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12 November 2020
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What You Need to Understand about Overnight Shipping

In the present era of eCommerce shopping, online retailers try to do everything possible to keep their customers content and happy. In fact, without explanation, it is clear that it satisfied customers come back and shop over and again. We all know shipping is the end process of eCommerce purchases and indeed, the complex of all. Order fulfillment is no child’s play but required to be handled with keen attention and utmost care to help reach the products to the right person, at the right place and time. In an effort to retain the customers and keep them contented, eCommerce businesses have adopted overnight shipping for enabling fast delivery. However, it is not just about eCommerce retailers, but most of the supply chain networks require overnight shipping to meet the high volume of demand every single day. For ecommerce fast fulfillment resonates with their business’ branding too.  

Looking for overnight shipping? Initiate your shipment with Ianis Cargo where you can access lowest price quotes on all types of consignments. A comprehensive digital platform for easy booking, secure goods transit, live status tracking and 24/7 customer support, Ianis Cargo the most reliable among the top freight and logistics services in Romania addresses every shipping requirement including overnight shipping needsHandover the task of overnight shipping to Ianis Cargo and enjoy peace of mind! We keep a check with all the activities pertaining to your shipment-in-transit and what’s more, you can access every information just at the tap of a button, even while on the go!  

Sometimes customers and suppliers do require their orders to be delivered by next day. Enter overnight shipping! Indeed, it will help you exceed customer expectations and in the long run many new, infrequent customers can be converted to loyal customers. For online retailers, they can make existing customers happy and also help win new customers, even if it’s a pay to play (P2P) service. This is where Ianis Cargo, really wants to drag your attention. Our services are quite affordable compared to other courier and shipping service in Romania. Request for a price quote and we will be back immediately with the lowest price rates. This is where you experience top quality services at lowest possible rates as opposed to many transportation logistics companies in Romania. Since we handle multiple number of shipments in a single day across many destinations in EU and around the world, we can provide our customers with much lower rates. 

Here we shall give a brief account of overnight shipping, its working and factors influencing the costs of overnight shipments. Let’s explore together! 

Overnight shipping explained 

As we all know, customers have different preferences and it holds true in the case of delivery preferences for goods as well. If they want to get their products/ goods delivered the very next day of purchase, overnight shipping comes to your help. Overnight shipping ensures goods delivery within the very next business day. Based on the convenience of the customers for receiving parcels, almost all courier, freight and express transport companies provide a plethora of different delivery options within the overnight shipping services. 

How overnight shipping works?  

It’s rather an uncomplicated process for the reason that when speed becomes a priority it should be implemented fast, minus the trouble. Once the freight gets ready for shipment, it has to be picked up from the collection point and the logistics provider arranges for its transit to the warehouse. When the freight gets loaded in to the carrier, it will be directed towards the nearest airport and securely loaded to the available flight. Usually cargo planes, air charter flights and commercial jets are used for moving freight, where cargo planes are specifically dedicated for cargo transport; small shipments are done through commercial planes and very urgent freight that needs to meet tight delivery schedules are implemented through charter flights. At the time of its arrival at the destination airport, the goods get picked up and delivered to the end user destination. 

In the case of courier and shipping services, one should be aware of the restrictions in terms of the daily cut-off time. Shipping will be done before this cut-off time and if you opt after the expiry of the specific time provided, the courier service cannot make it. Because time matters when the shipments has to reach at the earliest to the delivery destination, there should be proper cut-off time so as to ensure that next day delivery is made possible. Often times, orders placed on weekends may demand one extra business day for delivery. Also, certain parcel services give restrictions on weight and dimensions, while offering overnight delivery service. 

Usually, when the order placement is done during the day before the cut-off hour, they get packed fast and met with all formalities before being transported during the night to deliver the following day. For any overnight shipping, the package gets delivered at the early hours of the next day. For ensuring next day delivery service as a means of business branding and in an effort to retain their customers, most retailers go to any extent to meet their expedite shipping needs. However, shipping is the gambling with luck as it is influenced by a lot of unexpected factors. Hence the money paid against assurance will be refunded if the shipping carrier cannot meet the delivery time, which in most cases happen rarely. 

What is the cost expended on overnight shipping? 

For overnight shipping, the cost is determined by umpteen factors as there are many things come into play. For instance, the time frame for delivery, dimensions, the distance between collection and delivery destination, shipping policy (such as discounts and offers) of the carrier company and the dimensions and weight of the package assumes great importance while arriving at the cost of an overnight shipment. 

Overnight freight and courier services from Ianis Cargo 

Ianis Cargo make use of its dedicated fleet of vehicles for transporting packages of all sizes and shapes for better control over the delivery schedule for surface transport. Similarly, for air freight as well, we make all arrangements for shipping in reaching the nearest airport before loading the goods onboard. We are also delighted to implement our brand new fast courier service from through our sister concern, Ianis Courier which has just flapped its wings. We have partnered with the reputable courier services for surface, ocean and air shipping. Customers can have absolute peace of mind for the reason that Ianis Cargo, the leading logistics service providers in Romania, treads with a no-compromise approach for making every overnight shipping successful. Not to mention, it’s always directed towards offering rewarding and satisfying experience for our customers! Among the leading courier and shipping service in Romania, Ianis Cargo holds top position due to its customer-centric shipping services which is painstakingly undertaken in a least complicated way.

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