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23 October 2020
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27 October 2020
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4 Global Trends in the Express Transport Service Industry

Express Transport in Europe. Deliver ASAP with Ianis Cargo

Express Transport in Europe. Deliver ASAP with Ianis Cargo

As we all know, logistics and express transport service is a complex process involving the movement of goods from one place to another and involves packing, storage, loading, unloading, distribution and processing logistics information. All these processes are ever evolving due to the impact of global changes occurring within the industry and of course, the new opportunities emanating with technological advancements. Let’s take a detailed look at the latest trends in global logistics and express delivery service scenarios.  

1. Blockchain Technology Gains Popularity 

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Ianis Cargo van doing an express transport in Europe
The transportation and express delivery sectors are undergoing great change in terms of efficiencies in their operations, thanks to the advent of technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The significance of achieving utmost transparency and security for each delivery has compelled the adoption of technology in logistics, cargo and parcel service enterprises. It’s visible in the form of many benefits, enjoyed by both the service providers as well as the beneficiaries. The adoption of technology has influenced logistics market trends, providing immense advantages for an industry that is characterized by uncertainties, aberrations and inefficiencies. The flow of goods from one place to another when it comes to express transport involves multiple parties and coordination between each of the activities becomes very vital to complete the process. Here comes the big role of blockchain where easy coordination is possible with the distributed ledger system that takes care of every single aspect. Furthermore, it adds to the security of transactions, keeping the entire transactions in one place, where the system cannot be corrupted. It is safe and transparent, giving way for immutable transactions, particularly when multiple parties are involved. Another advantage is that a considerable amount of time can be saved by eliminating the paperwork apart from providing high security as well as eliminating fraud and manipulations that are inherent within this industry. Last but not least, the adoption of blockchain technology prevents any incidence of potential disruption in the supply chain because of its enhanced tracking capabilities and efficient interactions with freight forwarders, suppliers and consumers from one single platform. Also enhances the sense of trust among all parties involved in the flow of products and improves overall efficiency.  

2. Process Automation Helps Reduce Overall Costs in Express Transport

With the adoption of technology, automation has become much easier in the logistics and express transport sector. The long-winded processes that start from integration of activities via ERP tool facilitate easy access to the activities encompassing successful transport and delivery of commodities. There is no fear of errors, wrong freight classification resulting in heavy freight rates due to absence of manual data entries. Also offsets the high transportation costs, the automation provides solutions that offer huge savings on freight by helping to access real-time market rates over the Web. This usually comes very useful when there are multiple carriers and also for the selection of shipment based on the factors affecting cost. Apart from the above, the process automation offers intelligent tailor-made solutions for freight tracking, insurance and freight information accounting. Top of all, it fosters better judgement before arriving at a decision, particularly helping customers to know the freight rates when it reaches the destined location via automated notifications. With logistics and delivery service automation, it is easy to rein in freight costs and indeed, the risks associated with the transport. In addition to this, process automation facilitates easy incorporation of custom business rules and controls can be carried out by experts with real-life experience in this field. All freight invoices can be consolidated easily, despite the number of shipments and the customer locations. Hence automation has a key role to play in logistics and express transport across anywhere, creating new opportunities every single day through maximisation of customer satisfaction in the first place. 

3. Green Logistics Gets Traction 

Green logistics management is gaining more approval as it integrates eco-friendly initiatives with an aim to reduce the impact of carbon footprint. During the recent past, there is growing demand to contain the environmental hiccups during the process of express transport and delivery services. The real objective of green logistics is to implement the transport of commodities/packages by minimising the impact on the environment by ensuring balanced energy usage. Green logistics play a key role in transport and delivery of products and the monitoring carbon emissions associated with it alongside providing result-oriented remedies. In fact, there is a big appeal toward a carbon footprint-free world by reducing the environmental impact of supply chain processes involved during the transfer of goods between production centers and customers. It is always advised to strike the balance between right logistics and supply chain strategy while taking into account the business’ objectives. With the help of efficient management tools like ERP, organisations can rely on seamless logistics optimisation system to lessen the number of fleet vehicles needed for a particular transportation and goods delivery, Also, installing telematics devices to track fuel usage, checking emissions, relying on high speed routes minimise the impact of CO₂ emissions in refrigerated transport while monitoring and measuring the amount of carbon footprint. Similarly, recycling packaging materials also facilitates the businesses to go green. Besides, the efforts to reduce carbon emissions during the conduct of business operations give the right mileage for logistics and express delivery companies. Furthermore, embracing green logistics also serves as a means for quick delivery at cost-effective rates making way for operational efficiency and more returns. Green logistics transform the way the goods travel across the world diminishing the use of energy for transportation.  

4. Collaboration and Consolidation 

Contrary to the common assumption that a few, handful of competitors benefit customers by and large, in logistics and express delivery services consolidation and collaboration brings in more benefits. To gain maximum efficiency in operations, riding high on the merits of IoT helps in standardisation. The physical workflows can be standardised and thus companies can make use of their assets more productively during collaboration by sharing fleets, entering into contracts with national postal companies. To explore more benefits, many businesses think of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures as part of their consolidation efforts. Also, the growth of retail and ecommerce compels same-day deliveries and faster delivery has become the need of the hour. The increasing demand for time-specific delivery is forcing supply chain organisations to collaborate with the global third party logistics market players for achieving maximum operational efficiency. The technological advancement provides great impetus to the collaboration process and makes it easy to get implemented so that last mile delivery becomes a reality. Albeit, there are many hiccups such as absence of consistency and accountability makes collaboration a difficult proposition. For instance, as we all know, collaboration implies partnering with similar businesses and some companies may not be willing to give away the last mile logistics to a partner as it doesn’t endorse their brand or service. Apart from this, it can pose problems in terms of freight forwarding as well. For instance, the containers are of standard size but the packages may not be. Similar is the case with forms and digital entries as many remain hesitant to share resources with competitors.  

A lot of changes are happening in the global logistics and express delivery sector. Technology plays a key role in the smooth flow of products worldwide in a very efficient and fast manner while contributing immensely to the recent freight forwarding trends. In the first place, these welcoming changes in the global goods movement industry is aimed at achieving efficiency while serving customers by meeting delivery schedules and reducing environmental impact and costs. 

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