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27 October 2020
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Understanding Proof of Delivery and Its Significance in Freight Services

You might have come across the term Proof of Delivery (POD) while receiving parcels. But have you ever tried to understand what it actually means? From the recipient’s end, it might be just a document that asks for your signature with date and time of delivery, however, this single function is very critical in the shipment process- be it local parcel delivery or international services. POD is essentially a document that confirms delivery of an item and serves as an acknowledgement receipt that the customer has received a parcel in good condition. POD can be either on paper or E-POD.  It is the confirmation with respect to receiving the order at the specified time on the specific day for the specified sum of money paid. As said above, it also includes the name and signature of the person who receives the parcel along with other necessary shipping details.

Before we dwell into the significance of POD we shall glance through the types of POD- hard copy or E-POD. Traditional paper delivery orders are common, however the digitalisation in the field of freight and courier delivery service have paved the way for E-POD.  E-POD is the electronic proof of delivery where the recipient can sign their name electronically. E-POD provides many benefits for freight and parcel service companies. One significant advantage is that the status of receipts of goods can be updated and the details can be accessed by both the customer and the company in real time. And also, it does not necessitate to carry out the consuming paperwork at the end of the day. It is likely that manual conciliation is always prone to errors too. Considering its benefits, E-POD is much useful for freight and courier companies to optimise delivery processes while reducing administrative costs and improving profits.

Why is POD considered important?

Your parcel has travelled thousands of miles and finally it has arrived at the destination. You may think that the shipment process ends when the delivery driver handovers the order at your doorstep. But in all cases, it doesn’t end when a parcel is delivered to the destined customer. A delivery process should be considered as complete, only when proof of delivery is confirmed by the receipt of recipient’s signature along with date and time of parcel dispatch. Proof of Delivery is the final segment of last mile solutions and remains as the authentic document showing the transfer of possession to the recipient from the cargo and courier company.

For instance, POD is considered extremely worthy when delivering for a business with a large number of departments. Also helps ensure the business that the goods are being delivered on the right time to the right customer and keep customers happy with every order they receive. It’s not just helpful for business-to-consumer trading but also found immensely useful for business-to-business as well where proof of delivery eliminates instances of possible supply chain disruptions.

There is more to POD than meets the eye. The recipients can also provide remarks on the POD where they can address their grievance in case they have received goods in damaged or worn out condition. The damage can take the form of broken materials inside the package for fragile goods or leakage that often comes with liquid, food and other edible goods. They are encouraged to give remarks on packages received in damaged condition to avoid such instances in future. It is always advised to check the package for any damages thoroughly before signing POD. They can reject the receipt of the parcel once if the package is delivered in damaged condition and ask for compensation. However, while raising a claim, make sure that you have made it within the period specified. Usually, it is to be made within a day or two after the receipt of shipment and it varies between companies. In a similar way during product returns, sellers can also reject packages if they find it is not duly packed or in case it is damaged. They can provide the reasons for non-acceptance in the remarks column of POD. With POD, the last mile can be better managed, allowing frictionless business by offering the expected services both from both ends, the customer as well as the business.

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