9 July 2021

4 Great Ways to Reduce Freight Costs

We all know that shipping costs form a considerable part of expenses for small and medium businesses, in particular. Hence, businesses make all efforts to reduce […]
31 March 2021

4 Big Industries That Make Use of Express Transport and Logistics Service

Express transportation brings in many benefits, particularly for some industries where the products have to be transported quickly across far distances owing to their perishable nature. […]
31 March 2021

Welsh Government Takes Action Plans For its Ports Affected by Post-Brexit

The effects of Brexit still looming over the logistics sector leading to many concerns about the goods movement between the U.K and Ireland. Recently, the Welsh […]
25 March 2021

4 Proven Reasons for Outsourcing Express Transport for Freight

We all know there is an unprecedented surge in online buying during recent years and express transport service plays a key role in it. Studies show that it […]
25 March 2021

Post-Brexit Concerns of the U.K. Exporters- Is Automation the Only Way Out?

As per the British Chamber of Commerce, about half of U.K exporters have to pay additional costs while facing delay in shipments dispatched and received after […]
19 March 2021

Keeping the Goods Flow Intact Between EU and the UK Amid Post-Brexit Parcel Delays

As per Europa Worldwide MD Andrew Baxter, Delivered at Price (DAP) is the major cause for delays post-Brexit. He admitted that the new EU-UK trading relationship […]
19 March 2021

UK Fashion Brands Condemn the Hidden Costs for EU Customers After Brexit

The post-Brexit developments have made UK fashion houses to become apprehensive about its intricacies. With hidden costs and reverse logistics adding up to the total expenditure, […]
19 March 2021

After Two Months of Brexit: The UK Government’s and Manufacturers’ Take on Post Brexit Scenario

A couple of months after Britain’s historic exit from European Union, businesses bear the brunt, the most. Those hey days are over when Britain made this […]
19 March 2021

Freight Firms Fight Back Post-Brexit Trade Deal

We are already aware that the post-Brexit trade deal has made big changes in the UK’s and EU’s trading sector. The new policy requires compliance with […]
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