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Ianis Cargo is now an official sponsor of Marian Andrei, Romanian Hillclimb Champion

10/08/2020 Uncategorized

Ianis Cargo, the express delivery company is now supporting Marian Andrei`s adventure in the Romanian Hillclimb Championship. Marian is a 28-year-old racing driver from Romania. Last year he managed to win three Hillclimb titles. He was the fastest rookie; on his mission he also won the A1 group with his Citroen-Racing prepped C2 R2, and the National Title at teams, alonside Yacco Racing Team.


“We think that the idea of speed and precision of this sport is working hand in hand with our business model. We are also fighting with the clock in our every delivery for our clients.”

This year, Marian stepped up the challenge with a faster and more exotic car, called Speedcar GT1000, produced by Industria Lahoz in Spain. There are only 67 Speedcar GT1000 in the world at this moment.


The car only weighs 420kg and uses a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 engine, producing up to 190HP. Speedcar GT1000 is not only fast, but is also an eye-catcher.

On his debut with the Speedcar GT1000, Marian managed to win the race of Poiana Brașov, being the fastest in his category, and placed on the 19th position from 90 cars that competed at the Open Tournament, on a rainy race.

After three stages, the racing driver Marian Andrei is currently leading E2-SC category with an advantage of 20 points, with 5 more stages to go. He will be racing next in Reșița, Caraș-Severin, on the legendary Doman’s Valley road.

Here is a photo gallery with Marian’s car.

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