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Understanding Commercial Invoice for Export

The Export Commercial Invoice is one among the several significant documents required for international transport of goods. It contains the details of merchandises exported, transaction number and indeed, functions as means for initiating payments. The shipping companies and logistics service providers in Romania insists to have the commercial invoice for export of goods outside the EU, however there are some exceptions too. Before we start delving into the details, let’s go deep what exactly makes up a Commercial Invoice, the circumstances under which it has to be produced and the requirements to be complied with while preparing it. Let’s go! 

 What is commercial invoice? 

In simple terms, Commercial Invoice is a legal export document issued by the seller to the buyer in international shipping carrying the proof of sale and duly signed by both the parties involved. Here seller implies exporter and customer is the importer. The Commercial Invoice constitutes the details regarding the goods exported, its value and act as a bill of sale between seller and the customer which transfers the ownership between the seller and the customer. Considering its significance, it is regarded as an important document in B2C and B2B trading. Apart from the above information, the Commercial Invoice for export provides the details of country of origin, the shipped products’ intended functions. 

Why should the information on Commercial Invoice be free from errors? 

It is advised to prepare Commercial Invoice carefully without any mistakes. A Commercial invoice for export is indeed helpful for both sellers and buyers, and the biggest utility of commercial invoice for International shipping is linked with eliminating the difficulties that may spring up during shipment and while paying taxes and tariffs. Any instances of incorrect information, for example providing the wrong name or address of the buyer will result in delayed delivery or perhaps in worst cases, failed shipping. And also, if description and the product’s intended use are not properly given, the consignment would be counted as failed to meet customs formalities as it is used to determine customs duties to be imposed. That’s the reason why courier and shipping companies in Romania insists for an error-free Commercial Invoice for export shipments.  

Corrections in Commercial Invoice 

As we have already discussed how a wrong information or a slight mistake in Commercial Invoice impact an international shipment. Before the seller initiates the preparation of Commercial Invoice, make sure that you have double-checked with all persons concerned in regard to their name and address. In case an error has been found before sending to customer, corrections can be made easily. It is quite easy to edit the invoice to remove the mistake from the shipper’s end. However, if the invoice has been already sent to buyer, its status gets changed as ‘issued’. In cases where the seller has issued the Commercial Invoice and buyer have not paid, it is advised to make a call or email correspondence to inform the seller/exporter about the error/s and ask for a fresh edited invoice. In situations where the customer/buyer/importer made payment for the consignment, make adjustments in future transactions or else a new invoice or credit note has to be prepared to edit the mistakes.  

Details provided on Commercial Invoice for international shipping 

If you are a seller/ exporter and you are just planning to prepare for export, make sure that you don’t omit the details to be provided on the Commercial Invoice. It is not just to be error-free, but also requires to be complete with all important facts to ensure that shipping goods to the other country won’t get veered off.  The following is the list of key information that needs to be provided on a Commercial Invoice created for shipping goods overseas. 

Full name, address, telephone number of the seller and buyer 

Country of origin and date of shipment 

Weight of the shipment 

Description of shipment contents 

Value of the shipment contents 

Purpose of exporting 

The unit price in the currency used for payment 

License information 

Purchase order number, transaction number of any other reference numbers 

Freight cost 

Signature with date 

Delivery information and payment terms 

While preparing Commercial Invoices you have to select the standardised format which can be found online. It is also possible for you to customise and create your commercial invoice from the standard format.  

Commercial invoice while shipping through Ianis Cargo 

While you avail Intenational shipping services from Ianid Cargo, the trustworthy name among the top freight and logistics services in Romania, it is advised to provide the commercial invoice while arranging for shipment outside Europe. It is also noted that some countries within the EU also requires Commercial Invoice while exporting goods. Prior to the export shipping preparation, make sure that the Commercial Invoice gets send along with the required details without errors. The digital platform offered by Ianis Cargo is fully oriented toward providing customised services meets all your specific shipping needs. The legacy of undertaking successful transit of all types of cargo makes Ianis Cargo among the leading transportation logistics companies in Romania. 

Keep posting your queries in the comments section below. Our logistics expert team is waiting and they are all ears!  

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