy. Therefore, every eCommerce business provides consideration to improve customer experience and satisfaction. 

Offering quality brands and easy navigation would help to a great extent to thrive in the competitive world eCommerce business. As an online store owner, you might have already noticed that the real challenge starts where you commence parcel shipping for customers. However, it’s simple if eCommerce businesses consider the following points for a hassle-free delivery experience. 

1. Select a Reliable Shipping Provider  

Always select a shipping service provider known for trustworthiness and transparent operations. One of the foremost considerations for parcel shipping is choosing an ideal carrier with fleets capable of fulfiling your order needs. Check if they provide same-day delivery next day delivery, express shipping alongside standard shipping service.

Further, ask your potential shipping partner about prompt delivery, the safety of products, packing, labelling, real-time tracking updates, proof of delivery service and many more functions that enhance customer experience while buying from your online store. It is always to assess the transparency in operations before selecting a shipping carrier service. 

2. Proper Packaging

Packaging is not just intended to keep the product safe during its transit but also helps you to build long-lasting customer loyalty. When you deliver products, customers expect them to be fully functional similar to what they have witnessed on the product page of your online store, no matter the distance the item has to travel from warehouse to customer location.

When packaging is perfect, sufficient enough to withstand the shock and pressures of transit, you can avert the likelihood of damage or loss, which further reduces the possibility of returns. Packaging, hence, is yet another consideration in parcel shipping regardless of the same day, next day and express shipping options opted by customers. Depending on the type of products, carriers can choose poly mailers or boxes to reduce shipping rates as the weight of the package can impact costs compared to flat rate shipping

3. Shipping integration  

Automation of processes and shipping integration for eCommerce stores assumes importance in streamlining order deliveries. Today, shipping integration allows online stores to handle order processing, access shipping rates, implement packing, create shipping labels, track shipments all from one place. Carriers use advanced software tools to carry out all these activities simultaneously when they receive orders from online stores integrated with them.

When your customers add products to their cart, they can view the shipping rates and get orders processed soon after leaving the checkout page. Also, from the moment they leave the payment page, they can track the shipment status and verify the shipment time at the tap of a button. It is as simple as that! Is there anything that helps your customers experience peace of mind while buying from your online store? Every process becomes transparent while you rely on a parcel shipping partner who relies on an automated digital platform for fast delivery. 

4. Prompt Delivery 

One of the most significant aspects of parcel shipping is prompt delivery. Customers expect to deliver products as early as possible once the payment gets done. From customers’ perspectives, carriers should send shipments as per the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). ETA denotes the date, time and day on which customers can expect the delivery of products.

An accurate ETA provides customers assurance about the time of delivery of a shipment. It further enhances the trust in your business and, there is every chance that customers would come back for repeat purchases. When you enjoy more sales, it improves the bottom line and, your online store can make the most of it! Once existing customers get satisfied, they popularise your brand and, your store reaches out to more prospective buyers. 

5. Customer Response  

Only when an online store business listens to its customer feedback; it can function in full swing. When customers receive products in good condition without any damage or loss, they send positive feedback and address negative feedback ASAP, that your store moves ahead of your competitors.

Customers also send their suggestions on packaging, returns or any issues associated with parcel shipping to improve their experience. Always remember that your competitors are only one a tap away. If you fail to address their concerns, the result would be customer churn. Hence, never give a second thought when you get a chance to offer the service they expect while relying on your eCommerce store. 

Parcel shipping for eCommerce from Ianis Cargo  

Ianis Cargo, one of the leading carriers catering to the shipping needs of all industries, also implements eCommerce delivery services for B2B and B2C companies. With API integration for eCommerce shipping, online stores can easily carry out order processing; when their customers make payments. Customers can avail of same-day delivery, next day delivery and express shipping for parcels to keep your customers happy.

Get courier comparisons, real-time tracking, electronic proof of delivery, flexible payment solutions, 24/7 customer support and many more. Ianis Fast Courier service deals with the movement and delivery of parcels, envelopes and small packages. Explore more benefits upon partnering with Ianis Cargo for your eCommerce parcel shipping.